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  1. Sshado

    Rogue Fighter

    I have recreated my Star Wars game using the Phaser Game Engine. I thought it turned out pretty good, it uses Firebase to keep track of the high scores. After 500 points the play changes a little bit, I will eventually add more elements to keep making it harder. For now, the only real challenge is getting the high score... You can play it at http://www.weizguy.net/rogue/play.html . Typical arrow or W A S D keys with space bar to shoot or mouse click to shoot
  2. I also recommend Phaser if you want to work with Javascript. You could also look at GameQuery, it is based on jQuery and is easy too. Phaser has a lot of tutorials and resources.   Phaser.io   gameQuery
  3. Sshado


    True :)   I just learned that all I had to do was set the "kill enemy offscreen" to true to fix the problem.   I am beginning to think this game engine is just too easy to work with...
  4. Sshado

    I am back and have a working game

    I guess I failed to mention that this is just a project for class with no intention of releasing it.
  5. Sshado


    For our 1942 / Star Wars game, this is where we currently are... Following prototypes are complete Game scrolls vertically Player moves in four directions Player fires missile Enemy moves on board Player and enemy collide and explode Player can shoot enemy and it blows up Missile makes firing sound Explosion make explosion sound [s]Current issue is that I have 50 enemies randomly showing up, but after all 50 have cycled through, the game stops. My random timer doesn't seem to be working yet.[/s] I realized that the timer is actually working, what is happening is that it is recycling the enemies, since I hadn't killed any, it would stop at 50, but as long as I am killing the enemies, they will keep coming.
  6. It has been a long time, but I am back and have almost finished a game. I am currently in a coding boot camp and in the midst of researching game engines, I ended up almost finishing a game by myself. Our team decided we were going to create a game like the classic arcade game 1942: We decided to convert it to a Star Wars theme. The language we are using is Javascript, so I started a search for game engines using it. I came across GameQuery and decided to see how far I could get over the weekend. I ended up making a side shooter based on Star Wars. It is just an Xwing fighting against Tie Fighters and advanced Tie Fighters. Randomly, a Star Destroyer will appear and takes more damage to kill. I through in Boba Fett's ship to rarely fly by quickly shooting really fast. I also incorporated a High Score using Firebase where it will always keep track of High Score in real time. As of right now, all of the sprites are just one pic as I am still working on how to do the animations correctly. Speaking of animations, the enemy explosions are not quite working correctly. Also, the Star Destroyer is really easy to kill and I have only really tested the game on my computer. Anyway, it was only worked on over this last weekend and still has work to be done, but I am focusing on our actual project right now. BTW, we ended up not going with GameQuery and our current game will be made with the Phaser game engine. If you would like to look at the game, I have it playable at http://www.sshado.com/swGame/ ... to start the actual game play, just hit the rebellion shield at the top of the screen. Please wait for some of the scroll to appear before hitting the shield and only hit the shield once, otherwise the music will 'double up' - just one of the bugs to figure out... Here is a screen shot of the start screen and one of the game play:
  7. As awesome as it would be to land a dream job without having to go through the formalities of College, a degree is important to show that you have learning skills. A huge plus for having a degree is to "future proof" yourself. If things go bad and you lose your dream job, at least you will be able to fall back into a regular (possibly higher paying) programming job that requires a degree.
  8. My wife and I are relocating from MN to the Bay Area in California. I will be working in Fremont and am looking for a place to rent within a reasonable distance for less than $1,700 per month. We would prefer a house. The main problem we are having with finding a place is that we have 3 small dogs (Pomeranians) and 2 cats (Ragdolls). It is extremely hard to find places that allow more than two pets. We are heading out there the first week of August. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Sshado

    E3 2011

    Hi, I am planning on going to E3 for the first time and was wondering if anyone who has gone could answer a couple questions: 1. Should I plan on going all three days or is one day enough? a. If one day is enough, is there a better day to go? 2. Do they give any free stuff away? 3. Is it fun?
  10. Sshado

    New plan

    I am giving up on the Triple Booting and Mac altogether (for now). One of the only reasons I was trying to triple boot was to get a Hackintosh working so that I could create iPhone Apps. Then I was going to buy a Mac to do it, but don't really feel like spending the money. I only wanted to make some apps because I thought it would be fun and fairly easy. Then it hit me... I have EVERYTHING I need to make xBox 360 games (well try at least). Why haven't I been focusing on that? Well, it is time...
  11. Sshado

    Triple Monitor KVM?

    My plan was to use the DVI, mini DVI, and a USB - DVI adaptor for the third. But I have scratched the idea for now as I am not going to buy a Mac yet.
  12. Sshado


    I like Windows 7 so far, but haven't used it too much yet (busy messing with getting Snow Leopard installed). As far as changing the layout, just create a stylesheet and upload it into your webspace. Then add the stylesheet to the HEAD section of your Journal layout. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="LOCATION HERE"/>
  13. Sshado

    Triple Monitor KVM?

    Later today, I will attempt to re-install Snow Leopard with a new bootloader. If I can not get it to Triple Boot, I will be buying a Mac Mini. I currently have a Triple Monitor setup with my PC. Is there any KVM switch that would allow a Triple Monitor setup with both the Mac Mini and a PC? Or does anyone know of a solution. I haven't found a Multi Monitor KVM yet, I wonder if I could buy a few, take them apart and build a custom one???
  14. Sshado


    I had Ubuntu 9.10, Windows 7, and Snow Leopard working on my system. I couldn't get the Grub2 Bootloader to show Snow Leopard. I changed a couple of files and fucked everything up. I reinstalled everything, but was still getting a Grub error (couldn't find HD), so I zeroed out all of my HD's (took over 10 hours), and re-installed Windows 7. As I was zeroing out one of my drives, I received and error. I called Western Digital, and they are going to replace the drive (again). Once I receive that drive, I will attempt Triple Booting again...
  15. Sshado

    Two down - One to go

    I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu Successfully so far. Now to tackle Snow Leopard tonight...
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