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  1. Quote:Original post by Ezbez Just telling everyone that the problem has been fixed. I don't know why it's fixed, I didn't change anything, and neither did the owner of the server. It just started working again. Your PC caches DNS look ups. So one PC had the old IP address cached and the other had the newer one. You can use the ipconfig application from the command prompt to check your DNS cache or to flush it. So the reason it started working is that the PC with the old IP address refreshed its cache. You can use ipconfig /flushdns to clear the dns cache or ipconfig /displaydns to see all cached domains.
  2. Quote:Original post by Promit Quote:Original post by barakus That brings me to a question which has been puzzling me for a while in Visual Studio. Why is the Intellisense in C# so much more thorough then the one found in C++? I barely have to type a letter when programming an application in C#, especially in Visual Studio 2005. Am I missing something? C# sports a clean, consistent, syntax that also happens to be a little suggestive for Intellisense in certain places. Also, the number of things you can do is fairly well bounded, with very few corner cases in the grammar. C++, on the other hand, is a syntactic nightmare, where minor changes can cause radical alterations of the code's meaning. For example, delete the closing brace to a class in a header file and compile it's accompanying source. Check out the errors. Completely non-sensical, because that missing closing brace has mucked up the entire parse tree completely. That Intellisense works as astoundingly well as it does, particularly in 2005, is quite a feat of engineering. I'm not a user of C# but doesn't it use reflection so it can populate the intellisense?
  3. Easca

    [web] Webhosts...

    I used Find My Hosting to find a host. They have good options and lots of results. I don't think you can limit it by region but you will find someone who will provide a service to Australia, I am sure.
  4. Easca

    Problem with sdl linking

    You need to use int main(int argc, char **argv) instead of int main( void ).
  5. Easca

    SDL stdout redirection

    Have a look at the cout to console in SDL thread.
  6. A couple of minutes on google will give you all you need to know about how different they are from each other. Java programs can be decompiled to source-code quite easily and example of some software to do this is the DJ Java Decompiler. So if you really don't want people to get at your source-code you'll still need some sort of obsfucation when using Java.
  7. Easca

    sdl and blending

    Quote:Original post by WildFire716 ill be using photoshop so that won't be a problem...but what format does SDL_SetColorKey() take? i was reading an article which specified 0x00FF00 that doesn't seem like hex but i may be wrong...#ffffff would be black if i recal correctly that or #000000 The '#FFFFFF' format is the HTML syntax for specifiying a colour in hexidecimal. Using '0xFFFFFF' is the C/C++ syntax for specifying a hexidecimal number. It is the same as the HTML syntax except for the '0x' instead of '#' and being able to have negative numbers i.e. -0xF. Also when specifying the colour you wont need all six letters like you do in HTML.
  8. Easca

    Clipping problem (SDL)

    What is wrong with using if (x<0) { w+=x+1; x=0; } .
  9. Easca

    primary key confusion

    When creating your table create the primary key last: create table foo( gameid int unsigned not null, username varchar(80), primary key( gameid, username ) );
  10. Easca

    SDL 8bit pixel data

    You might find the SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom function suits your purpose.
  11. Easca

    Using native SDL audio functions

    There is a book called Programming Linux Games by John R. Hall and Loki Software Inc. It includes a section on using SDL's audio functions and mixing sound effects.
  12. The Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA is small, fast and straigh forward. You could easily implement this in any program.
  13. Easca

    SDL Trouble? Look Here.

    Getting console output with dev-cpp is worth a mention.
  14. Is it a bad idea to use the source surface as the destination surface? It appears to work ok.
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