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  1. Hi I will soon start working on a small game for the xbox. I was just wondering which engines there are out there that you can get for free. I have seen libsdlX I think I somewhere saw something about irrlicht had an Xbox port. does anyone know where to find the irrlicht xbox port? Is there any other engines out there that you can run? Btw: The Xectuor 3, and X3 bios makes it really simple to set up the debug (if you have the XDK of course :).
  2. WonderWorld

    Game Engine with DirectX help

    Try using the irrlicht engine. It has an interface for all .Net languages. irrlicht.sourceforge.net
  3. WonderWorld

    Camera with heading, how to strafe?

    Strafing the camera is to translate it in the correct direction. Generally along the X axis of the current direction of your objects facing. If I am not remebering incorrectly strafeVector (1,0,0); move +x tmpVector = strafeVecor * rotationMatrix of object tmpVector + objectPos (x,y,z pos of object)
  4. WonderWorld

    How do I write an Engine ??

    First of all hear are a few questions: 1. Do you know how to program? Which language 2. Asuming you can program (which you might not judging from your first question) get yourself programming role playing games with DirectX. This is a very good book. 3. Asuming you are an even better programmer have a look at irrlicht.sourceforge.net which is a good engine and can do what you want it has modelloaders etc for several formats. 4. If you can't program start with learning that. Then think about the previous things. Good luck it's a hell of a work to learn this but it is worth it.
  5. WonderWorld

    AMD Processor Performance Rating System

    The thread is just to long to read through. But if this isn't already mentioned I have this to add. First AMD is what I like and use. Performance wise they are about equal with the same P4 or faster. I would hold of a couple of weeks buying the stuff since the new nForce4 motherboards are coming now. They have a few really neat features hardware firewall, SATA and IDE raid that can be combined, 3GB/s SATA etc. It's said on anadtech that they will be out in a week or two from ASUS and others. Will probably cost $150-$200.
  6. WonderWorld

    Large projects are cunfusing

    I am personally very much against having a source and header dir. Usually you want to work with both the header and source at the same time having the in one dir will save you a lot of scrolling. Main |-Engine |-Objects |- etc etc At least that is my oppinion :)
  7. WonderWorld

    i need your opinion ...

    With $150 you should be able to get a ATI X600 almost. The new GF 6600 will probably end up almost in that range. The
  8. WonderWorld

    Network library

    Hi guys I am planning on doing a multiplayer game. I was wondering which of the librarys that are free that you would recommend for doinig multiplayer games with a few players in?
  9. WonderWorld

    rearranging expression

    Hi guys I have this expression dist3 = 1 - (aY - aST->tri2D[2].y) / (aST->tri2D[0].y - aST->tri2D[2].y); The problem with this expression is that it runs the risk of a division by 0. Can someone help me to rearrange it to remove the division? Thanks!
  10. WonderWorld

    Projecting a point

    Hi guys I have a huge problem getting the projection of points to work. I have this projection matrix given //Near plane 0.3f //Far plane 100.0f float aFov = (float)cot(M_PI /2.0f /2.0f); projMat.Zero(); projMat.myMat[0] = aFOV; projMat.myMat[5] = aFOV; projMat.myMat[10] = aFarPlane / (aFarPlane - aNearPlane); projMat.myMat[11] = -aFarPlane * aNearPlane / (aFarPlane - aNearPlane); projMat.myMat[14] = 1; I insert this into my vector (0.5, 0.5, 1.0, 1.0) And multiply the matrix and vector tmpVec.x = myMat[0] * aVector.x + myMat[1] * aVector.y + myMat[2] * aVector.z + myMat[3] * aVector.w; tmpVec.y = myMat[4] * aVector.x + myMat[5] * aVector.y + myMat[6] * aVector.z + myMat[7] * aVector.w; tmpVec.z = myMat[8] * aVector.x + myMat[9] * aVector.y + myMat[10] * aVector.z + myMat[11] * aVector.w; tmpVec.w = myMat[12] * aVector.x + myMat[13] * aVector.y + myMat[14] * aVector.z + myMat[15] * aVector.w; X, Y seems to be correct, but the Z value is 100 times to big. Here is the validation code projX = stars.posPoints.x / aspectRatio * fov / stars.posPoints.z; projY = stars.posPoints.y * fov / stars.posPoints.z; projZ = (stars.posPoints.z - nearPlane) / (farPlane - nearPlane); Can some shed some light over this?
  11. WonderWorld

    STL Vector Error

    I would have tried using a pointer to the object instead vector<CDataEntry*> entries; Otherwise I think you need to copy construct the object you enter inte the vector.
  12. WonderWorld

    Visual Studio 8...big problem

    options | projects | directories
  13. If you multiply the object matrix with the world matrix you will transform that object into worldspace coordinates. To move the camera around an object you need to use a rotation matrix. If you want to move the object around a center point. You create a roation matrix and multiply it with the vector. [cos(angle) 0 sin(angle)] [x, y, z] [0 1 0 ] = [x', y', z'] [-sin(angle)0 cos(angle)] Asuming that you don't want to know the theory behind this you could do like this D3DXVECTOR3 camPos(0,0,5), camRotPos; D3DXMATRIX rotMat; D3DXMatrixRoationY(angle); //Angle in radians camRotPos = camPos * rotMat;
  14. WonderWorld

