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  1. h8CplusplusGuru

    Space Box

    This is my tower defense challenge submission: Space Box You control a single space ship and with it you can defend against asteroids somewhat, either by shooting them or running into them. However, running into them uses up energy. To control the space ship, you use wads and space to shoot. You use the mouse to select building or the upgrade icon on the bottom and then place them in the play area. There are four types of buildings and one upgrade.To upgrade a building, click the upgrade icon, the yellow arrow, and then click on a building in the play area. The buildings heal a small amount each second and you receive energy to spend on buildings each second. The boss waves occur every 5 or so waves and include really big asteroids that usually need to be blocked rather than shot. Good luck!
  2. h8CplusplusGuru

    Hypnohack the Toad

    This is my frogger submission, I'm thinking about trying to sell this game, idk, depending on how it's received. I want to implement a internet/global score system to make it feel competitive, I think it could add some additional appeal to the game. The game has sound effects which seem to add a lot of fun
  3. h8CplusplusGuru


    Well the thing Is will d5 be a VR fps? When will fans get some respect and not have companies mutilating IPs for no reason other than to have other games get an established name?
  4. h8CplusplusGuru


    Diablo was: dark, dark, dark. Diablo 2 was: dark, dark. Diablo 3 was dark. Immortal? I would bet that it's in a carebear rainbow. diablo has moved so far from its roots, the memory is far away now. Why shouldn't people outcry about it? The talent and passion left and the remainder chased the LCD. Rather than being true to concept and innovative they instead took the shortest path to a fatter bank account. Diablo? In name only, I would bet - and that should upset a fan - it's not crying as much as it is giving the finger, and it's what they deserve. Its not like the fans are even talking to real diablo developers anymore, they're long gone. Betrayed, yes, and they should just get a different IP, though I doubt that'll happen. Crying? Justified - and more like a bunch of wiggling fingers - flocks of fu's.
  5. h8CplusplusGuru


    I don't know, bliz is often ahead of the curve save for d3. I'm waiting to see how well it does though I have no interest in it. I heard some folks say that this game is not replacing d4 which will still be pc. I find it hard to believe that bliz would disappoint d3 fans so much - but then again they did it with d2 fans and never looked back. Maybe bliz is working its way to the dark side like so many pc companies of late (da2/3, morrowind).
  6. h8CplusplusGuru

    Planet Generation Plans

    that looks like it exactly 😃
  7. h8CplusplusGuru

    Planet Generation Plans

    as far as topology goes one method I've found that looks sort of neat is as follows: 1. create a random line (for sphere, hemisphere), random side of the line raise +1, other side of line -1. 2. repeat procecess until desired shape is achieved. (100-1000+) Problem with this though is that sometimes it leads to really unround, lopsided planets sometimes. Other than that it can look pretty dynamic. I did not come up with this idea, though, and I don't remember where I got it. Also may need to smooth or scale.
  8. h8CplusplusGuru

    Space Box postmortem

    I think as I play my game what I like about it is a sense of almost panic trying to do stuff such as place the wall building or get upgrades or do whatever once the waves have become more difficult. There's a small amount of time between when an asteroid appears and when it will cause havoc on the buildings or spaceship. Successfully placing either a block or building or getting an asteroid destroyed successfully can lead to a temporary sigh of relief. Eventually at some point when the asteroids are overwhelming, it's like, OK, I tried. One thing I didn't get a lot of time to solve, if it is even necessary, is how to make the game seem to continue to progress without necessarily being overwhelmed at some point, though that also leads to a feeling of stagnation. I was often wondering, should I add this additional feature, etc, but then I would think: is that necessary? Will it make the game longer, shorter, more or less boring, etc, and so I ended up really without all that many features. On a programming side, one thing I learned was that a really bad constructor convention is as follows: class A{ int a, b, c; A( int a, int b, int c) :a(a) ,b(b) ,c(c) {} }; This convention lead to a rather hard to spot error as follows, which was not found with a static analyzer i was using: class A{ int myvariabl1, myvariable2, myvariable3; A( int myvariable1, int myvariable2, int myvariable3) : myvariabl1(myvariabl1) , myvariable2(myvariable2) , myvariable3(myvariable3) {} }; Where myvariable1 was misspelled as myvariabl1 and initialized to its random self.
  9. h8CplusplusGuru

    Hypnohack the Toad

    Album for Hypnohack the Toad
  10. h8CplusplusGuru


    Album for tower-d
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