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  1. One last thing. phpBB is a GPL project. Can I use it on a commercial site without having to reveal the code?
  2. ok, I guess I will evaluate phpbb and smf.
  3. Thanks for the replies so far. Still Undecided though.
  4. Thanks for the responses so far. Scaling may potentially be an issue as the site I am adding this too was able to attract 800+ paying customers in just a short period of time. I am really trying to avoid the 2 am the "site is down!" type scenario so I just want a bit of breathing space. I am hoping for a bit more responses so I can use the wisdom of crowds to make a decision. Regards
  5. Thanks for the info, I am however hoping to find someone that has actually evaluated php forum software to add to functionality to an existing site.
  6. What are your recommendations for a PHP - MYSQL based forum running on Apache and Linux. My requirements are : 1) PHP based 2) MYSQL back end. 3) Works on Linux with Apache. 4) Easy integration with existing user registration system. i.e. no need for users of an existing system to register on the forum. 5) Scales from a few hundred (900+) to 10,000 even 100,000+ seamlessly. 6) Easy migration from one LAMP server to another should the need arise. 7) The forum itself should not utilize the tree structure like and others. I detest the tree layout. 8) Easily upgrade able from one version of the forum software to another. i.e. Upgrades don't break existing functionality. 9) The forum itself has an excellent reputation for fixing security holes in a timely manner or at least notifying users that there is a 'zero day exploit'. 10) While I prefer FOSS for this project, I am not going to limit myself to that option. I will evaluate commercial packages. 11) The forum comes with features we have come to expect such as a variety of template icons, active topics, sticky threads, lists msn-icq-aim etc..., and generally feature rich. 12) Finally easily customization of the preexisting forum template would be a plus. It would be even better if upgrading the forum did not affect the modified templates. Wikipedia has a nice article on PHP forums but I don't have the time to evaluate them all. So far my obvious pick is PHPBB but I have heard bad things about its security. (I don't need any 2 am calls about the forum being hacked and defaced.) So what are your picks?
  7. try_catch_this

    How would you feel about a political Sabbath?

    Quote:Original post by ManaStone It would be great if schools taught comparative government and political philosophy. They could also do more to teach logic and critical thinking and have semester long courses just on propaganda. Educate the sheep!?
  8. try_catch_this

    Live action Dragonball movie...

    This movie has nothing to do with the anime and is simply cashing in on the brand name. Final fantasy anyone? Wait for a bleach and naruto live action movie in the next couple of years.
  9. try_catch_this

    If the world could vote.

    Quote:Original post by SticksandStones 3. Yeah, Muslims haven't contributed anything! Except: Algebra, modern medicine, our numeral system, astronomy, etc. After these contributions the Muslim world regressed into some kind of dark age from which they have yet to recover. By and large Jews have made a much more significant recent contribution than Muslims. The wikipedia articles on Jewish and Muslim Nobel Laureates seem to have been deleted though.
  10. try_catch_this

    If the world could vote.

    Quote:Original post by frob There are some issues --- including nuclear proliferation --- Would there have been an Invasion of Panama if they had nukes? Iraq? Afghanistan? Cuba?* *Us trained troops.
  11. try_catch_this

    If the world could vote.

    Quote:Original post by Avatar God Quote:Original post by try_catch_this after all this is a fairly powerful concept.Is it really? Interesting, sure. If you're wondering about the accuracy of it, note the US response on either site. Does it match up with well-managed US polls? If not, it's likely that similar amounts of inaccuracy span the surveyed globe. (Both of these show about 80% Obama, Gallup shows about 53%.) Yes Thanks for repeating the problems with accuracy. Sample size and demographics.
  12. try_catch_this

    If the world could vote.

    Quote: If you don't like that country's policies, there are international diplomatic routes to follow The united states has been manipulating elections, propping up dictatorships, interfering with the trade and commerce at a whim for decades. Are these the routes you are referring to?
  13. try_catch_this

    If the world could vote.

    The reason I posted the link was to hopefully increase its popularity and thus sample size. Gallup cannot touch this type of accuracy. Well apparently they are many incarnations of this concept. I wonder how long it would be before a popular version is manipulated by "the powers that be" after all this is a fairly powerful concept.
  14. try_catch_this

    If the world could vote. I guess US non Americans might have a bit of a say if this poll becomes popular. Barack Obama 87.2% (200,996 votes) John McCain 12.8% (29,558 votes) As October 14 2008
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