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  1. I'd like to store Class information in some kind of registry, so I can use them at run-time (editor etc). My problem is, that I don't know how I could access my custom RTTI in the sub-classes without having instances. Basically I have a common base class (Object) and a ObjectFactory. An ID creates an instance of a specific class. For my RTTI stuff I have virtual member functions that do return the classID, baseClassID and static strings for names (like ClassNames etc). I could manually rrgister every aspect/info of a class, but I would love if it goes nearly automatic, by having a single 'register' call and then the registry class polls all the info it wants to store. To add a class to the factory, I've a templated method register<MyClass>(ClassType_ID) Inside I'd like to extend it in a simple way like this ObjectRegistry::getSingleton().Register<MyClass>(unique_id); and in there I'd like to have a bit like this: template<typename ClassType> void Register(ClassTypeID classTypeID) { ClassInfo newInfo; newInfo.classID = classTypeID; newInfo.baseClassID = ClassType::getBaseClassTypeID(); // much more class infos added here, like names as strings, descriptions etc // (...) // then adding it to different tables for different type of queries mRegisteredClassInfos[classTypeID] = newInfo; // (...) } Now in the code example above, I use a static method - but in reality / in my implementations these are virtual methods .... and ... static virtual does not exist as virtual needs a this pointer but I don't want to deal with objects sat that level. Any idea how to have RTTI thats also works for class hierarchies without instances? As alternative I could - as said - register all infos manually or use something like GCC-XML to generate XML data what could be the base for automatic code generation (like for script bindings) thx Dom
  2. Hello, I'd like to see the result of that chapter, but when I run the demo AtmosphereTest.exe from the CD (or the Nvidia page) I only get a white sphere - no earth texture, no scattering effects visible. My system is a GeFo 6800 LE, forceWare 84.21 driver on a win2k athlon XP 3000+ system, directX 9c. Tried to see if there are any updates on http://developer.nvidia.com/object/gpu_gems_2_home.html (<- you can download the cd content from there, too) http://www.awprofessional.com/title/0321335597?redir=1 but there's nothing. Any idea what's wrong? thanks
  3. ok, thanks - downloading ...
  4. I'd like to browse the docs, look at the examples and some tools - but i still bound to VC6 and wink2, so i dont want to install the newest SDK release. Is there any option for doing so in the installer?
  5. in BW1 that mountain thing was also a frustrating experience for me. I stopped playing BW1 after I realized that i was searching, collecting stones for hours in order to throw them over to the next hostile town to impress them by destructing their town. I also was frustrated that my pet knew how to cast a heal spell on himself but when he was put on fire by the enemy god 'a.i.' he casted 'rain' which was much less effective and usually he died quickly. The pet from the a.i. was much smarter, he went through my land and healed himself non-stop if i remember correctly. When Peter M. was on TV and talked about BW2, he mentioned the intention to have huuuuuge armies and eeeepic battles and he showed an particle system controlled by the mouse emitting lots of arrows - that was it for that subject. I though, again lots of promise, but will he be able to deliver? So i am not surprised that BW2 is frustrating for you. I enjoyed DM2 a lot btw.
  6. Hello, your banner-ads provider does use ads with annoying sound loops. Its for germany only, i guess - as its about a german company. Congster or something like that (T-Com / T-Online). It happens that you have it on serval pages at the same time (tab-browsing) or in sequence. The seems that then there's no other choice than turning off the pc-audio or closing that page - hoping that the next page doesn contain this banner. Its very annoying. I dont think its in your interest, can you prevent that such ads come in future? thanks
  7. Dom77

    Expansive Timelines in a RTS

    By reading this i got another idea - which might not solve the problem but offer a different way of advancement in tech. What if on the map there are locations (towns/bases etc) initially not controled by the player. Each of them has a unique building (?) that allows to research in certain direction or specifique subject(s). This way the players have to battle over different locations in order to research things. Could be the same with resources maybe. Special resources that allow to go up in the Ages. It's not the most logical things - but who cares - its a game with rules. And it sounds to me as an interesting twist.
  8. As far as I read, 'planeshift', ( http://www.planeshift.it/ ) the free MMORPG (in development), wants to focus primarily on roleplaying. Unfortunally for the tech side they are not yet there - so their players are mainly going for monsters to kill ... most new players ask 'where is the mob`', 'how do I level here quickly?' and such ... so it seems that they are facing the problem of how the mainstream plays games of such genre. (because of how the mainstream games do work/are set up).
  9. Dom77

    What exactly IS energy?

    Quote: i love it when someone starts a thread about physics and ppl post RANDOM BS so make themselves seem smarter. (...) Great, if it's this easy to make myself seem smarter, here comes my share: in 50 years everything is different... (... if it stays the same it will not exist) ;-) :-P [Sorry offtopic non-sense humour]
  10. Hello, i'd like to add to an existing authoring-enviroment an editor for animation-keys display and manipulation possiblities. It's a win/mfc app so i am limited to this. I am looking for a control like the one in 3ds max on the buttom: something to display keys and offer the possibility to select and/or move them. I searched the web but couldn't find any free control of for that task. Anybody has a hint/tip for me? thanks Dom
  11. Actually there are people out there, that write their own software rasterizers for games: http://www.radgametools.com/pixowhy.htm
  12. "Tokamak & Meqon do buoyancy" Tokamak does not. Newton has some.
  13. Dom77

    Physics Engine Selection

    There isn't much happening on the tokamak forum anymore. The developer doesn't show up there anymore, too. Therefore many tokamak people switched to newton.
  14. Hello ctoan, thank you for your interrest. I am using HLSL - directly in the development editor. I am not using directly OpenGL or DX. The format is HLSL (fx), where I can specifify the blend modes etc. The effect shall consist of several passes using differen pixel shader (1.1). In the first pass a pixel shader combines 4 textures - 1 base and 3 additional according to a 'mask'-texture. This is working fine - no problem with that. Now I like to be able to add more 'terrain-texture-layers' based on the same or more masks. So i switch state to ( for the second pass): AlphaBlendEnable= TRUE; DestBlend = INVSRCALPHA; SrcBlend = SRCALPHA; no problem so far. A and B are already the result of the second (!) pass and thats were my problem is. You see the need to fade to alpha in order for the blending. Thats ok with the first texture, but when I combine the second texture with the first texture (in the second pass - using a different pixel shader (1.1)) - I am using LERP. But this creates a wrong fade-out of the second texture where it is not 'above'/'inside' the first one. You can see in the picture, that B is always sourrunded by A - though it shouldn't where the flashes are pointing to. So what I am looking for is a HLSL command or something, where I can 'blend' the second texture pixel over the first texture pixel ( remember 2nd pass ;) ) - as LERP is producing the wrong result. You now the same operation that I am getting with the blend of the second pass over the first pass - but now inside a pixel shader in order to do it with two textures/pixels there, I hope it's clearer now.
  15. Hi all, In my first pass I have 3 textures. Now I like to add 2 textures per additional pass. No problem with one texture, but with two textures I've a problem: When I lerp the colors from texttureA and B, I have A sourrounding B where B is normally not surrounded by anything (in that pass). So instead of interpolating with LERP, I'd like to do something alike blending-on-top of it - dunno how to express. Like the blending is done in the frame-buffer through the passes. Anyone know how to do this? thx.
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