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  1. rogerdv

    fill fixed byte with values

    Ok, as I expected, I had to change my design. The problem came mostly from the fact that the gae uses new Unity threading system. I wanted to send a list of possible commands from my main thread on each Update() iteration, to the thread sending and receiving network data. That required using a NativeList or a NativeArray of the commands struct, which I wanted to contain the command code, length and the actual packet data. Also, the network thread should return a similar list of commands received from the server. Seems it is impossible, or my knowledge is not enough to do it. I had to change my approach to send only one command per frame. So, I can build the packet data inside a byte[] and copy it to a NativeArray<byte>, which I pass separately to the network thread (it is done that way in the Unity sample, though they simply fill the byte[] array with random values). The other solution was to change the client architecture from multithreaded to single threaded, but as anyway I must code the server as multithreaded, I would face the problem eventually anyway. Thanks to all of you for your invaluable help!
  2. rogerdv

    fill fixed byte with values

    By using DataStreamWriter, it can write ints or floats. The thing gets complicated when I want to write a series of floats, or an int+float+float+float, etc, to build an useful data packet. It is, but it is not compatible with fixed byte.
  3. Im doing some tests with new Unity3d networking APi and Im moving from sending integers to sending more complex stuff, like coordinates (3 floats). The problem is that Im forced to use fixed byte as the data container for my packets (byte[] doesnt works, must be unmanaged and blittable) and I havent found a way to put my values (floats, strings, etc) into that array of bytes and also get them back. How can I do this?
  4. Fallout 2, Diablo 2, Mass Effect the original trilogy, Dragon Age (all of them), The Witcher 2/3. They all have in common a good storyline. In second place, gameplay mechanics. I dont care too much about the graphics, maybe because all of my life I have depended on cheap video cards or the integrated GPU alone, or maybe because I started playing in MS-DOS.
  5. Ok, for a start, I dont quite underestand what you explain. I implemented a branching dialog system, and the branches depends, as usual, on active/unasigned/failed quests, character attributes, items present or not in player´s inventory, etc. I use a complex system, of course. I consider each player answer or NPC line as a node, and each node is displayed or not if its conditions are all true (or has no conditions at all). As I said, quite complex. I also would like to know if there is some optimal and more performant way to do this. But consider that dialog parsing is something that gets executed only once (when dialog is displayed), and not several times per second, so I dont care too much about performance.
  6. I have been away from open source games (since I started using Unity to develop), but anyway I appreciate your effort.
  7. My favourite way is the one used by Mass Effect, and also The Witcher 3. I find the camera intuitive and easy to use in the middle of the fight for both ranged or close quarter combats. So, I guess that I prefer choice 2.
  8. rogerdv

    Advice for Character/Story writing

    The best way to build a portfolio is to write and publish books or short stories. Traditional publising is a bit hard, but you can use a blog or something, or auto publish with Amazon Kindle. I think I have a few articles in my blog about writing for games, specifically for RPGs.
  9. rogerdv

    Character Writing

    A "character writer" probably isnt very useful. Focus on becoming a good writer in all aspects, specially in creating good stories. Thats what I do. A writer with good characters and poor story, dialogs, etc, wont goo too far.
  10. So, I better consider at least a 30% tax from the beginning...
  11. rogerdv

    Need pixel artist for game

    Not very detailed, but at least better than the current set of graphics. And also, complete (I have many placeholders due to missing icons). Id rather prefer a complete character/icons set, even if quality isnt super pro. I think 32 bits is enough.
  12. Im thinking about crowdfunding a project, but most platforms have a limited set of officially supported countries. So, the solution is to use a proxy in some country like USA, but then there is the issue of taxes. Whats the better solution to avoid the taxes taking most of the crowdfunded money? After some research I found that creating an LLC in USA is a good way to avoid the money being taxed as personal income, but then found that LLCs have to pay taxes even when they are not generating income (lets say, during project development). Can somebody illustrate me about this topic and possible solutions?
  13. rogerdv

    Need pixel artist for game

    All of the graphics need improvements. And yes, the whole Ui needs work, but never had an artist to deal with that too.
  14. Im looking for a pixel artist to improve the current graphics of a mobile game. Here is a video of current beta. Knowledge of unity3d is a plus.
  15. rogerdv

    Dungeon objectives in randomized RPG?

    Take a look at Tomes of Maj'Eyal. It does a good job on that: there is an story somewhere, but most of the time you are too busy trying to get levels and items to fight the last boos on some dungeon to notice that almost everything you do is a step in the Big Plan. About your specific question, I think your ideas are great, and they work. Perhaps you can add some variations, like finding 2-3 items to assemble a single, more powerful one (maybe required to advance the main plot).
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