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    Final Hours of Half Life 2

    Quote:Original post by Estese Sounds to me like Gabe Newell was a pretty terrible manager. It seems like he basically said: "ok guys, for HL2 I just want you to experiment with cool new technology and make some really neat stuff. I'll check back in on you guys in 2 or 3 years, once you have a sweet demo to show me." And then once they showed the demo to him, his reaction: "Guys, this sucks! Jeez...you leave people alone without proper management and direction for a few years, and they can't even come up with an impressive demo! Scrap everything! We're doing this again from scratch!". Well, it may be a really bad way to manage, but it succeded the first time, and it looks like it is going to succed the next time from all the various reviews and things out now. Probably the good management is in the "scrap everything" part. It takes some balls to admit that something you have worked on for a long time actualy sucks and then get rid of it. Anyway, they didnt scrap everything, they just had a redesign and a relook on what exactly was going to be important. They would have kept a lot of the code base I am cirtain.
  2. Negitivefrags

    World of Warcraft and the painfully long download.

    Bah. Just Bah. THe fastest internet you could even get in this country till very recently was 256KBit. Now you can get 2MBit but you are only allowed to get 10GB of data in a *month* on it. Thats right. You can use all your bandwidth for a month in 11 hours. Even on 256K you are allowed a maximum of 40 Gig and guess what, we have to pay more for this substandard service then you have to pay for your decent connections. Only 79 KB per second. Jeez. </rant> Okay, I am done.
  3. Negitivefrags

    Halo 2 - The Topic

    I finished halo 2 today and have developed a few feelings on it. First of all, it is a good game. Now I am not saying its the best game ever or anything, but to be fair, it is good. We will start with the graphics which are generaly well done, and maintain a good frame rate. Compared to PC graphics they are of course not as good, but for a console they are top notch. I noted that the normal maps seem to sort of cut in on the models, and its quite noticeable at times. On the other hand, the graphics of the in engine cut scenes are done extremly well, and appear much more detailed then the actual game play. The sound is generaly done well, the majority of voice acting is done well, and the voices of the soldiers are not annoying and they tend not to repeat themselves, while reamaining largly unscripted, which is very good. As for the sound effects themselves, they are also impressivly rich and detailed. Also, the music should be mentioned becuase it does a very nice job of setting the scene, and baring a few out of place tracks, tends to cut in at just the right moment to generate feelings of suspense or action. The story however, while interesting, is rather hard to follow at times. The ending is very dissapointing becuase just as you reach the climax thinking that you are about to enter the final level, suddenly the game ends. THe game trys to itterate between two different heros of the story, but this ultimatly makes the story more confusing, as you try to keep track of two very different situations, that do not really seem to have much to do with each other. It seems almost as if one side of the story could happen without the other side of it, adding more confusion to the plot. As for the levels, they are a large improvment over the orgional game, but they still seem boring and repetitive compared to most PC offerings. Things that seem awing at first sight, are not so impressive the second, or thrid time you see them. There are still large amounts of boring coridors to roam around, but little is done to differentiate them from each other. Which leads me onto the next point about levels, and that is that its very easy to get lost. Its hard to get a good sense of spacial awareness, and its very easy to get lost. Many a time you will find youself stuggling to find a new entrance, or after a fight, wondering which side of the room it was you came in on. Not enough effort is made to distingush doors that can be walked through and doors that can not. Another issue is the scripting bugs that sometimes come up. Three times through the game the scripting engine failed leaving nothing else to do but releod from the last checkpoint and hoping it doesnt fail next time, but often after looking around for fifteen minutes looking for the entrance that you think you must have missed. Not enough effort is put into making sure you know exactly what you are trying to do. From a gameplay perspective, the game is fun most of the time. The enemys that you fight are interesting, and the AI is reasonable. Most of the time your foes will be fun to dispatch. My main issue with them however, is the side of the flood. They are simply annoying to have to fight. In the origional, the flood where shown to be a parisitic race that took over human and covanant bodys, and where thus stupid most of the time. In halo 2 you will see the flood with sheilds, every weapon, and even driving covanant and human vehicles. The flood gains the stengths of all 3 sides of the conflict in this game, which tends to degrade from the fun rather then increase it. The weapons are also a mixed blessing. Human weapons are simply more fun to use, and more powerful. Through most of the game, you will dread having to use alien weapons as they just dont have the feel of what the human side has. Also, you probably spend more time without human weapons then with them, which is not really playing the strengths of hte weapons the game has. Vehicles are also included with a greater frequency then in the origional. There are many maps with loads of vehilces all over the place to use. However, once again this suffers from the lack of human vehicles on offer. Human vehicles are just more fun to use and you will find yourself driving alien ones more often then not. Okay, there is way more to tell about this game then I have told you, but I have spent way to much time writing this already. I might add more later. oh, and I would give this game about 7 out of 10.
  4. Negitivefrags

    Which Bit Torrent Client is the best.

