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  1. Learning a new [human] language

    Quote:Original post by LessBread @Brien Shrimp she could not understand me because my accent was from Spain I don't think a lot of people realize that there are all sorts of accents on Spanish. My teacher in high school was Cuban and spoke it with a different accent than what we could hear on the streets which would be Mexican. Even so it didn't hit home with me until I was in college and heard a couple of girls from Argentina conversing in what sounded to me like Spanish/Italian/German. Quite true, the Spanish speaking world is wide and there are many accents. I just thought that this student who had spent the whole of her university studies on the language would have no problem with a slight regional accent. Especially since she claimed to have master of Spanish on par with a native speaker! Heh, oh well!
  2. Learning a new [human] language

    I am always suspicious of people who say they are fluent in a language they have only studied for a few of their recent adult years. I wonder if they have ever tried to function exclusively in that language. Recently I met with an American college student who had studied Spanish for 5 or 6 years. She claimed to be fluent and even said that she thought she could speak better than I (maybe she didn't know I was native speaker? Or maybe she only said something so tactless because that was the limit of her expression in Spanish). She and I had a conversation in Spanish and she could not understand me because my accent was from Spain, not Latin America. Some level of fluency. Granted, she could more or less follow a conversation. She could respond in grammatically correct sentences, but always it seemed that she was saying what she was capable of, not what she actually wanted to. Anyway, just a word of warning, unless you can function in your second language as well as you do in first, refrain from saying you are "fluent" unless you want to make a fool of yourself.
  3. Mexico invades U.S

    Quote:Original post by dpadam450 ...I have been to CA, and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when you have to speak Spanish to work at certain stores? no? I guess its just me , but I dont feel that is right. If I were to move to Germany right now, I would feel disrespectful to not learn German... Respect? Is that what this is about? That is bullshit. The United States is not homogeneous, and to insist that it become so is ignoring the rich cultural heritage of the nation's people. THAT'S disrespect. Spanish is spoken in the United States. "Certain stores" have pragmatically adapted their hiring policies to this reality. If you can't adapt, maybe *you* are the problem.
  4. Info

    Here are a few tips: First of all: when posting in a forum, having a descriptive thread title will greatly increase the chance that someone who can help you will read the thread. The people you are trying to reach are looking at this forum to find topics they can help beginners with. For example, if I know a lot about OpenGL, I would be inclined to click on a thread called "OpenGL Problems!". See how "Info" is a useless title? I dont mean to be a jerk, but communication skills are very important, and it seems like improving yours should be your top priority right now. Moving on. You ask about programming, drawing, and website development. All of those things are worth learning. You shouldn't necessarily worry about how it fits into the field of "game design". Actually, this reminds me, here's a great resource on getting a job as a game designer: http://www.sloperama.com/advice.html. One last piece of advice: drop your fears about failing or getting burnt out. It is way too early to doubt yourself. If you aren't any good at programming yet - Don't worry. Most of your classmates won't be either. Your fears are completely unfounded and may undermine your efforts before you even start! Once you start your university education, work hard and expect to excel. [EDIT- Another forum tip: Read forum stickies] [Edited by - Brien Shrimp on March 26, 2006 7:57:27 AM]
  5. what game engine should I choose?

    Depending on how much of a beginner you are, I would suggest you stay away from engines for a while. Are you very familiar with C++? Have you worked at least a little with OpenGL or DirectX? Have you completed any small to medium sized projects (pong, pacman, simple fps)? I recommend you get to the point to which you can answer yes to these questions before hunting down an engine. I have only used OGRE and Irrlicht, and while I like the both, I much prefer OGRE (though it is a "rendering" engine, not a game engine).
  6. Have a look at my game, please!

    Hi, I just wanted to say that this game was mentioned on The Independent Gaming Source. It didn't get very much feedback, but you can at least see what the editor thought of it.
  7. CrazyBumpa

    Just thought I would mention that I liked this game so much I wrote about it on The Independent Gaming Source. That was a few days ago so you'll have to scroll down (or go to the archive) to see my post. Great game.
  8. How is SDL_net?

    I recommend SDL_net. Here's a good link: SDL_net Documentation
  9. Tank!Game 2, 3D tank shooter

    Quote:Original post by Kris2456 Sorry to bring back a dead thread, but i managed to get past level 3. I heard this was the hardest one, anyone manage it? Oh, the game gets a lot harder. I can get to level 16 before getting frustrated. If you like, you can increase or decrease the difficulty in the settings.txt file. Also, I wanted to say that this post made my day. I'm really glad you like the game well enough to put up with the challenge. Thanks. -Brien
  10. Tank!Game 2, 3D tank shooter

