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  1. You know, there is a vs option, mp which does multithreaded compilation, however I think it does not work with gm i find it super fast though I also use the ide and it seems to only compile necessary files.
  2. C++ 2D Math Problem

    So in the image, there is P and center. P is a distance from center. The red line is P - C, this puts P a distance from origin. Green line is a rotation around origin = Pr. Blue line is Pr + C, moves the rotated point back out to be around center, and is the final rotated point.
  3. Pointers and defragmentation

    Why cant you use erase+ remove_if? Take the element you want to delete, replace it with the last active element in the array, no resizing or frag.
  4. I've gone and made this.

    I could see this music working in a proper context but out of context it is like stabbing my brain too much.
  5. Fastest detection algorithm?

    You can increase the number of threads and increase the minimum hardware?
  6. Where to start? Game programming for 10 year old.

    not exactly game making, but, lego mindstorms?
  7. Code Reuse In Actual Practice

    Doesn't this assume that the container interfaces will be 1:1? Not sure if that is a good assumption..?
  8. Where to start with JS game development

    have you looked into, three.js? ogre3d also works in javascript
  9. lego mindstorms? for children?!!
  10. Bullet How do I render bullet physics height fields?

    if you have a height field wouldn't you need to generate triangles from it? http://bulletphysics.org/Bullet/BulletFull/classbtHeightfieldTerrainShape.html
  11. a quick google has revealed, https://eliasdaler.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/lua_cpp_binder/
  12. No, it's executing a script ( lua ) vs running a binary ( say from c++ ).
  13. C++ Filling console with ASCII

    there shouldn't be any flickering with FillConsoleOutput, check that your'e dimensions are right. I recently was doing work with this and the dimension variable i was querying had a height of like 900, which caused mad flicker. The dimension struct has a couple different dimension members, get the right one and do +1 i think.
  14. One thing you could do besides script-binding, is you could have a language that the user programs in, they submit their program, you check it for validity and then do some magic on it, and then - - send it to g++.
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