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    Why Google has hired Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris told Jack Bauer that he only killed 15 people cause he ran out of bullets. Jack told him he only killed 93 people cause he ran out of people. Then Jack proceeded to snapp Chuck Norris' neck into 24 pieces.
  2. Currently I'm using Devcpp with Mingw. I know that Mingw uses AT&T syntax, but right now I'm learning the Intel syntax. Is there anyway to use inline assembly with intel syntax directly instead of precompiling my functions and linking the object files? If not, is it worth it to take a look at the AT&T syntax, or should I buy Visual Studio?
  3. FlyingDemon

    Rotating an objects axis

    You seem to be suffering from gimble lock. One way around this is to use matricies or quaternions, by constructing a rotation matrix/quaternion with the eular angles relative to the objects axis and then multiplying the point by the given rotation matrix/quaternion.
  4. FlyingDemon

    Adding inertia tensors together

    How would I go about adding inertia tensors of different rigid bodies together? I know it's not just a simple addition because what if the objects have different positions. I was thinking of something with the parallel axis theorem but I'm not sure. I'm trying to add simple bodies together to make one complex/composite rigidbody.
  5. FlyingDemon

    I am sorry but....

  6. FlyingDemon

    FPS doesn't change no matter what I do

    Turn your V-Synch off! If your on Windows it's located in your Display settings.
  7. FlyingDemon

    Quaternion Operations

  8. FlyingDemon

    Quaternion Operations

    What exactly can be done with quaternions ( operation wise )? Like multiplication, normalizeation, Adding and subtracting(?) etc... Can they be treated as a four-dimensional vector? What about Dot products and Cross products?
  9. FlyingDemon

    H/S/L coloring

    First make sure that lighting is toggled off. Before rendering your quad, call glColor3f with the color you want.
  10. All of this time I've been using the same concept for texture creating that I learned over at NeHe - but I've always had this one question: When I allocate memory for the raw texture-data to be loaded from a file and I then use that data in the calls to glTexImage2D does the data get copied by the graphics card, or does it just keep the pointer? I'm guessing it copies the data since at the end of the load function I deallocate the data for the raw texture-data. The real question is will I ever need to re - glTexImage2D with the raw data, for instance if the graphics card runs out of memory? Just to know if I should keep the raw texture data around until I exit the program, or continue erasing it at the end of the load function. I've also seen some examples where glTexImage2D is called before EVERY texture bind call, but I think that that's just to slow and inefficient.
  11. Is there any other win32 WYSIWYG resource editors( for creating dialogs with buttons etc..) like the one that comes with the MinGW Developer Studio? I can't use the one that comes with MinGW Developer Studio cause' it randomly crashes/freezes and all my work gets lost, it's very anoying.
  12. FlyingDemon

    Question about NULL

    I'm only using NULL to set pointers to NULL after they no longer point to other things, and after de-allocating memory.
  13. FlyingDemon

    Question about NULL

    Ok. I was just woundering because everytime I needed to use NULL I had to include a header that defined it like stdlib or define it myself.
  14. If NULL is defined as 0 would it be wrong to set pointers to 0 instead of NULL?
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