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  1. Anthony Serrano

    Action combat without accurate, visceral animations?

    I think a good place to start would be defining exactly what you mean by "accurate, visceral animations".
  2. Anthony Serrano

    Have you ever had your game idea stolen?

    Here's the fundamental flaw in your scenario: you're assuming that the "big, rich developer" actually highly values innovation. In reality, they are going to be conservative and risk-averse, because the simple fact of the matter is that you cannot predict the public's taste, and the market does not reward innovation in general - especially not the market space that large developers operate in. That developer is not going to risk a sizeable sum of money on an unproven idea, and if they want to look for ideas to copy, their going to be looking at their direct competitors, not some ragtag gang of indie devs. If your idea is even of value to them, they'll let your own game function as proof of concept rather than risk their own money. Your idea is far, far more likely to be "stolen" after you ship and attain some modicum of success, not before. Also, how many indie devs really have to exhaust themselves racking their brains for game ideas? I personally have more ideas than I can possibly hope to make in my lifetime, and most other devs I know also generate ideas faster than they can complete them, so...
  3. Anthony Serrano

    Where to start on concept and design advice.

    Probably the best way to do this is, when a projectile collides with an object, cast a ray from the collision point to each light source - if the ray intersects a character, they've been hit. If you have AI characters, just run this logic in reverse for targeting - cast a ray from a light source through the intended target, and where that ray lands is where they aim.
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