    Quote:Original post by Hedos Does anyone know a bit torrent client which will let you automatically stop uploading when your downloading is done? You shouldnt do that, its bad for the network. You are surposed to upload what you download. However it is possible to do this to an extent in azurius. Play with the things under Queue -> Seeding -> Ignore Rules in the options. I will leave it up to you to figure out the exact best settings.
  5. Negitivefrags

    Every time you *fap* God kills a kitten

    domo kun I think it is
  6. Negitivefrags

    Another attempt at "ROCKING OUT"

    Or you could download the OGG direct show codec so that it works in media player. Do that, but then get winamp anyway becuase you should be using it for audio.
  7. Negitivefrags

    Just bought two awsome PC games for cheap.

    Quote:Original post by JimboCI don't know anyone who's completed the game without cheating through at least a couple of levels. Pah, It wasnt that hard. I didnt cheat during that game at all. And I know at least 5 other people who went through it who didnt cheat either.
  8. Okay, I thought this might be an interesting idea for a thread. It might be interesting to know how restrictive on the various issues each country is. If you can think of any other catagorys then say them. In your country what age can you: Smoke Drink Gamble Vote Have Sex Join the Military Drive Try not to post your country if it has been posted before. I live in NZ. For this country its: Smoke:18 Drink:18 to buy, but you can drink at any age at home if your parent or guardian gives you some I think. Gamble:21 Vote:18 Have Sex:16 Join the Military:18 Drive: 16 But you get a learners licence with restrictions for 18 months [Edited by - Negitivefrags on September 14, 2004 6:31:35 AM]
  9. Negitivefrags

    OFFICIAL Doom3 Appreciation(or Bitter Disappointment) Thread!

    Quote:Original post by Run_The_ShadowsI picked up the Doom Collector's Edition disc the other day, loaded them all into Doomsday, and played Doom, Doom II, and then got to Final Doom. The game MUST have been created with the mindset that all Doom players immediately cheat to give themselves full armor, health, weapons and ammo as soon as a level loads. There's no other logical explanation. Why do you say that? I have completed it on ultra violence which has stupid amounts of mosters as has my father. Both of us without cheats. You just need to conserve ammo, use the right weapon for the right job, and make sure you go back at the end of the level to stock up on ammo with all the things you missed during the level. Its not that hard man. Anyway, if my dad can do it then you should be able to :P
  10. I would just like to point out that they droped Win FS from longhorn quite a while ago.....
  11. Ah, Keyboard Hooks sound like what I am after. Thank you very much.
  12. I was wondering if there was any way to get keyboard events when your window is not in focus. I have a window that is hidden and I want it to pop up when a spacific key is pressed so that you can use it. Is there any easy way to do this with just the Win32 API? I was thinking that as a last resort I could use DirectInput in its background mode, but that seems unnessary for such a trivial thing.
  13. Negitivefrags

    Where did virtual reality go?

    I always thought that the best way to do VR would be inside a sphere that rotates as you walk. The inside of the shere would be a layer of something transparent with LCD crystals behind it which shows you the view. The sphere can just stop rotating when you get near a wall in the game which prevents you from going through it. If you wanted to play a gun game then you would just need to make some sort of gun and use a similar interface to the arcade shooting games by using a simple laser in the gun that the screen can detect. The actual orentation of the player for the other people in teh world is easy to do. Looking at things like the PS eye toy shows that that sort of thing is possible. I dont really see any problems with that setup.
  14. Negitivefrags

    New Zealand - Thoughts on Immigration

    Well personaly I like New Zealand as a country. I mean its definatly got it good if you want to move somewhere out of the way while still having all the benifits of the western world, and its nice and green, lots of trees and things (though in some parts of auckland its just as a suburban crawl as any other city). Some things you might want to think about: 1) Internet: We only get a max of 256K of speed. This should change soon (I really really really hope) but for now thats it. (Actualy there are a couple of higher speed options in citain areas and things like that but as a rule thats it) 2) Job Market: Well I dont really know a lot about this to be honest as I am still in university and dont really have any experiance looking for a *real* job, but I belive that unemployment is down at the moment. 3) Mass Transport: Is shit. You will need a car. We also have major problems in auckland with traffic during peak times. Nothing the regeonal council does seems to help. Auckland being so spread out makes tranport issues a real bitch. 4) Other Cultures: Auckland is a major melting pot of other cultures. If your racist in any way towards asians espesialy dont even *think* about coming. Cant think of any more for now. I might add more later.
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