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  1. Generate a tile based map? Everything you need.
  2. XNA alpha sprites

    It means your post was moved to the DirectX forum. This workshop is focused on learning C# and XNA is not really a part of what's here. So it was moved to a more appropriate home, where you should get an answer. As an aside, I would advise learning C# first and after you're somewhat comfortable with it, then move on to add XNA to your skills. It's really no different than the thousands of times people have been advised to learn C++ before they dive into OpenGL or DirectX. Even though C# is (relatively) easier and XNA is easier than DirectX to use, you will still find yourself in over your head very quickly.
  3. XNA 3D engine Not a recommendation, as I've never used it, but I think this might be what you were thinking of.
  4. Also check out Dungeon Craft, an open source project recreating the Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures games. Part of the project is an editor that you may find useful. And if you're really set on it, there is a book, Windows 95 Game SDK STrategy Guide by Clayton Walnum, which goes into nice detail on how to do this. You could probably understand it better than I do, at the moment, and could probably pick it up cheaply. Its on my list of "someday" but I haven't gotten that far yet.