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  1. Price drop to 30 dollars for all 10 books! (plus postage)
  2. They're all around 10 years old
  3. I am selling my game programming books which have served me well over the years.There are 10 books in total and they are $10 each or $70 for all 10 books! All in excellent condition. These are the books:   C++ Primer Plus Accelerated C++ Effective C++ (on CD) The Indie Game Development Survival Guide Focus on 3D Terrain Programming OpenGL Game Programming More OpenGL Game Programming Data Structures for Game Programming 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus     I'm located in Perth, Western Australia, but am willing to ship to anywhere provided that you pay the shipping fee.   Thanks!
  4. Chacha

    Recommend any good C++ book?

    I would start with either C++ Primer Plus or Accelerated C++. Just my two cents..
  5. Chacha

    Second language recommendations.

    In terms of the gaming industry, I believe Japanese would probably help you out. There are a lot of Japanese programmers out there, you're all too darn smart :) On a lighter note, French is a great language to have up your sleeve, works wonders with the ladies. Fairly easy to learn, too.
  6. Chacha

    Need help with picking computer parts

    Quote:Original post by Goober King Going to second that. In the interest of Stability and longevity, over clocking isn't the best way to make a system last and stay trouble free. It's a geek thing to do in order to eeeek out a few drops of extra performance. It sounds like he never said he needed it to be the fastest thing on the block, he did say he wanted to last. You would be sacrificing something he specifically said he wanted for something he never asked for. Over clocking can be fun but this isn't a personal toy, it's your handy work someone is counting on. Exactly what I was going to write, well said. Don't worry about overclocking RealMarkP, from what you have told us there is no reason you would need to.
  7. Chacha

    Are you a Programmer or an Artist?

    1. I can hardly draw a decent looking stick figure.
  8. Chacha

    super mario 64?

    I think that he just wants to do it for fun, and that's fine. Re-creating your favourite games is a lot of fun and if I were able to make something even remotely close to Mario 64 I would feel very satisfied and proud of myself. To answer your question, yes of course it would be possible to make it in C++. But yeah, like the others have mentioned it would take a lot of effort and time. I don't think there is any source code available anywhere from the game, but you could try searching around for some code from similar 3D platform games. That would probably help you a lot.
  9. Chacha

    Question to Aussie gamers (mainly)

    Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid I store them in the back of the cupboard, then fish them out a couple of years later when I get all nostalgic for them. I second that. I keep all the boxes to all my games, and would only trade in the really crappy ones. Although I don't tend to buy crappy games because they are just a waste of your precious time :-) But I do know a lot of people who trade their games in at EB Games to get a better price on the latest games.
  10. Chacha

    I just got accepted into MIT!!!

    Nice work on getting accepted!
  11. Chacha

    Moving to Australia

    All this talk about Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney has me feeling all isolated way over here in Perth. Oh well, I'm sure our presence will be felt come this Saturday at the MCG :) Anyway, I can't wait to visit the east coast. It sounds exciting, compared to this so-called backwards place, Perth.
  12. I'd also recommend Effective C++ by Scott Meyers. Pick up More Effective C++ too if you can. I got them both together on a CD, and let me tell you, I learned a heck of a lot! They are perfect for intermediate/advanced c++ learners.
  13. Chacha

    [web] google ads

    How much you make with Google Adsense ads depends on a lot of different factors. Some people make a few cents a day...while others even earn a comfortable living from Adsense.
  14. Chacha

    Post screenies of your projects!

    Quote:Original post by Wingman Chacha that looks amazing, could you share more details about it? Quote:Original post by CobraMantis Those terrain screenshots look awesome! Nice job! Thanks, your comments are really appreciated! It's quite a basic terrain engine really. The heightmap is rendered brute force with some basic frustum culling. I've simply broken up the terrain into square chunks (or patches as I call them in my engine) and I do an AABB-frustum check for each patch to see if it should be rendered. It doesn't give the best performance, but it's simple and easy to implement so I rolled with it. If I ever get back to the project to make it better, the first thing I'll do is add a more efficient rendering algorithm. The texture for the terrain is one large one spread over the whole terrain. To calculate the texture I blend in multiple tile textures, according to height and other factors. For lighting I create a lightmap by doing some very simple calculations on the heightmap. It gives quite good results, you can find an article explaining the technique here. ~Chacha
  15. Chacha

    Post screenies of your projects!

    My old terrain engine written in C++ and OpenGL. ~Chacha www.build-gaming-computers.com
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