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  1. mhamlin

    7 ships

    I really like the style of the transport ships.
  2. mhamlin

    Deadline: End of June

    Reminds me a little of 8t88 from Dark Forces 2. Good looking robot!
  3. mhamlin

    The Internet is Confusing

    Heya. Firstly, I enjoy reading your journal! Keep it up. Secondly, I've also wrestled with the choice of web host. I finally ended on NearlyFreeSpeech, which I find is a very fair hosting service. I've had no problems with them--plus, registering my domain via them was quite cheap, indeed.
  4. mhamlin

    Gas giants part II

    Quote:Original post by tamat "you probably won't be able to go deeper in a spaceship anyway:" why not? I find interesting to fight in a blind environment. A spacecraft would likely be crushed at such a depth. Great work, as always, by the way!
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