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  1. Coaster Kev

    Anyone wanna trade?

    I'd be interested in a Joost invite to if it's not too much trouble. 1kevgriff at gmail dot com Appreciate it!
  2. Wow this has been a busy semester. I've finally starting to come to a point where I am able to chill out a little bit. I've been taking 6 classes this semester, and I have a list *THIS BIG* of stuff to get done. Only 3 more weeks, and the semester is over. In a way to motivate myself, I've decided that once all this work is done I'm going to build myself a new PC. That's my reward for working so hard. Basically, I've been building up my bank account and it's time to drop it on something useful. Basically, I'm going with a sweet little dual core and SLI setup. Pretty much an AMD64 X2 4400+ and dual 7800's. Money isn't too much of a factor here, but i'm keeping things within reason. The 4400+ runs about $500 on Newegg, and I'm still looking at what kind of 7800 I want to get. It'll be sweet though, trust me.
  3. Coaster Kev

    SQL burns

    I just finished my first program that used Embedded SQL for my DB class. It's a pretty neat skill to learn, because you never know when you'll have to use it. I'm totally burned out with database work right now, and I have another month before I can take a break from it. If you ever have to take a database course, do yourself a favor and learn as much as possible before taking the course. This is way to much information to be jammed into a few months. The class ends here in a few weeks, but I think after a small break I might play around with SQL a little more. Right now, it's been preventing me from working on my game, so I'm a little sour towards it. Now I have a 10 page term paper to work on, so I won't be working on my game at all for the next week. IS IT DECEMBER YET?!
  4. Coaster Kev

    An open letter to Best Buy

    A few months ago I was considering running my own private tech repair business, and one of the options I wanted to offer was spyware removal. Why? Because I could make an easy $50 just to load free software on a person's computer and run a scan. Ignorant people will pay money for services like these, and there is a good possiblity for repeat business because they don't know better.
  5. This has been a rough two weeks. I'm in middle of my mid semester cram: tons of assignments from all my classes. I've been dying to work on Lucid some, but it just isn't to be until these course loads go away. I'm still chugging through the design for Lucid, and it's turning into a large project. I can't stress how important it is to design before you start coding. I hate to see where I'd be this time next year. BTW, I celebrated my 22nd birthday last Wednesday (the 19th). Happy Birthday to Me!
  6. Coaster Kev

    Woot! I passed!

    I passed my Microsoft 70-290 exam today, first time. This means that I am now certified to manage and administer any networks running Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Now its time to start studying for my 70-291, which is supposed to be a little bit easier. Anyway, PIE for everybody!
  7. Coaster Kev

    Meaningful post

    I was going to post something meaningful, but I'm too tired.
  8. Coaster Kev


    I know how much you all like screenshots: ----------------------------------------------------- | Lucid | ----------------------------------------------------- | | | -XXX- Introduction | | -XXX- Start New Game | | -XXX- Load Previous Game | | -XXX- Game Options | | -XXX- Quit Game | |---------------------------------------------------| That's just the beginning folks.
  9. Coaster Kev

    MCSE Exam #2

    Next Tuesday I'm signed up to take the Microsoft 70-290 exam, which is "Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment". My boss is paying for me to take these tests, and I really enjoy the aspects of one day being a Systems Engineer. This will be my second MCSE test. I need to pass 7 tests to become a full fledge Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Hopefully, I'll be all done around March or April next year. We'll have to see how things go. Therefore, I am dedicating the next few days to studying for the test. I'd like to pass it the first time. All of my coworkers have failed it at least once, which scares me a bit. I'm staying positive thought. The material isn't hard, and I'm confident I'll pass the first time.
  10. Coaster Kev

    A clean desk is a happy desk.

    I also have to turn my TV off. Radio or mp3's are fine, because you can't turn around to watch it. I'll be ready to start here in a few hours.
  11. I just finished cleaning off my desk. Now I have a drawer or two that I need to clean out. Next, I will straighten up my room to a point where I can concentrate on something other than the mess. This is my usual routine before I start a new project. I work better in a clean environment. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day.
  12. Coaster Kev

    Another one bites the dust

    Ahhh! No biggie. I think I'll name it Lucid: Not the same as Rob Loach's Lucid. The title Lucid is based on the concept of Lucid dreaming, when plays a role in the game. I'll give you a few bucks if I ever make any money from the game. Think of it as a pre-settlement so you don't sue me.
  13. Coaster Kev

    Another one bites the dust

    Dude, you gotta try this s**t!
  14. Well, I had an alternative motive for getting a GDNET subscription. Fact is that I need something to discuss my new project. I'm temporarily calling the project Lucid. My journal will outline my process for designing, programming, testing, and marketing. Truth is that I've been inspired by EDI and the Mornings Wrath team. If you haven't played the demo yet, do it. However, one thing a beginning programmer has to expect is that you will begin several projects, and if you're lucky one might make it. I've done started tons of projects, but I've always lost interest in them. No particular reason. One day I code and the next day I don't (and the next day, and the next, so on). At school, I've taken a few classes on project management, and the information from those classes is invaluable. I plan to apply the information from those classes to this project. I highly recommend some type of project managment primer to those wanting to work on a project. I'm excited about this new project. I'm enlisting the help of two long time computer science friends. Between the three of us, we should have all bases covered. Right now, we're in the middle of game design. I came into the project with an initial idea, and now I have to take that and expand it. Lucid will one day see the light of day. I'll need feedback from you all to help guide me down the path. Have a great day everyone.
  15. Coaster Kev

    Programming Evolution

    That's an unfair justification. Anyone can learn something new, but there is a process for it. Saying "They're not smart/educated enough" is just being mean. However, I would probably use the word impatient or lazy as a substitution. Some people choose to learn the hard way, but they're not stupid. I took the path I felt was right for me, and I'm going to detail those experiences later on. If newbies read my journal, and I hope they do, they'll probably get a few bits of useful information out it.
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