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  1. h8CplusplusGuru

    std::shared_ptr to this pointer question

    I have been thinking lately about raw/smart philosophy and had been using the following: I'm not sure if I agree with what you have said about smart pointers, however, I will think about it.
  2. h8CplusplusGuru

    std::shared_ptr to this pointer question

    Well in a case where I've done this is when I have a vector of std::shared_ptr, and objects in this vector may reference other objects in the vector or pass themselves to other objects. Is this bad? I mean, I understand the lifetime issue but my object had a member, isAlive or isDead or w/e which allowed referencers to identify if the object was valid. I don't know, now that I think about it, maybe it was bad or unnecessary.
  3. h8CplusplusGuru

    std::shared_ptr to this pointer question

    class Object{ public: std::shared_ptr<Object> mSelf; void create( std::shared_ptr<Object> self){ mSelf = self; } void destroy(){ mSelf.reset(); } void magic(){ somefunction( mSelf ); } }; std::shared_ptr<Object> object = std::make_shared<Object>(); object.create(object); object.magic();
  4. h8CplusplusGuru

    frogger entry- hypnohack the toad

    Thanks guys!
  5. h8CplusplusGuru

    frogger entry- hypnohack the toad

    I was surprised at how I learned to play better and better but I guess that's how games work. I would be like impossible impossible, then before long I'd be beyond that level! I've got to see if I can fix the window size if I want it to be competitive
  6. possibly going to do more work on it, blog is up
  7. h8CplusplusGuru

    Hypnohack the toad first post

    This game was created as the frogger challenge submission. OK, so I've got the first release of my frogger inspired game, hypnohack the toad. This game draws inspiration from The Matrix movies and frogger style games. When I was developing the game I wasn't sure exactly about progression and the art style and score and stuff, but as I shot for prototypes, things just seemed to come together I think. The background music and sound effects add a lot of feel that I didn't really predict. At first I wasn't sure if the changing word/code style would be playable but after you build a little skill it is quite playable while still being really challenging. The game difficulty progresses pretty steeply and I think at some point it becomes impossible to progress, however, as I have been playing, I keep getting further and further than I thought I previously would. Right now my high level is 19 with a score of 203693. It seems like it has a lot to do both with luck and skill. Further development on the game I am considering includes: power-ups, adjusting the difficulty somehow, and especially I want to add an online score keeper so people can be competitive to some extent. I am not sure if I will get the online stuff implemented before the submission deadline, however I will probably get it working at some point. Concerns about the online scores I'm having are about cheating/hacking and I am considering how to deal with this.
  8. h8CplusplusGuru

    Hypnohack the Toad

    This is my frogger submission, I'm thinking about trying to sell this game, idk, depending on how it's received. I want to implement a internet/global score system to make it feel competitive, I think it could add some additional appeal to the game. The game has sound effects which seem to add a lot of fun
  9. h8CplusplusGuru


    Well the thing Is will d5 be a VR fps? When will fans get some respect and not have companies mutilating IPs for no reason other than to have other games get an established name?
  10. h8CplusplusGuru


    Diablo was: dark, dark, dark. Diablo 2 was: dark, dark. Diablo 3 was dark. Immortal? I would bet that it's in a carebear rainbow. diablo has moved so far from its roots, the memory is far away now. Why shouldn't people outcry about it? The talent and passion left and the remainder chased the LCD. Rather than being true to concept and innovative they instead took the shortest path to a fatter bank account. Diablo? In name only, I would bet - and that should upset a fan - it's not crying as much as it is giving the finger, and it's what they deserve. Its not like the fans are even talking to real diablo developers anymore, they're long gone. Betrayed, yes, and they should just get a different IP, though I doubt that'll happen. Crying? Justified - and more like a bunch of wiggling fingers - flocks of fu's.
  11. h8CplusplusGuru


    I don't know, bliz is often ahead of the curve save for d3. I'm waiting to see how well it does though I have no interest in it. I heard some folks say that this game is not replacing d4 which will still be pc. I find it hard to believe that bliz would disappoint d3 fans so much - but then again they did it with d2 fans and never looked back. Maybe bliz is working its way to the dark side like so many pc companies of late (da2/3, morrowind).
  12. h8CplusplusGuru

    Accessing a subrect of a texture using a UV map [GLSL]

    You may not need to store coords if all your sprites are the same size - all you need is a sprite index and calc the coords off of that. Sothis way you go from four numbers to one,
  13. h8CplusplusGuru

    RTS design techniques?

    I'm not sure if I follow how options are lacking, how many do you think there should be? Games are hard to make and expensive, and players can only commit to few at a time. On an rts note, anyone remember sim ant?
  14. h8CplusplusGuru

    RTS design techniques?

    If you think actionrpgs/ diablo is dead- look up path of exile, it's as about cutting edge as it gets and is what I play. As far as rts studies go, you need to look at company of heroes 1/2. Starcraft is a requirement and so is age of empires 2. Empire earth has some good entries as well. Total annihilation is a must and it's successor supreme commander 1. Newer games I'm aware of tho didn't try and I don't believe they were wild successes are singularity and grey goo.o as far a short a game you could actually have a chance at making, look at Warcraft 1!
  15. h8CplusplusGuru

    Find angle of radius at distance

    google reveals:
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