    Quote:Original post by Qa303asmGuru Just wondered if you had ever checked out BZFlag. It's a fun tank combat sim that's open source, and available for just about every platform in existance (yes, even Mac OS's). Check it out if you have the time. It's a small dl and there's always people playing online. Might give you some ideas/inspiration. ;) Yes, actually I have played BZflag. And yes, it was a good source of inspiration. I love the game. Though, I think it lacks a lot in style. The gameplay, graphics and sound really clash. What I really like is how widely it is played online. I'm no good at networking yet, so Tank!Game can't aspire to be as great as BZflag. Dan Forever, I have no idea what could be causing that problem. I'm afraid I can't really do anything about it. fyhuang, sorry about the lack of a Linux version. I dont run Linux usually and I have yet to learn how to easily compile large projects with it. To those for whom game runs correctly, I'm glad that the game is enjoyable and that you took the time to tell me so. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! :) -Brien Smith-Martinez My work
  11. Tank!Game 2, 3D tank shooter

    Hello again. I'm back with the changes I promised. New player tank models, directional radar, combo system, and a "No sound" option in the settings.txt. Here's a new screenshot. The red circle around your tank points to the nearest enemy tank. It also changes colors with proximity to that tank. It turns red as enemies approach. Use it to search and destroy. The combo/special attack system works with those two bars at the right of the screen. The red bar is your combo meter which goes up as you do good things (destroy enemies, make repeated shots, make long shots, bank shots). The Special (blue) bar will go up to meet the combo bar whenever you destroy an enemy tank. That is the only way to get Special. When the Special meter reaches a certain point, you can use your special attack. This is indicated by a ring of color on your tank's gun. Each color combination of tank has its own special attack. The controls are: WASD moves the tank. The mouse rotates the turret. Left click shoots. Right click fires your special. Spacebar jumps. Link: (same as before) Download (3.2 MB) Here's a link to the website if you want to see more screenshots or something. Please tell me what you think, especially if you have a joystick and a friend to play multiplayer with. More info about joysticks/multiplayer in the readme. If it doesn't run on your machine, please tell me as much as possible about it. Thanks!
  12. Tank!Game 2, 3D tank shooter

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! The next iteration will have a directional radar (so hunting down the cowardly tanks won't be annoying), a combo/special attack system, and better tank models. Thanks a lot for pointing out those problems, crusadingknight and RiBi. I will find out what is wrong with the third level and include a "no sound" flag in the settings. I'll be sure to post again when I'm done with the improvements. Do you think it would be appropriate to make a new thread? Or should I just edit or reply to this one?
  13. Tank!Game 2, 3D tank shooter

    Quote:Original post by DMINATOR The game looks good, movement is ok , sounds not boring :) , runs pretty fast on my 3 yr old system. There are some problems though. Killing the enemy is not easy, they are always hiding somewhere :). How about some HUD map with enemy direction on it ? I found one bug also . If I come close to the wall as close as possible, then shoot at it then my HP and energy bars increase more than a max, and stay at that level :) I'm glad it ran well on your machine. Mine's also about that old, too. :) I can't seem to reproduce the bug, however. What color weapon did you have equipped? If you had a bouncy weapon, the bullet that bounces back and hits you will recharge your energy bars even past their max (up to 2x the max). The thing is, they shouldn't stay that way.
  14. Feedback please on my game

    In your readme.txt you say: "The textures and sound/music are not mine. They were gotten from various resources, so this game has to be distributed free for it to be legal." First of all, you should know that distributing without charge is not good enough. That is a big myth about copyright law. But anyway, about the game, the gameplay is solid enough. One problem: Not enough information is given to the user. Diving right in after reading the readme, I couldn't really tell if what I was doing was good or bad or if it even mattered what I did. Not enough feedback. Try particle effects or more sound effects to give the player clues as to what is going on.
  15. Tank!Game 2, 3D tank shooter

    Hello everyone. A few months ago I posted a game. I got a lot of good feedback and I've improved the game drastically. Please try it out. It's a simple 3D tank game (hence the title). You need to find the exit to each level. Killing all the enemy tanks will always reveal the exit. That red ! bar to the left is the warning meter. It goes up as enemies approach. Use it to search and destroy. The Pink bar is Life. Blue is energy. Things I've improved include a weapon system. After you kill a tank, you can pick up its weapon. However, the last weapon you equiped influences the stats of the current weapon you have. For example, if you had Yellow (bouncy bullet) and then you pick up Blue (power shot), you get a weakened Power shot that bounces. I've also included spit-screen 2 player modes you can use if you have a joystick. Other differences include reduced difficulty, more variety of levels, particle effects and more sound effects. I would love to have the old verison of this game to allow you to see the difference, but I dont have the webspace for both. The controls are: WASD moves the tank. The mouse rotates the turret. Left click shoots. Spacebar jumps. Link: Download (3.3 MB) Here's a link to the website if you want to see more screenshots or something. Please tell me what you think, especially if you have a joystick and a friend to play multiplayer with. If it doesn't run on your machine, please tell me as much as possible about it. Thanks!
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