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  1. soconne

    Respawn Bunker WIP, Part #2 (Lighting)

    Uh oh.....is that alpha blending on unsorted geometry I see ;p
  2. soconne

    Crepuscular rays #2, New sky rendering, GPU Grass

    dgreen, the first second I see you having job openings on your website, I'm applying!! http://www.freeworld3d.org
  3. soconne

    The Bridge [ WIP ].

    Sooo........when is the next big news coming that you talked about?
  4. soconne

    Executing an array as code

    ROFL......that's awesome.
  5. soconne

    IBL: Incredibly Bad Luck (tm)

    Dear GOD MAN! I almost had a heart attack after reading your story. You can't bring that drives that are broken to a professional data recovery company and see if they can recover it all? I've seen some pretty amazing recoveries in the past, so they might be able to do the same with yours.
  6. soconne

    Terrain texturing

    I agree.
  7. soconne

    Video - AK47/ Unlimited ammo...weeee

    I may be wrong about this, but when you moved the character under the bridge it didn't look like the shadow was cast onto him. Am I wrong? When looking at his back after he went under the bridge, it looked as though light was hitting him when it should not have been.
  8. soconne

    March 24, 2008 - Urban Empires Update + Screens

    Well I know Grand Theft Auto IV doesn't seem to put a whole lot of expensive shader effects into the graphics, most of the screenshots look like 2 year old graphics effects....but it still looks perfectly fine. I guess it depends on what type of feel you want the game to have, I've always liked the GTA series because it felt 60% realistic but 40% arcade, and to me, the somewhat less realistic graphics contributed to the arcade feel. Anyway, just my two cents.
  9. soconne

    March 24, 2008 - Urban Empires Update + Screens

    dgreen02 I envy you so much......you have the perfect setup. I would never leave my room if I had what you had. All you need now is to convert your computer chair to a toilet seat / refrigerator / microwave and you'll be set. Also, it doesn't appear that there is any sort of uniform lighting model in your screenshots. The character models are glowing too much with respect to the rest of the scene. Buildings and roads seems very neutral and dim, but characters are glowing and even the cars have reflections that don't necessarily seem like they should be there. Am I wrong?
  10. soconne

    Some New Artwork....

    I am officially filing a lawsuit against Radioactive Software today for actively advertising a game with euphoric graphically enhanced screenshots yet not allowing me to play the game yet. This is unconstitutional and I will not stand for it!
  11. soconne

    I am so incredibly busy.

    How much do you charge for sites like that? I've been looking to redesign my site for a while now, but you'd do a much better job than me.
  12. soconne

    New Screens and guns / Work in progress

    You know, I've been reading your journal since you first started working on this game....and I STILL do not understand how you are able to model entire city blocks or structures in Milkshape! Its amazes me.
  13. soconne

    Progress on Next-Gen assets...

    Honestly....I have no desire to play GTA IV anymore because of your game. It looks just as good.
  14. soconne

    New Car Prototype...

    Nice job. The new car model looks awesome! Will you release some demo videos showing the new car models driving around the city?
  15. soconne

    Help me pick the Urban Empires box art....

    I like #1 because it gives you hint about the gameplay. #2 and #3 just don't show anything.
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