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    php,javascript what not

    I hope this doesn't sound like a troll, because it is not intended to be at all. I think you are in a confused position right now. It looks like you are trying to find a tool and then figure out a game you can make with it. You should be approaching this from the opposite direction. Figure out the game you want to make, then find out what tool will suit you best. If I have missunderstood, and you have designed your game already and just need to know if you can provide real time dynamic content using php/javascript.(yes)... as mentioned earlier, AJAX is the technology you want to do more research on. XAJAX is a good php ajax library.
  2. BobV

    Nip Tuck

    I've rented the DVDs. It's a good show. As of yet, the seasons that are out, do not disapoint. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, I recommend House. It's probably show on tv.
  3. BobV

    Real time turn based combat?

    Quote:Original post by TheRubberBandit First of all, You literally cant have a "real-time" "turn-based" Combat system. In case somebody mis-interprets this and trys to argue... I would consider the action in KOTOR to be real time turn based. Basically all the characters are autofighting in real time but you can queue up certain attacks and actions that you would like the characters to execute. I mean, I know what your saying, technically it's not 'turn based' but you do have the ability to pause the action, issue some commands and then switch over to other characters, issue some more actions then resume combat. That is pretty characteristic of turn based system as well.
  4. BobV

    [web] Database Design

    Creating a seperate database for each user wouldn't be feasable. Databases are ment to handle tables with lots of records. Even with record counts in the millions you should not have performance issues if you are utilizing the database properly; avoiding outer joins or anything that requires a full table scan. With indexed tables, the database will be able to point almost directly at the record without the need to scan through the entire table. As far as the structure of the database, it's best to start out completely normalized. If you find specific areas that are causing a performance bottle neck, restructure accordingly. Typically its easier to move from normalized to non-normalized, rather than the othe way around.
  5. BobV

    Worst interview

    Quote:Original post by alnite The worst was a phone interview when I just woke up. I thought I could do it. He asked me simple questions, and my answers were way off and completely unrelated. I realized what happened only minutes after the interview ended. Man, I feel for you. This just happened to my brother last week. He had already done an in person interview. He was gloating because he felt he really impressed them and aced the interview. He was told they'd give a call back on Friday. Early morning on Friday he gets the call. Even though he's woken out of a dead sleep, he answered the phone anticipating the good news. They had a few more questions they'd forgotten to ask. He was so out of it that he doesn't remember how the conversation ended. He does remember them asking him if he had any experience with HTML and saying 'no'; which is absolutely not the case. After the call he couldn't get back to sleep and just laid there in horror, recalling bits of the conversation and trying to remember others. Not only did he not get the job, he didn't even got a call back. Talk about blowing an interview.
  6. BobV

    an & symbol

    It makes it a reference. In memory it's referencing the variable you pass in. If you leave off the &, it just creates a new variable in memory. Here is what happens. With a reference: dosomething(string &var) { var = "you win"; } ... string myval = "something"; dosomething(myval) cout << myval; the output is 'you win' Without a reference: dosomething(string var) ... string myval = "something"; dosomething(myval) cout << myval; the output is 'something'
  7. BobV

    Teen & Mom Sue MySpace for $30 Million - -

    Quote:Original post by Lode I don't mind if they sue MySpace to make them be more protective for children. But the women who sued them shouldn't get the $30 million, the $30 million should be invested in the making of MySpace more protective for children instead. If the jury finds that necessary at least. I couldn't agree more. In the case of these lawsuits, people shouldn't be entitle to an arbitrary lump sum of money. I just find it interesting that this girl was sexually assaulted and the first thing they do is go after Myspace. Crimes of a sexual nature are the worst, but this sounds a bit fishy to me. MySpace has been in the news a lot lately, talking about the impending danger of pedophiles and the likes. With publicity like this, it's always a matter of time before some crafty individual (or duo) hatches a nefarious plan to scam their way into the big bucks. Either way, it's always the idiots that ruin it for everyone else.
  8. Here's the link to Visual Cpp Express. This is a great gift from microsoft.
  9. Well... you are in luck my friend. I wrote a simple chat using ajax... and I've commented my code fairly well. You can test it out HERE then DOWNLOAD if it interests you. To get up and running real quick. Just copy this into your webroot and edit the db_settings.php file to the correct settings. Then hit the /install.php from the browser and it should setup the database. (there is one table) So yea, this does require a database. MySQL is what I'm using but the code uses the pear db abstraction layer so you can just change the DSN to reflect whatever database you are using. Good luck.. if you have any questions let me know. EDT: just read that you don't have DB access.. but it shouldn't be much of a task... just switch the dsn to a file based database.. like sql lite..
  10. BobV

    [web] Who's Online

    I've yet to find a hosting company that didn't provide php and mysql on even their most entry level packages. As far as security, it should be a concern with any server side piece of software that you introduce. Blanket statements like 'mysql has security holes' should raise a red flag. Your first question should be, "what are they and what does the competing product provide that solves this problem?". That being said, php and mysql have the largest web presence, so that goes to show that php and mysql are suitable for a production environment. On the otherhand, rolling your own web services in c++ screams for potential security flaws; especially if you are not experienced with writing these types of applications.
  11. BobV

    We are obsolete.

    Quote:Original post by evanrogers I think we can agree engines will always be improving. But separating the engine from the actual game is a great idea. Like radioteeth said, wouldn't it be great if you could upgrade your engine without changing your game and play the same game with improved graphics? It doesn't seem that far fetched when you consider there are many franchises right now where each new game is just an improved engine with the same gameplay. (Refer to my previous post about the benefits of such a system.) - Evan head-a-splode. Seperation of engine and game is best practice right now, but idea of upgrading the engine and getting improved graphics is like upgrading the engine in your car and getting a completely new body style. Unless your engine is dynamically generating the artwork, upgrading the engine would only enable more performance and increased feature set. When most of us think of graphics we think of beautifully crafted models and highly detailed maps. If you wanted to increase the graphics you needn't change any code; copy new higher res models over your existing ones.
  12. By definition most of us here are average. I find it funny that people are saying things like "I have a friend who is average"; incinuating that they themselves are a rockstar. I'd say that average is where you want to fall in. The more important questions are: How productive are you? Can you work independently or do you need a lot of hand holdoing? Do you follow instructions well? Are you dependable? Do you work well with others and communicate well to other? (communication is really #1) Don't stress yourself out, I'm sure you'll do fine.
  13. BobV

    My site design sucks

    I guess I missed the first draft, but I like the current one. It's simple and most importantly, it's easy to read. I really like the wood grain background; seems fitting for a text adventure.
  14. BobV

    Amazing guitar playing

    check out this video. This guy is playing 'Canon' on an electrical guitar and it is truely breath taking.
  15. BobV

    Any one else hate their job?

    Basically, you continue to pay your dues being bossed around. Eventually when you are old and crusty they will pass the reigns on to you. By that time, all the talent and creativity will have been sucked out of you and you'll be using new fangled tools that you have no clue about.
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