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  1. Been a long time since I looked NEHE but I have loads of the old stuff offloaded to CD, I did loads on the Brett Porter Tuts and spoke to Brett as well, bear with me and I will delve into the archives
  2. I have an old version that works with the model loading code, I also have the update of the tutorial from the brett porter site send me you email address and i will send them to you good luck hanssniper@hotmail.com
  3. Could be good but needs a lot of polish!
  4. Im unsure however I have the vc++ 3ds loader from gametutorials if you want it, may help, dunno if its still available on their site. let me know
  5. I didnt mean a tutorial I meant an actual editor Let me know
  6. Hi I only really use vb6 but what is it you are trying to connect to? is it an access database? do you have that database? or maybe you are meant to create this db for yourslef and dont have access? let me know, i can create you the database and then you can connect to it good luck
  7. do you want one in VB6? may give you some hints\tips, let me know with a message
  8. well done, great work loved the point and click menu
  9. thx for the reply ill check this out I actually realised i was loading everytime but didnt have a clue how to keep it in memory, maybe that should have been my first question Cheers
  10. I have a space game 80% coded, I am now unto sound using FMOD\VC++6 I have managed to get an mp3 track playing during my menu and when the user starts the game it continues to play. I have also got a .wav sound playing when the ship fires a shot however when collision occurs between rocket and alien the explosion cuts out the firing sound of the ship, I have tried different channels but no joy maybe there is something I am missing I have posted the procedure and the call itself Thx in advance *CALL* Play_Sound(0, ALIEN_EXPLODE, FSOUND_LOOP_OFF,1); *PROCEDURE* bool Play_Sound(long Channel, int Sound, int Mode, int Loaded) // We play a sound { if (Sound==PLAYER_SHOT) { // Sound to play Sound_To_Play_1 = FSOUND_Sample_Load(2,"data/sounds/shot.wav",FSOUND_STEREO, 0); // We play the sound FSOUND_PlaySound(Channel,Sound_To_Play_1); } if (Sound==ALIEN_EXPLODE) { // Sound to play Sound_To_Play_2 = FSOUND_Sample_Load(2,"data/sounds/explode.wav",FSOUND_STEREO, 0); // We play the sound FSOUND_PlaySound(Channel,Sound_To_Play_2); } return true; }
  11. Not sure if this is what you want to synch the character and map ------------------ void Collision(float checkx, float checky, int checkdirection) { int cmapx; int cmapy; //divide the x figure by 1.5f to get the X tile cmapx = checkx / 1.5f; ninja.mapx = cmapx; //divide the y figure by 1.5f to get the Y tile cmapy = checky / 1.5f; ninja.mapy = cmapy; //sort direction so we can progress cdirection = checkdirection; //Grab the map index checkmap = map[cmapx][cmapy].index; called with Collision(ninja.cx,ninja.cy,WALK_EAST); good luck
  12. Same here, I just make the .index either passable or not map[file_tilex][file_tiley].type = file_tiletype; map[file_tilex][file_tiley].index = file_collide; //Grab the map index checkmap = map[cmapx][cmapy].index; if (checkmap==COLLIDE_OBJECT) { //Check which object now whatever the object do something like dont walk or die
  13. eSCHEn is correct You should seed with time, I do time.h srand( (unsigned)time( NULL ) ); //New random seed
  14. sorry this just took me back to when I did 'scan conversion of a circle' at uni. I think I had Besenham nitemares ever since good luck
  15. you made the correct change in my book but Im unsure bout compilation I use vc++6.0 and it works fine for me sorry i cant be more help