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  1. University is completely pointless

    Quote:Original post by Riviera Kid I think self education is more efficient and there should be scheme set up for people who prefer to educate themselves. A way of prooving that you can do what is required of the job without going to uni/college. With the internet self education has become very easy and cheap. A college degree isn't just about knowing your particular field. A big part of a college degree is to show that you have what it takes to work through deadlines, organize and complete several projects at once, etc. In short, it classifies a type of person that is willing and able to handle something demanding like college.
  2. Single Word Game

    ( stillAlive==true ) {
  3. What games do you guys play?

    Games I'm currently playing: Roller Coaster Tycoon Loopy Landscapes, MechWarrior IV: Vengeance, Descent, Metroid Prime, Syndicate Wars, Scorched Earth. Games I'm always playing: Super Mario Smash Bros., Doom II, Freecell, ExtremeG 2, the Legend of Zelda: any, Gran Turismo 3, GoldenEye (power weapons+facility=fun)
  4. Single Word Game

    Phoenix, Arizona, USA !!!
  5. The greatest songs of all time

    hey shmo: Nice coincidence - I'm on a 27 hr. road trip myself tomorrow. [smile] These goodies will definitely be in my player ... audioslave: like a stone, getaway car a perfect circle: rose, judith, 3 libras pearl jam: rearview mirror, immortality pink floyd: comfortably numb, shine on you crazy diamond pts. 1-8 sevendust: waffle, beautiful, home rage against the machine: freedom staind: a-flat incubus: drive Good luck on your trip - how far are you driving?
  6. A Perfect Circle: Emotive.

    Quote:Original post by evolutional Alice in Chains and Soundgarden rock my world. Awww - don't get me started - two of my most favorite bands when I was young, I'll never see live. :( Jesus wept.
  7. Single Word Game

  8. A Perfect Circle: Emotive.

    ->wendigo: as far s I know, Howerdel and Keenan do most of the writing. ->Tazzel3D: Mer de Noms is probably my favorite. and, if you haven't checked these bands out before, you probably should: Deftones, Radiohead, Helmet, Audioslave (a stretch, but they're decent), Alice in Chains, Soundgarden (Badmotorfinger, Louder than Love).
  9. Single Word Game

  10. Single Word Game

    , count-'em,
  11. Why do you want to ban gay marriage?

    Quote:Original post by Max_Payne There are other problems in society, sure. Doesn't make it less of a problem. And no, homosexuality isnt the reason homosexuals get beaten up, but well, if they were heterosexual, they would surely feel safer. There are some aspects on which everyone prefers to be *normal*. Normal, in this case meaning prejudiced. Yes, they would feel safer if they were hetero, but they're not. The society that they live in treats them abnormal. You're saying we should let society keep doing this? Quote:I like the fact that I'm heterosexual. I'd like to have the guarantee that all girls are heterosexual. I'd like to have the guarantee that no guys are ever going to look at me in strange ways. When I have kids, I hope they will be heterosexual, and I hope their kids will be heterosexual as well. I enjoy those gaurantees as well, but, I don't get my panites in a bunch when a guy "looks at me in strange ways". Ask women about guys looking at them in strange ways, 365 days a year. The fact is, most heterosexuals couldn't stand it if they had to "share their space" with homosexuals. Like you said, being inconvenienced not to assume people are straight is so hard. So hard.
  12. Why do you want to ban gay marriage?

    Quote:Original post by Max_Payne Well, homosexuality is a bunch of trouble. snip, snip Um, cry me a river, would ya? Quote:I'm sure you can find infinitely many derivatives for these types of scenarios. No matter whether or not you tolerate homosexuals, at some point, it can be irritating, for several reasons. Its not ideal. If we can do away with it, why don't we? Homosexuality is just a divergence after all. I'm not going to call it an "anomaly", but it certainly isn't ideal. I find it irritating when people make arguments against a certain group of people, when they can find an infinitude of other situations that they get irritated by on a daily basis. Blaming homosexuality for your child getting beaten up at school is ignorance, plain and simple. Sorry, no offense meant. EDIT: The problem isn't homosexuality, the problem is the mindset of the bully, and his parents, and his ignorant biggoted society - who'd rather blame somebody else than try and change their perspective.
  13. Why do you want to ban gay marriage?

    What do you think about this: Legally, marriage consists of a piece of paper. On that paper, is it written anywhere that partners must sleep together? So why, legally, should the state care if person A wants to marry person B? The state doesn't care if a gay marries a lesbian, does it?
  14. Why do you want to ban gay marriage?

    Quote:Original post by Machaira Incorrect. God being love has nothing to do with this. Man is imperfect and, as such, his love is not perfect, which means that sin can take place even when there is supposed love. Some "love" can be sinful when it's man's version of love. I think you might be including "lust" with your version of love. Lust and love are too completely different things, and christians know this. You don't think that pure can love exist between the same sexes, but must have lust in there somewhere also. Sure people lust, it's human, but to say that a man and a man can't love eachother, or that their love is inherently tainted is silly. :s
  15. A Perfect Circle: Emotive.

    Yeah - APC is awesome - they put on a killer live show! Just want to point out, however, the band's frontman is Billy Howerdel. He's been a long-time guitar tech for a many bands. And, again - they do rock !!! Interview with Billy Howerdel EDIT: evolutional: lateralus indeed kicks my ass :)