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  1. thanks for your help all! working on the fog stuff, seems relatively straight forward. -Eric
  2. There you go, looks kinda odd though with the bright skybox. I changed the water color as well. Also, how do you make the terrain fade off into the skybox? Im not sure it will look correct however, as though even far off in the distance you can still usually make out the outline of the terrain on it. But anyway, you cant simply set the fog color to do that, right? I assume you'd have to write a shader for it.
  3. Well it wasnt going to be a completely flat plane, it was going to curve off towards the horizon, just wondering if this is what most other people did as well. thanks for the advice.
  4. Hi, I've got this fairly decent terrain system with some water effects going on. I was wondering if anyone could suggest ways I should go about the following. 1. I'm using a skydome at the moment with a cube map. I want to change this into using the Skydome merely for atmospheric lighting, add a sly plane for the clouds. Does this sound like a good plan? If i do so, is there a simple way to convert such a scene composition into a cube map for placing on the water, or should I stick with a pre-generated one? 2. I want to add some sort of shoreline foam effect. I don't really have any ideas where to start with this, besides mapping out the shoreline with polygons and then scrolling them inland with an appropriate texture applied to them. 3. Does the 'depth fog' look correct (see img)? It fades off the terrain into the color of the water. A friend says that it should fade to black instead? I'm not sure why. It looks great to me. 4. Nighttime lighting. Eventually, granted the above things get working, I'd like to add nightime effects. Stars, the occasional meteor, etc. Any suggestions here? Thanks in advance for help, -Eric
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