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  1. TravelingCoder

    Does anybody knows something about APC's testicles?

    He hasn't posted in a while...
  2. TravelingCoder

    Shows you grew up with

    Double Dragon Captain NProduct Placement Huzzahh!!! Earthworm JimHe's in video game character heaven now. FrankenWeenieNot a show, but a mini-movie I saw a couple times. I had no idea Tim Burton did it though!
  3. TravelingCoder

    Shows you grew up with

    I watched just about everything on Nickelodeon and the following other shows. Mighty Max-- Great, nearly forgotten show. It was pretty weird in the last episode when they reversed time, causing the show to go in an infinite loop. Bucky O HareI was OBSESSED with this show as kid, but I remember practically nothing about it now. Highlander It was a cool show DragonBallI was one of the few who watched the "Lost Dub" on Fox Kids. Then, years later, when Dragonball Z was popular, NOBODY believed me about this show. Sailor Moon My Dad used to tease me about watching it, but he watches crap like What Not to Wear and Celtic Woman. That's a 100x gayer than Sailor Moon. Power Rangers and every rip off of it. Hey, when you're elementary school, its the coolest show in the world. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Loved it when I was a kid, but in retrospect, it was kind of stupid. Pink Panther I was obsessed with the old Pink Panther shorts. I even liked the one where he talked. I remember how Son of the Pink Panther trailers would confuse the hell out of me.
  4. TravelingCoder

    Unaired pilot: AquaMan

    Quote:Original post by aidan_walsh Quote:Smallville - which is also a terrible show Out of curiosity, when did your opinion change? I seem to recall you having only good things to say about it in the past. Well, you can still like a show, but acknowledge that it is flawed or really not that well put together.
  5. TravelingCoder

    Unaired pilot: AquaMan

    Well, it was supposed to take place in a different continuity than Smallville, which kind of ruins the fun of crossovers. On the Kryptonsite fanboard, the show's development was followed carefully, until they pulled the plug for unknown reasons. For a while, the CW had a trailer and a webpage for the show on its website. I forget if it was officially posted or just something someone found on their server.
  6. TravelingCoder

    Do you believe in god?

    Why does God send to Heaven/Hell anyway? What does it accomplish? It doesn't preserve order on Earth because many people are unaware of its existence or its nature. It doesn't reform people because its forever. Is it just to satisfy God's emotional needs? Like I said before, I think if there was a God who had rules for everyone, he would reveal them to everyone, or at least use better messengers. If he wants people to have faith, that's fine, but he shouldn't be so harsh. If we can't help but sin, he should also be a bit less harsh about it. This whole "seek God and you will find him" isn't true in my expierance as people "find" different gods.
  7. TravelingCoder

    MPAA to consider smoking in movies

    Link I think this is stupid. Smoking adds a nice dramatic effect to many scenes in my opinion and the idea of smoking contributing to an "R" rating is absurd. Teenagers just don't have this child-like innocent view of the world. They are aware of smoking and movies aren't going to have a huge effect on thier smoking or non-smoking habits. They're probably more likely to smoke as a form of rebellion rather than because a movie depicts it. Those radicals who want all movies with smoking to recieve an "R" are compromising the whole point of the rating system just for their own political beliefs in my opinion. What are your thoughts?
  8. TravelingCoder

    Do you believe in god?

    Quote:Original post by n8hanson Quote:Original post by twix "Wow, God, you sure are awesome and powerful and great! And I appreciate and love you so much more because I have to take your very existence on faith! Why, if it were totally obvious that you exist, my rational mind wouldn't have the choice of believing you didn't exist... and so my love would be cheap and worthless!" Does this really make sense to you? To put the question in simple terms, what value does the freedom to believe in something's existence (or not) have? Is God taking away our free will to disbelieve in birds and trees by making it obvious that they exist? Should we be upset about this? I have to answer, yes, it does make sense to me. You cannot choose God if he is present. When God is present, you have no choice but to submit to his will and authority. This life gives you the true freedom to choose yourself and your will over God's. If you really want God, you'll start seeking after him. This will result in a necessary change in you and a growing trust relationship with God. That's what he wants, and I think this is the only way to allow that to happen. And, of course, birds don't factor in to your relationship with God so it doesn't matter if you believe in them or not. Hint: They are real. <-- Joke. Please laugh. I could understand God wanting people to have faith in him, but I just don't see how he can be so harsh with people for not believing the right thing, if he remains so hidden. I really don't see how Hell really benefits anyone. Another thing is that people who start seeking God find themselves in different religions which can't all be true. Getting in the correct relationship with the correct God does require luck, assuming a personal God does exist. Additionally, the whole faith thing does see kind of like an excuse that could be used by any religion with a deity. One final note, if God existed, you would still need faith in him because he could have just made all the religious stuff up. The concept of God revealing himself to humanity, but not being serious, is a concept you don't see discussed much.
  9. TravelingCoder

    evolutionism and the bible.

    Most people who are opposed to evolution don't seem to know much about it. They usually just read some pamplet or something and think they're experts. The way in which Creationist websites feed off people's lack of scientific knowledge makes me doubt there credibilty. If there was a God who had an interest in us, I would imagine that he would reveal himself to everyone, as prophets are a fairly inefficient way of getting a message across. Thus, I don't find ancient holy texts like the Bible as much proof of anything. I do think evolution could be compatible with the Bible though.
  10. TravelingCoder

    Spiderman 3 ***SPOILERS***

    Overall, I enjoyed it, but the story was all over the place. There was just a little too much going on. I thought that the meteor just happening to fall near Peter and MJ was stupid. I'd give it about a 7.5 out of 10.
  11. TravelingCoder

    I write lyrics, you make music

    Quote:Original post by meow_altavista Indeed, people here somehow thinks lyrics is just an idea? and the song is the implementation? dunno how they'd come up with that... It's not quite like that, but the tones are what drive a song. A good musician doesn't really need a lyricist. A lyricist, no matter how skilled, needs a musician. A great composer can capture a mood or scene without using words. It's the rhythm that makes songs good. When you first hear a song, you can't remember all the words, its the rhythm that you remember and its the rhythm that sticks in your head. Most lyrics to modern songs are pretty stupid if you really listen to them.
  12. TravelingCoder

    Interesting Windows XP bug

    Quote:Original post by mntlinstituteflr I think that's because the file dialog is programmed to ignore all "typos" after the extension. But it only works with periods. Other "typos" after the extension don't work.
  13. TravelingCoder

    Interesting Windows XP bug

    1.Open up Microsoft Word 2.Go to Open 3.Type a complete, valid file name with extension(".doc") 4.Add a bunch of dots after the file extension. 5.Windows will ignore the extra periods and load the file normally. This works with other programs, including ones that me and my friends wrote. Any ideas why?
  14. TravelingCoder

    getting weird songs stuck in your head

    Sonic the Hedgehog theme Sonic Underground Particle Man Istanbul
  15. TravelingCoder

    getting weird songs stuck in your head

    I got the Adventures of Pete and Pete theme stuck in my head. Hey smilin' Strange You looked happily deranged Can you settle to shoot me?* Or have you picked your target yet? [refrain] Hey Sandy (ay ay ay) Hey Sandy Don't you talk ba-a-a-a-ck Hey Sandy Five feet away End of speeches and end of the day We was only funnin' But guiltily I thought you had it comin' Hey Sandy *Third lyric is heavily garbled. That's only a theory as to what it is.
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