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    I'm not overly fond of dissecting a story to find out what it all means, myself. I mean, how do you dissect a soul? Look at J.R.R. Tolkien. Everyone and their brother had a different theory about what his books meant. You know what he said? Something to the effect of "I just wanted to tell a good story." Now, what you'll probably say is "Meaning and premise, the way I've defined it, are 2 different things." Ok, I understand. The premise of LOTR would basically be "Good can triumph over evil despite seemingly impossible odds, although doing it may destroy the best part of what used to be." That I can deal with. What I can't deal with is someone claiming "This story was obviously an allegorical criticism of blahblah." Luckily, most games aren't yet to the stage where people start inventing meanings for them that were never meant to be.
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    Concept Art, Getting Started

    Well, I haven't actually done any artwork for video games (other than craptacular self-invented stuff derived from whatever NES game I was obsessed with at the time :P) but when I read the "draw several versions of the guy" part, it struck a chord. I've got a comic strip which probably will never go anywhere, that I've been working out characters for off and on. (More off than on, lately.) One of the characters in it is Zigzag, a black stoner demon who's not afraid to light up a joint in the Fires of Hell. I must've drawn about 10 versions of his face (some of them while in a moving vehicle -- guaranteed frustration) before I found one that satisfied me. And then when I stuck a body on him, I made his legs too damn short! :P (And everyone says I'm so good at drawing. *snicker*) Oh and, great journal! I finally got around to taking a peek, obviously. :)
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