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  1. Rudan

    screen to map cords.

    I assume you mean something like this: http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article742.asp I just implemented the first method a few minutes ago, and it seems to work just fine. //Edit: Screwed up the link...
  2. Rudan

    Your Opinion on Donations (for software)

    That's a pretty good idea. Like several people have said, if it was simple enough I'd definitely pay. I wonder if this wouldn't work just as well as making it shareware since, as pointed out in the thread I started that you refer to, shareware probably doesn't work very well anymore. It's just too easy to get the program for free anyway nowadays, so this is probably a better solution.
  3. Rudan

    Shareware ideas

    Quote:Original post by Big Sassy There's also Poseidon. The community version is free. Yeah, I used Poseidon for my last project, but unfortunatley I found it to be horrible to work with. The whole thing got really slow as the diagrams grew larger.
  4. Rudan

    Shareware ideas

    Well, like I said, it's hard to think of an idea that hasn't already been made, so I kind of expected this. Thanks for the tip about ProxyDesigner, though. I could use that. :-) I guess Evolutional have a point, maybe making shareware programs doesn't really work anymore.
  5. Rudan

    Shareware ideas

    I figured it would be nice to have a discussion about ideas for shareware programs. I've been thinking for quite a while about trying to make something that could be sold as shareware, but it's rather hard to think of an idea which hasn't already been made, that is feasible for one person to finish in a reasonable amount of time, and so on. I'm sure there are others who have the same problem. Now, I'm not trying to steal all your great ideas, but I bet a lot of people have thought about a program they could use, but don't want to or are not able to make themselves. So, post your ideas and feedback here. Personally, right now I can think of two things: 1. Some sort of editor that can be used by amatuer game developers, for example a tile editor or something similiar. 2. A simple, but cheap UML editor. From what I have seen, those programs seem to be rather expensive, so I think that might be a good idea. Of course, the ideas posted here don't have to be related to software development, just because mine were. :) I'll try to think of some more things and post them later.
  6. Crap, looks like I wasn't fast enough. :)
  7. You need to do somethine like this in your Mesh.h file: #ifndef _MESH_H_ #define _MESH_H_ // class definition goes here... #endif That should get rid of the class redefinition error.
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