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  1. clutch

    Oh fudge (Debian woes)

    dpkg -a --configure That should configure any packages that didn't finish installing.
  2. clutch

    Texturing a cube

    Or use one texture and the correct texture coordinates.
  3. clutch

    rotation: weird results

    I am betting it is rotating so fast that is what is causing the artifacting.
  4. clutch


    You can get drivers for your video card from nVidia. Quite solid and well featured. As for sound drivers, use alsa. What distribution are you using? Most of this comes preconfigured for you. Clutch
  5. clutch

    Need help alpha testing my MMORPG.

    You can have two versions of SDL, just tell the linker which one to link against. I would stay away from SDL1.3 until it becomes more standard. Clutch
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