    MSVC++ 6 problem

    Without the zillion of registryentries you need for the program that get written when you install the program you are pretty lost. I don't think you will ever get the program working without the install discs.
  15. Hi When I rotate around Z my points seem to scatter after a little while. Am I doing something wrong or is it a number precision problem? Thanks for the help void Matrix44::Multiply(Matrix44* aOut, Matrix44* aIn1, Matrix44* aIn2) { aOut->myMat[0] = aIn1->myMat[0] * aIn2->myMat[0] + aIn1->myMat[1] * aIn2->myMat[4] + aIn1->myMat[2] * aIn2->myMat[8] + aIn1->myMat[3] * aIn2->myMat[12]; aOut->myMat[1] = aIn1->myMat[0] * aIn2->myMat[1] + aIn1->myMat[1] * aIn2->myMat[5] +aIn1->myMat[2] * aIn2->myMat[9] +aIn1->myMat[3] * aIn2->myMat[13]; aOut->myMat[2] = aIn1->myMat[0] * aIn2->myMat[2] + aIn1->myMat[1] * aIn2->myMat[6] +aIn1->myMat[2] * aIn2->myMat[10] +aIn1->myMat[3] * aIn2->myMat[14]; aOut->myMat[3] = aIn1->myMat[0] * aIn2->myMat[3] + aIn1->myMat[1] * aIn2->myMat[7] +aIn1->myMat[2] * aIn2->myMat[11] +aIn1->myMat[3] * aIn2->myMat[15]; aOut->myMat[4] = aIn1->myMat[4] * aIn2->myMat[0] +aIn1->myMat[5] * aIn2->myMat[4] +aIn1->myMat[6] * aIn2->myMat[8] +aIn1->myMat[7] * aIn2->myMat[12]; aOut->myMat[5] = aIn1->myMat[4] * aIn2->myMat[1] +aIn1->myMat[5] * aIn2->myMat[5] +aIn1->myMat[6] * aIn2->myMat[9] +aIn1->myMat[7] * aIn2->myMat[13]; aOut->myMat[6] = aIn1->myMat[4] * aIn2->myMat[2] +aIn1->myMat[5] * aIn2->myMat[6] +aIn1->myMat[6] * aIn2->myMat[10] +aIn1->myMat[7] * aIn2->myMat[14]; aOut->myMat[7] = aIn1->myMat[4] * aIn2->myMat[3] +aIn1->myMat[5] * aIn2->myMat[7] +aIn1->myMat[6] * aIn2->myMat[11] +aIn1->myMat[7] * aIn2->myMat[15]; aOut->myMat[8] = aIn1->myMat[8] * aIn2->myMat[0] +aIn1->myMat[9] * aIn2->myMat[4] +aIn1->myMat[10] * aIn2->myMat[8] +aIn1->myMat[11] * aIn2->myMat[12]; aOut->myMat[9] = aIn1->myMat[8] * aIn2->myMat[1] +aIn1->myMat[9] * aIn2->myMat[5] +aIn1->myMat[10] * aIn2->myMat[9] +aIn1->myMat[11] * aIn2->myMat[13]; aOut->myMat[10] = aIn1->myMat[8] * aIn2->myMat[2] +aIn1->myMat[9] * aIn2->myMat[6] +aIn1->myMat[10] * aIn2->myMat[10] +aIn1->myMat[11] * aIn2->myMat[14]; aOut->myMat[11] = aIn1->myMat[8] * aIn2->myMat[3] +aIn1->myMat[9] * aIn2->myMat[7] +aIn1->myMat[10] * aIn2->myMat[11] +aIn1->myMat[11] * aIn2->myMat[15]; aOut->myMat[12] =aIn1->myMat[12] * aIn2->myMat[0] +aIn1->myMat[13] * aIn2->myMat[4] +aIn1->myMat[14] * aIn2->myMat[8] +aIn1->myMat[15] * aIn2->myMat[12]; aOut->myMat[13] =aIn1->myMat[12] * aIn2->myMat[1] +aIn1->myMat[13] * aIn2->myMat[5] +aIn1->myMat[14] * aIn2->myMat[9] +aIn1->myMat[15] * aIn2->myMat[13]; aOut->myMat[14] =aIn1->myMat[12] * aIn2->myMat[2] +aIn1->myMat[13] * aIn2->myMat[6] +aIn1->myMat[14] * aIn2->myMat[10] +aIn1->myMat[15] * aIn2->myMat[14]; aOut->myMat[15] =aIn1->myMat[12] * aIn2->myMat[3] +aIn1->myMat[13] * aIn2->myMat[7] +aIn1->myMat[14] * aIn2->myMat[11] +aIn1->myMat[15] * aIn2->myMat[15]; } void Matrix44::RotateZ(float aAngle) { //Set it to identity Identity(); myMat[0] = cos(aAngle); myMat[1] = sin(aAngle); myMat[4] = -sin(aAngle); myMat[5] = cos(aAngle); }
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