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    Program line counter

    In response to the semi-derail (though it may help the OP as well) - I have used and been happy with Source Monitor. It's a stand-alone app (rather than a VS plugin), but it displays a whole heap of statistics beyond the number of lines in a program, and gives you different graphs and whatnot of each metric and how it varies over time, which is nice.
  2. simb

    David Copperfield

    I went to one of his shows some time ago and he did the one where he disappeared 13 (or so) people from the audience, selecting them using the large bouncy balls. One of the people selected was my best friends dad who, short of myself being chosen, is as close as it gets to me knowing it wasn't a plant. (Of course, that is just for that one trick, I've no doubt he uses plants and the like for other tricks). Anyway, my mates dad wouldn't tell me what happened to him, although I do know that by the time they were waving flashlights around, the audience people had already gone.
  3. simb

    Freeware movie composition software

    I'm not exactly sure what it is/does, but I think Jahshaka might be worth having a look at.
  4. I'm getting the most recent version fine here. The more responsive ship is much better now - agile enough to dodge stuff without being uncontrollably fast. Again, good work [smile]
  5. Ok, this is now the third time I have written this. The first two times, literally whilst I was finishing the last sentence there has been a power failure, so third time lucky hopefully (and you'll have to forgive me if I'm a little brief in parts). Firstly, while the graphics are adequate, there is still a bit of room for improvement [smile]. Now, the main annoyance I had with it is the speed (or lack thereof) at which the ship turns/accelerates. That meant that often by the time I realised an asteroid was on a collision path with me, it was too late to adjust my course and get out of the way. Overall though, I actually really enjoyed it. The standard asteroids gameplay is always good fun and this was no exception. Your additions though were also good. I liked all the powerups and they were helpful without making things too easy. Also the UFOs helped make things hectic (which is a good thing) right from the start of the level, rather than having to wait til a few asteroids have been smashed as is normally the case. So all in all, good work, and I would be proud of it too if I had written it [wink]
  6. simb

    Best election system for a game (mmo)

    I was going to suggest (and try to explain) the way it's done in Australia, but that is in fact the Instant Runoff Voting mentioned above. So I would recommend that too.
  7. Very impressive! The only (purely aesthetic) improvement that came to mind was that it would be nice if the next piece shape moved into position rather than just appearing there (so when the current piece has landed, the next piece would move up and forwards to get into position at the top of the board, and then start moving downwards). But regardless of that, it still plays well and looks very nice.
  8. simb

    Scheme Programming

    I don't know what your reason for learning Scheme is, so I don't know how useful my reply will be, but anyway... If you don't mind doing Lisp instead, then I would recommend reading through the Practical Common Lisp site/book (there's a print copy, or you can read the whole book online for free). I'm only about a third of the way through, but so far it's done exactly what you were asking for (only with Lisp rather than Scheme). From the introduction "I cover not only the syntax and semantics of the language but also how you can use it to write software that does useful stuff." I don't have any good sites for Scheme sorry, but if you decide to have a look at Lisp instead, I hope that helps [smile]
  9. simb

    Best Mathematica/MatLab Opensource Alternatives

    I've only had a quick play with it, but Maxima - a sophisticated computer algebra system seems pretty good.
  10. simb

    Quick Q abt DirectX 9.0 sdk...

    The DirectX sdk is probably easier to get going with Visual Studio (both being Microsoft products), however you can do DX work with Dev-Cpp. Although I have not tried it myself, if you head over to the Devpaks Repository, and get the DirectX devpak from the 3d graphics section, that should be enough to let you make DirectX apps in Dev-Cpp (or more specifically with the MinGW compiler tools). I think that is all you need, although as I said I've not tried it myself, so I can't be sure. - Simon
  11. simb

    How to move into 3d vector target?

    If I understood you right, then first you need to find the direction (as a vector) from the source to the target. i.e. dir = target - source = [12, 10, 6] Then normalise the direction vector (by dividing each component by the vector's length). dir = dir / (12^2 + 10^2 + 6^2)^0.5 Then assuming the move speed is 0.5 units/sec, with the time since the object started moving given by 't', the position of the object is source + dir * 0.5 * t (where dir is the normalised direction vector) This just says that the object will start at the source vector (when time is 0), and then as time increases move in the direction that the 'dir' vector points, which we already worked out to point from the source to the target. I hope that helps (and I hope that is what you were asking about too :)) edit: beaten to it, although we interpreted the question differently
  12. simb

    Multi-texture obj files.

    If you are asking about how to tell which texture goes where, then assuming we are talking about the same sort of .obj file, this page gives a nice overview of the format, including how multiple textures are handled.
  13. simb


    Quote:Original post by nicksterdomus I know you can use emerge in gentoo to see what dependencies will be installed, but is there a way to find out what size they are, other than looking it up. Giving the 'verbose' argument to emerge will give the sizes of each package. eg emerge -pv foo
  14. I've recently tackled this same problem (using OpenGL and SDL), and ended up using FTGL which is nice and easy to use. You will also need to have freetype2 (linked from the above site) for it to work.
  15. simb

    Hero Chess (screens and download)

    Great job with the game. I've just recently become very interested in chess again, so I really enjoyed this. Technically everything worked fine, and some of the animations were quite amusing [smile] There were a few problems with the way the chess rules are implemented, but these were all related to mating, which it seems you already know about. Also there are many free chess engines out there designed to be backends to a graphical interface, which you might be able to use to improve the AI if you wish to take that further. And just a couple of suggestions/comments. Having the cursor move when the camera moves, and also the camera moving in relation to the mouse cursor made selecting a particular square a little fiddly sometimes, as I would have the cursor where I wanted it only to have it shifted when the camera moves to re-focus on the selected square (I hope that made sense). Maybe having the option to have the camera only moved manually (say right-click and drag or something) would help. The models mostly look the part, but a few (the rook and queen in particular) don't really give any visual hints as to what piece they represent. The minimap helps with this, but making the queen obviously female, and maybe a big hulking character of somesort for the rook would be nice. Overall though, good work on finishing a game, and a fun one at that [wink]
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