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  1. Dave, Rating systems usually bring benifits (as in /. case). However, your rating system has only made this a Nazi camp where people jump down other's throats for no purpose at all, even in a fun loving environment like the Lounge. You run a great site, keep it up.
  2. Taulin

    Weekend diary.

    Wow, the rating scheme has turned fun loving posters to spanking parents. My lowered ranking on these forums will not change my attitude in life, and how I go about it. If the mods feal I said something bad, they can delete it. Go ahead and rate me down. OH! I rated you down too!
  3. Taulin

    Freespace 3

  4. Taulin

    weekend fun

    Wow! You too?!?!
  5. Taulin

    Weekend diary.

    Quote:Original post by Bossk Please read my reply in Drevay's thread. Please lick my sack.
  6. Taulin

    iRobots in I, Robot Oh My!!

    that would be cool. Some robot that would follow you around, and you could plug your earphones into it. Do you remember back in the mid-to early 80s, when Sears was selling all those robots you could program? What ever happened to those? Man, the Sears catalog used to be great around Christmas.
  7. Taulin

    Weekend diary.

    Went to work. Worked on bugs for August release. Printed out manual for Wings3d. Went home at 5:00. (first time to leave before 7 in a while) Took a quick 30 minute power nap. Ate a salad and things with my wife. Went to mall. Bought Mega-Man anniversary edition. Came home. Played a little Mega-Man (awesome!) Started making home made pizza. Made Rum-Coke. Started going through the manual. Put topings on pizza. Made second Rum-Coke. Started writing this diary. (..continued...)
  8. Taulin

    I've had quite the awsome night.

    When you are drinking, everyone seems friendly. Seriously, I have 2 older brothers and an older sister. One time I was angry at my brother and started hitting him. My dad said "He is family. If want to hit someone, hit someone else. Friend, stranger, it doesn't matter. Your family will always be there, and everyone may not." From that point on I could never be angry with any family members again.
  9. Taulin

    -sai what does it mean in Japanese?

    TangentZ had a good answer. To expand on it: There are many uses of "-sai", but not really any rules in the sense of "-desu". The main one is age. But mostly, it is just the ending of many words; ex. Kudasai (please). It is traditionaly used as the ending of certain 'types' of words, but again, not as a rule. Festival names is one case in which they end in '-sai'. Hope this helps. :) [Edit] Minus points to Rhino for comparing Japanese to Korean.
  10. Taulin

    will DSL ever increase their speed?

    Literally, cable modems will be getting slower. My friend who had a house built in a new neighborhood has actually seen his bandwidth drop over the last two years since many people like him have moved in. (North Austin) Cable upping their bandwidth is only to counteract that, and since they need to do it, shows it is only a short term patch. Also, in Japan, I got 8mbit DSL lines that rocked. Since Spoonster said Denmark has them also, it sounds like the US is pretty far behind..or has too much space. I recently moved downtown, and closer to the station, so my DSL speeds almost doubled, including the upload speed, which I thought was capped.
  11. Taulin

    Wings 3D. Have you used it?

    I have been getting back into 3D modeling lately, and a friend told me about Wings. It is a free modeler based upon 'box modeling". Has anyone else here used it? And what do you think?
  12. Taulin

    How do u Stay focus

    Usually when I want to stay focused, I just turn off the streamed porn showing on my second monitor.
  13. Taulin

    Gay Marrige Ban in the Constitution

    Why should I fight for a motocycle license when I want to drive a car? 'Marriage' is about opposite sex legal status (legal union). If gay people want something of the sort, it will have to be a new word, definition, entity. A legal status of a man and a man, or woman and a woman. I do understand there are benifits to being married. Up until Bush, we got less tax return.
  14. Taulin

    I'm feeling sick

    Austin has had some awesome weather for the last year. The only other place that I think that has had weather this good is around San Fran, CA.
  15. Sorry if I am not making much sense. For example, PS2 can not read DVD+ disks. That is interesting about the write speeds. For CDs, the drive has to support the same speed the CD is written at. Thus 2x, 4x, etc requirements. I would have thought DVDs were the same way. if I were to burn my own games and publish them on DVD, I would like to be in the same standard everyone else is using, or can at least read.
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