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  1. Flash? Java? Something else? Browser based game.

    I've been checking out silverlight these days, and it looks awsome. You can get a preview of it on the official website
  2. C# as a starting point?

    I recommend you to start with C# Its a really easy language to learn, and it will give you good background information to work with any other languages you want to in the future.
  3. My new website. Critisism welcome :)

    i haven't looked into the tutorials yet, but your site is really nice. Fast to load, nice and clean graphics and easy to navigate, thats the way to go. [Edited by - BrasiLokau on January 30, 2009 4:56:22 AM]
  4. Crafting

    I might be speaking non-sense here, but here it goes... this is the way i'd try to achieve this, don't know if this will work.... im not really an oop expert, just an idea. You said you already have a base class for your objects and all objects inherit from it. So i believe that you have these "resulting objects" defined and also inheriting from the base class. So on these objects maybe you could create an object holder of your base class type with fixed size, so you can keep track if "requirements" for the new object are met. Then you could release all the resources for those old objects and start use the new one. Regarding the different functionality for each one maybe you could use an interface for all the particular actions. it was just a brain storm i guess :P hope it helps you in someway. Regards.
  5. [C#][2D game programming]The game loop.

    you should use state management do something like: bool gameRunning = false; then you'd make that variable = true, maybe when user press a key or something? then you'd loop thought it while(gameRunning) { // all your rendering, logic goes here } hope it helps
  6. [.net] PropertyGrid issue

    i didn't have a set statement on the property, thats why it was not working ;)
  7. Hi all, Im trying to implement an editor type for property grid, in which it would allow me to browse for a file. I've read an article at msdn and i was able to set the class and make it work, partially. The method bellow shows the open file dialog: public override object EditValue(ITypeDescriptorContext context, IServiceProvider provider, object value) { if (context != null && context.Instance != null && provider != null) { System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog form = new System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog(); form.Multiselect = false; if (form.ShowDialog() == System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK) { return base.EditValue(context, provider, form.FileName); } } } return base.EditValue(context, provider, value); } If i pick a different file it will continue to show the old one on property grid. I tried to return just the filename but it does not work. Do i have to create a type converter just to put the value on the property grid? Can anyone please help me figure this out thanks in advance
  8. Graphics Licence / Tilesets

    Hi, You should post in the HELP WANTED forum, saying that you're looking for artists. I'm sure you will definetly find someone to help you.
  9. Map Design

    I don't know any links but just go to and I sure you will definetly find something. Here is a link i've found for you
  10. Where can I get Visual Basic 6?

    You just can't, there is not a free version of visual basic 6. Also no visual basic comes with Win98. I'm pretty sure that you can use some of your old vb stuff with, though you might need to do some refiniment with your code. I don't really know anything about how to access old vb code with, but you can probably find something if you google for it. Or alternatively, if you have access to visual studio(not sure if the express edition has this tool), there is an assistant for migrating code from VB6 to VB.NET
  11. Help with a Pong game ^-^

    Hello I googled in advance for you and found this piece of code that might help you: #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int random_integer = rand(); cout << random_integer << endl; } alternatively you can go to this website and find out many other examples related to random numbers. for the score system, you just need to keep track of the score of both players and then you will need to check when the ball leaves the right side of the screen you increase the right player's score(which can be a simple variable ex: int rightPlayerScore). Thats all! Hope it helps.
  12. [C#] Inventory System

    Well I think as you're using lua and trying to implement a inventory system using external file, so you will probably better consider the solution you came up with. Check out the piece of code you provided bellow [code] switch (uniqueID) { case 1: DrinkLifePotion(); break; case2: EquipWeapon(); break; //etc } [\code] What if you need to add a new item to the inventory? You will have to hard code a new case everytime you create a new item, also you will have to update the xml items list and load the file? I think a better aproach would be read the xml file and store you items "properties" to class or struct. Then you would have some kind of collection for storing these objects "items". Hope this helps
  13. Super Mario source code

    alternatively you can check this website: Its a greate resource for making games like mario.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm trying to filter some data in an ms access database, here is what I came up with. command.CommandText = "SELECT codReview, reviewDate, feedbackNumber FROM tblReviews WHERE codAgent=@AgentCode"; DataTable table = DataAccess.ExecuteSelectCommand(command); // filter data to get reviews from the specified time period DataView t_view = new DataView(table); t_view.RowFilter = "reviewDate >= '" + from + "' AND reviewDate <= '" + to + "'"; t_view.RowStateFilter = DataViewRowState.OriginalRows; DataTable returnTable = new DataTable("AgentReport"); table = table.DefaultView.ToTable(); The problem is that the data is never filtered. The values from and to are passed by the function parameteres, that are selected with a datetimepicker.text property. I'm always getting all records and not getting only the ones that are within the date range I selected. Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  15. [.net] Removing text formatting

    Im sorry, but I didn't Thank you all for your help, It really had the dock feature, I just couldn't find it. Thanks a lot!