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  1. Hey, I was wondering is anyone was interested in checking out Creative Object World. I've been there for a few weeks (my player name is Thorn there) and have helped put together a battle and magic system. What is it? Well it's web-based and text-based (although there is image abilities too) and it's free. It kinda resembles a mud and I heard someone was developing one with it. You can think of it as a world full of interconnected chat rooms with objects that can be props or sometimes interact. It has game elements too. You can explore rooms full of objects and interact with them, create your own doorways to new rooms, create stuff to put there, arrange objects, and script them to react to various commands. The part of the world I've been mainly working on is the combat system that includes some interesting features, like randomized melee spam, forging weapons to gain special attacks, enchanting weapons, casting spells, and some miscellaneous stuff. I've also created a way non-coders can spawn 'living' creatures to defend their areas. They include treasure systems and can guard each other, you, or even an exit. It is a work in progress, which is great for those who are creative and like to add to worlds. There is chaos there, as players have created areas resembling past, present, future, fantasy, and sometimes just plain weird. One thing I should mention, the upgrades are happening pretty often without a huge amount of testing, so sometimes something stops working until someone notices it and then someone fixes it. The worst I've seen was a half-day with objects not reacting to stuff, so even with all the in-progress going on it's still quite stable and all is backed up pretty often. There is so much to say about it, but I'll let you see yourself, if you are interested.
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