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  1. Hiya I've been googling for a libarary to make writing a 2d game for my vb class but I cant seem to find anything other than and fastgraph are there any others. All I want to be able to do is plot some text and be able to blit sprites using hardware acceleration. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. What can you bench?

    I used to be able to bench 80kgs but dont think I could do that now. I can easily blast through 10 60kg reps though.
  3. Bad title but I just can think of a better way of describing it. Well anyway heres my question and answer, I would really like someone to verify that its correct thanks in advance. Q If the age of the Earth is represented on a time line as 1 calendar year (365 days), how long would the duration of Homo sapiens represent on this time scale. Express your answer to the nearest minute. Ans: age of Earth=4.6*10^9yr age of homo sapiens=5*10^4yr //get length of day in terms of age of earth 4.6*10^9yr / 365day = 1.260...10^7 //calc how many "days" humans have been on planet 5*10^4yr / 1.260...10^7yr =3.967...10^-3 //convert to minutes 3.967...10^-3*24*60=5.714...mins=6 mins(1 sig.fig.) I feel like I got this question completely right but I only get 2 marks for it it just seems that its way too hard for that much work. Anyway any help much aprreciated, looking at that seems pretty hard to follow not even sure myself what I'm doing lol. Cheers
  4. hi, first post in years just got back into c++ after many years and cant remeber anything so anyway heres my problem: I want to be able to use the same iterator name for different lists eg: list<sprite>::iterator liter; // Iterator for looping over list elements for( liter = sprite_list.begin(); liter!=sprite_list.end(); ++liter ) { spr->RenderEx(liter->x, liter->y,0.0f,1.0f); } // rather than "create" liter2 what can I do just to use liter; list<bullet>::iterator liter2; // Iterator for looping over list elements for( liter2 = bullet_list.begin(); liter2 != bullet_list.end(); ++liter2 ) { g.b_bullet->RenderEx(liter2->x, l liter2->y,0.0f,1.0f); } I was thinking that I would just reassign liter to the bullet list but I dont know how to do that, any hep would be much appreciated.Thanks