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  1. Will teach c++ to beginners

    I'd honestly prefer to read a book with proper grammar than to pay someone on an hourly basis who I could possibly have trouble interpreting. If you're going to sell yourself as an instructor at least make every attempt possible to be grammatically correct; it'll help improve your overall image and increase your potential marketing value.
  2. My new 3D game

    If I were you, I wouldn't plagiarize. The image you have set as your default image is taken directly from Area 51 (PC/Xbox game, [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area_51_(2005_video_game"]http://en.wikipedia....2005_video_game[/url])). Just a friendly reminder about copyrights and all that jazz. Your GUI looks good.
  3. Revelation - The Awakening

    I've been live streaming development for the past week or so and I plan to keep doing it. It not only provides complete transparency for the development process, but also an educational resource detailing how everything is done. You can follow it here: http://www.twitch.tv/purgatorylw
  4. Revelation - The Awakening

    Site: [url="http://sites.google.com/site/revelationorpg"]http://sites.google..../revelationorpg[/url] Revelation - The Awakening is a dark, post-apocalyptic themed text-based, turn-style game based around numerous AD&D and Werewolf: The Apocalypse mechanics. In the early stages of its conceptual design, Revelation - The Awakening mirrored games such as Vagabond's Quest and VQ+. Currently, it is planned to include concepts that can be found in AAA titles, such as a Single Player Dungeon, Auction House, Player vs. Player betting, and even arena style team-based combat. The project has a zero dollar investment, will be free to play, and is owned, developed, and maintained by a sole proprietor. A few of the projects objectives include, but are not limited to:[list] [*]To provide a game that a person of age 12+ can enjoy. [*]To inspire individuals to use their imaginations in a creative manner, in a safe environment, in a constructive context. [*]To provide resources and materials that can be used as a base for the conceptual design of a number of projects. [*]To observe, take on, and teach non-plagiarism practices. [/list] The project site contains detailed information ranging from screenshots, project updates, a To-Do list, and time tracker that allows the visitor a transparent view of the design process. That being said, I personally implore you to visit the project site and bare witness to the creation of a game from the ground up. I hope you enjoy your time spent with the project as much as I have. Here's to seeing you at the projects release!