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  1. Thanks for the answer! I’d like to resurrect this thread because I still have a question. Imagine the building on the terrain: It is visible when the camera is in the out door sector, the interior of the building is visible when the portal is visible or the camera is in the building. So, must I treat the building geometry outside and inside as two separate things?
  2. Is there any common solution for this? Is there open source engine have implemented this? Any links, articles will be appreciated! [Edited by - stephenfx on October 10, 2006 2:30:38 AM]
  3. Quote:Original post by robotichrist I've been using it for awhile now and so far I like it. Even though the current standard library is a bit rough it is still more than usable for games. Here is a game I wrote for a school project using D: And I have several other simple examples on my website: If you want to do anything game related, I highly recommend you check out the Derelict bindings: hello, Which debugger are you using? I have tried Visual studio. I can step in the source file lines, and the call stack is shown, but the variable is not shown correctly. I can’t find a full function debugger for D.
  4. It is an exciting language for me. It is a system level programming with garbage collection and many other features. Is there anyone using it for game programming? I can’t keep myself from try it! It’s just what I need. If you had never heard about D, please take a look at:
  5. Quote:Original post by treeway seems like a good idea to me... my engine uses a simple text file to store materials which can also describe effects. If your using XML you may want to look into using the xml files directly from a tool such as rendermonkey (.rmf is just xml renamed). that would be cool. Thank you for your reply, I will try rendermonkey.:) Some mesh will have same shader and technique, pass etc, so I thought out this method.
  6. Hi, I plan to use HLSL and effect file in my game. I will use a custom material file in xml format like this: <Material> <EffectFile szFileName=”static_mesh.effect” /> <DiffuseTexture szFileName=”” /> … … </Material> In this xml file, “EffectFile” defined which effect file used for this mesh, and some effect parameter value defined below such as “DiffuseTexture”, “AmbientColor”… For every type of mesh (static mesh, skin mesh…) I will create an effect file with HLSL shader in it. Is this a good idea? Is there a better way? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!
  7. Hello everyone. I have program in C++ for years, and build a 3D engine by myself. Now I want to move to C#. I think the best solution is using C++ for engine and C# for game system, but I’m wandering should I rewrite my 3D engine in C# and MDX or wrap my engine to dotNET. What do you think? Thanks.