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  1. Coding vs Level Design

    Buy Skyrim or Fallout 4. The Creation Kit is freely available and usable to anyone who owns either game. Similarly, buy any game that uses it. The Source Engine's SDK is freely available, but to run any mods you'll need a Source Engine game to be modding, as far as I recall.
  2. Code like (double*)&gMouseX isn't converting the value of gMouseX from an integer (which I'm assuming it is) to a double. It's converting the address of an integer to an address of a double. The code you give that address to assumes the address points to a double, and treats it as such. However, the bit patterns of the number "43" as a double are very different from the bitpatterns of the number "43" as an integer. Thus you are likely to get bogus results when you try to interpret them the way you're doing. 43, as an integer, has a 64-bit bitpattern of 00101011 (higher bits are all zero). 43.0, a double, has a 64-bit bitpattern of 01000000 01000101 10000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000. The bitpattern 00101011 as a double is 2.12448227711736013995924580933E-322. (these values based on some random double bit calculator I found on the internet; accuracy not guaranteed, but the point is that they are very different representations) In order for this technique of yours to work you're going to need to add support for each actual type of variable you're going to support (not just conceptual types like "number" and "string").
  3. Coding vs Level Design

    Wrong. It certainly can be a boon, but it's definitely not true that "everybody" in the industry needs to know anything about how to write code. Which means... As much as you are interested in investing.
  4. Going back and reformatting everything afterwards is not really a useful learning experience at all. It's reinforcing poor behavior (the idea that you'll "clean it up later," which is often impractical in the real world), and not teaching you how to have the mental discipline to either (a) be consistent in your code hygiene practices as you develop or (b) develop the tolerance for reading and navigating code that is not formatted in your current personal style of the month. And it's mostly pointless, as others have noted: we have programs to do this for us, by choosing to manually reformat your code you're just wasting precious time. Further, to your point about cleaning it up for eventual display in a portfolio... as employers who review code portfolios, we can usually tell that a piece of code has been overly sanitized. We want to see real code that is reflective of how you really work. Seeing that code in the state you will naturally write it is far more useful to us than seeing something you've taken and artificially cleaned up to fix every last minor style nit and document every last function extensively. I would recommend you not do this in the future.
  5. You need to make sure you use the correct path to the file. If you're just creating a regular, console-type application, the .tga is probably not being copied to the output directory of the executable. If you're creating an OS X bundle, you probably want to ensure the .tga is packaged into the bundle and that you use a path to where the file ends up in the Resources subdirectory of the bundle.
  6. "var" in C# is not a "dynamically allocated type." "var" performs type deduction at compile time, resulting in a static type based on the expression used to initialize the variable. You might have been thinking of "dynamic?"
  7. Really?

    Do not create new threads to continue old threads that were closed.
  8. R&D is a thing?

    Dedicated R&D positions in the games industry are comparatively rare. You'll likely only see them at very, very large studios, if at all. Most development positions will involve some varying amount of R&D (usually during the early phases of a project) into varying subject matter. Most of the time, you'll see positions related to graphics and AI doing the most of it. Often this "R&D" won't be so much developing entirely new methods of accomplishing things (although sometimes it does), but researching how to adapt other people's entirely new methods of accomplishing things to the project at hand.
  9. Presumably in case of accidental clicks (I personally like it).
  10. It's certainly theoretically possible; as the owner of the intellectual property you can more or less craft whatever license terms you want to licensees. Whether it's practically viable is hard to say, as it seems predicated heavily on the NEC actually wanting this, which they might not, in which case it doesn't matter.
  11. The SkimWords affiliate integration is really, really aggressive about turning the word "target" into a link to the website of the Target retailer. I'm seeing the link nearly every time somebody uses the word in a thread (which is often, since it's a common word to use in the context of game development). It's never relevant (edit: except for in this thread where it successfully preferred to link my second, capitalized mention instead of my first non-capitalized mention like it normally does). Is it possible for us to tone down or blacklist that particular link?
  12. Help with Missile Command

    That is correct; we do not support the notion of "closing posts" because things are "solved" since this is a discussion forum. We only close posts for moderation reasons (e.g., somebody has been bad). There's a note about this in the forum's readme.
  13. Abusing -1 rep

    I don't think it would be stupid, although it would certainly be a lot of work that nobody would fault you for not wanting to bother with. Most arguments pro or contra various reputation systems tend to be based only on the gut feeling of the one person making the argument. Presenting concrete data with that argument makes a stronger case the people who are listening.
  14. Abusing -1 rep

    I don't think that's fair to say. The particular behavior that occurred in this scenario involved a user systematically and maliciously seeking out every post by another user and downvoting it regardless of context. This is not only (a) not new behavior (it happened on the old version of the site) but also (b) not very common. It's very much an outlying data point and I don't think it says anything concretely one way or another about how real people vote for real. What data do you have to verify this? Nothing about the ability to mechanically vote on posts changed except for the layout (the button is in a different, arguably less-visible spot) and the effect (it doesn't contribute to the same point system as other activity does). Before, you could hit an up or down vote button and increase or decrease the reputation of a user accordingly. Now, you can hit an up or down vote button and increase or decrease the reputation of a user accordingly. I don't see how that's any different. I'm not saying you're not incidentally correct, but I'm having a hard time believing you have sufficient data to actually back that assertion up. I went and found the thread in question (at least the search worked way better than it used to, so that's something). This thread is in the lounge, where historically you could not vote. I suspect that may be why you didn't see many votes on it. A cursory glance through other threads in the lounge recently shows fewer votes than I usually expect to see overall, although that's certainly not enough data to make any real solid claim. I do agree that the specific post in question wasn't useful, and it's been hidden. If people saw it as COOL wouldn't they have upvoted it? It was at 0 votes when I hide it. You do have a good point re: the hover tooltips. They appear to have vanished in the upgrade, potentially reducing guidance about what those up and down arrows mean. Restoring those may be worth looking in to. My understanding is that the idea was to focus on the votes as a measure of the specific content, not the user and adopting a different score system ("pixels") for other user-aggregate activity. I think it's still too early to see how well that will work, given parts of that goal are still missing and we're still seeing people readjusting to the new normal. I'm still in the "this whole reputation thing is a distraction anyway" camp.
  15. Please don't just link some other post. Include the actual problem you're having here, as well. If somebody has to go read some other forum thread to find out what the problem is, that decreases their likelihood of bothering to try to help you. It also means if the URL changes or the other site goes down, this thread is useless.