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  1. Hi, as part of my service promotion; I contribute free work for people, groups or companies who need one or a number of the services I provide; including games development (Direct X 3D/2D, Flash, Jscript or PHP [not c++/c#/vb]), web design, web development, graphic design, 3D modelling, 3D map building, XML, MySQL or MS Access Database, PHP scripting, animation and others. This may be useful for you who are in need some help here and there with new or existing projects. I enjoy working on games and websites. I obviously benefit from adding to my portfolio. See the details for contact at the free section of the following website: freestuffto.bemade.co.uk (Please note that you must be 16 or over to apply for any of the services) Here are other websites and projects that I own or are involved with: Game Development Service gamesto.bemade.org.uk Other Services websiteto.bemade.co.uk I2B RPG Project I2black.com Thank you for your time, now get some of mine.
  2. A new website has been set up for the OWN Sports RPG - dark basic concept; to be found at own.etgames.org "OWN is aimed to be an indie-game of absorbing proportions. Players will live the robot championship's managerial lifestyle with the keyboard and mouse." Read more about it.
  3. Quad Bar Challenge players for the top score in the Quad Bar Arcade Game. Quad bar is a game where you must bounce a moving flyer to keep it within the play area. You will need to keep the flyer in the play area for as long as possible to compete with high scores. Minimum Requirements: Windows 2000, ME, XP 2.0GHz CPU 256 MB Ram 3D Accelerated Graphics card and 32mb Video Ram Direct X 9c Internet Connection Keyboard and Mouse Sound Card visit
  4. DrSizzla

    What is you preference with PC Games Poll

    Thank you guys You can now make multiple choices, but try to pick only a few. Thanks again
  5. DrSizzla

    What is you preference with PC Games Poll

    Keep the votes coming; just to get a good number. I'll be closing the poll in a while before I change the system.
  6. DrSizzla

    What is you preference with PC Games Poll

    Good points. Like I said, i'll find another system when I get the chance. I do understand that the current setup is only good for people with one 'most preferable aspect' , order of preference will be nice to implement. We've got plenty of time for this part of our research this year, for now the people picking one aspect is still useful for me in preparing our games design in short notice, until I find another system. I'm at work atm, and when I get spare time i've got so much other stuff to do in the project. :(
  7. DrSizzla

    What is you preference with PC Games Poll

    True, i'll find another system when I get the chance
  8. Hi guys This is a request for any PC gamers out there to help out with some of our game development research by answering the poll questions on the link below. The questions are: What aspect of PC gaming do you enjoy the most? And; How would you want your favorite PC Game to be improved? For those who participate; Thank you for contributing towards our game project and have a nice day. www.etgames.org/research/pollGamePref.php ---------------------------------------------------------------------- There are a number of different genres out there containing different game mechanics and elements that we enjoy playing with. Some people might prefer spending their time blowing things up and dishing out damage to their opponents; others might like to spend their time socializing with others online or developing and applying their own strategy in a mentally challenging environment. I personally like to beat people, whilst being entertained within a social atmosphere. Other Poll about the cost of games: www.etgames.org/research/pollGameCost.php
  9. DrSizzla

    I need your game ideas.

    A few ideas: 1: Role Play The player chooses a character and enters the club to play his/her role as a dancer, a date for someone, a DJ, a gangster/trouble maker etc. Go in to have a good time, or go in to kill someone or go in to win a dancing contest as mentioned. You are set a task that you must complete, and the NPC's try to stop you. 2: Free will The player does anything you can find possible to do, you can go in the club and do anything, dance, play cards, get drunk, punch someone, use the toilet, cheat at poker/snooker, kiss the floor, set fire to things, swap clothes with someone, have a race, a drinking match, pie eating match or drop a sleep on the roof. The list goes on... The more bad or good you do in the quickest time, the more score you get. 3: Running the club I'm not sure if this is what you would want, but you could let the players work as staff carrying out duties serving people, beating up trouble makers and calling the cops, sweeping and cleaning or DJing or management. The more good work you do the more score you get until you get promoted to manager or something. 4: Surreal Exploration I'm not sure if you would want to try something wierd. Like disturbing the mind with a surreal club environment. Send them through a hunt around a never ending bizarre club. You go through a door and you end up in a room full of dancing cats and dogs, you go to the bar and you get served and the bar maid zaps you with a teleportation gun and you teleport upside down on a dancefloor ceiling, you walk up a stair case and you end up walking up a through a giant toilet seat, and everyone is ten times bigger than you, so you run and get eaten by a rat, you walk around in the rats body and get spat out and suddenly you are at the start of the entrance of the club again. Find Mrs. Smith's hand bag to win the game. LOL , maybe you want to stick to the other ideas, i need to shut up now. [Edited by - DrSizzla on October 28, 2006 7:54:39 PM]
  10. DrSizzla

    Tutorial levels...

    When 'tutorializing', it is all about who your game is for as well as the type of game it is. If you dont want new gamers to play your game, then you wont need a tutorial because you'd only be interested in who already knows how to play your game or the game catagory already. People who already know how to play, benefit more from a keyboard shortcut list, a manual and button configuration. For example a Quake 3 Arena player can jump on to Counter Strike and can get used to the game by learning things for themselves or by reading a small quick start manual or something. With games like Warcraft or Civilization, the manual is obviously important to find out what things do. If you do want new gamers to play your game, you are going to need to get them informed and ready to play pretty quickly, otherwise they will uninstall the game if they don't get it. A new FPS gamer who has never touched an FPS game appreciates a tutorial, usually more than a manual and the first thing they need to know is how to move left, right and how to shoot. Sounds idiotic to us, but many people are new. Don't you remember when you first played your first computer game? (Unless your first game was space invaders or something) A tutorial should be optional in my opinion, not manditory. Prefably in the form of an easy level with hints. A FPS tutorial should be short, an RPG slightly longer to reveal the principles of skill management, and a Strategy game would need to really take the new player through a whole round to show them how to play properly. You are right about not revealing too many secret game elements and eye candy too early. It is important to give a good first impression, but why play on if there is nothing specially new to expect because all the big stuff is already seen in the tutorial. Its a bit like seeing the all the best parts of a film before watching it properly. All in all, you should offer something for new and pro gamers, an optional tutorial and the option to get on with the game.
  11. Please leave a replied opinion on the poll in the game forum, if you dont want to register. The forum only allows registered users to vote
  12. Whats up people Not sure if this is the right place for this message However Would you be able to kindly spare some of your time to submit your opinion in four of our polls, based upon research for our project. *Please leave just a comment/reply if u dont wish to register* Click Right Here To register for voting capability Click Right Here For the list of questions If your too busy, please try to submit at another time. Spacecrafts [Edited by - DrSizzla on December 5, 2005 8:36:17 AM]
  13. DrSizzla

    hhmm. Is this the worst commercial game ever

    must of came out when I was offline
  14. DrSizzla

    hhmm. Is this the worst commercial game ever

    lol cracked up when i saw it
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