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  1. Hase

    Is this legit?

    their address lists them as being in holborn, easiest thing would be for someone in the london area to stop by and say hi.
  2. Hase

    Quibbling over contract details

    the competition clause doesn´t really have any teeth in EU law, I´d still contact a local union or whatever you have over there that takes care of employees rights and have it checked out. At least get it worded more precisely. Overtime: be very careful with blanket OT contracts. If it´s regular, paid overtime (i.e. x1,5 /x2 per hour) then it shouldn´t be a problem. If it´s without compensation (either time off or money) then you´re setting yourself up for something not entirely dissimilar to a siberian labor camp. If it´s something along the lines of "first X hours of overtime per month are included in the regular salary", then it´s just a matter of negotiation.
  3. Quote:Original post by Salsa Oh, and thanks for all the compliments! Since it's been some time, I just want to make sure everyone left on the queue still needs or wants their logos done. I'd hate to finish something and find out it's not needed anymore. yup, definitely. i still need your non-paypal payment details though...
  4. Hase

    Handwriting. (sorta rant)

    I was taught cursive the hand-moving way. No idea why they force kids to go through life with ugly handwriting...
  5. Hase

    buy battle axe in uk

    if you´re serious, I´d buy from blacksmiths in the czech republic, poland or slovakia. they have great prices and superior quality - and none of that overly fancy fantacrap shit.
  6. Hase

    buy battle axe in uk

    I´m fairly sure that it´s not supposed to be used at all. I can´t imagine any way of using this without causing injury to yourself, especially not in the way you just described promit. If the blade was angled differently (i.e. at 90°) you could at least use it like a tonfa but meh... nerd toys. they only need to look good on walls.
  7. Hase

    buy battle axe in uk

    Quote:Original post by Dmytry I really hoped that thread would be about battle axes as in kind of real axes that was used in real battles, you know how them look. but ugh :( yeah i thought the same thing when i clicked... it really puzzles me why these no good for anything but hurting yourself nerd toys are so popular, and why people buy them at prices that are sometimes above what you´d pay for a historical replica...
  8. Didn´t see the other thread. I don´t read the forums that often anymore. If you´re gonna be spending money on a camera, I´d invest the extra bucks and get a used semi-pro model, those start from 1500 or so. Anything with manual aperture and focus will do I guess, but the more control you have the more you learn about making pictures. I have a canon XL-1 which I got for about 1600€, including some accessories.
  9. what kind of camera are you using? torch trailer: looks ok, except i agree about the font. the shots themselves aren´t really gripping, the trailer is ok but the full 15 minutes get a bit long .. more closeups would have been good (especially when producing for internet streaming you need closeups or all you get is colored blobs). a good tip for all kinds of fast-moving action is to shoot progressive, if your camcorder supports it, you´ll get much nicer images of movement. stunt trailer: why am i watching photos? the rest of the shots are ok, if a bit repetitive. more closeups would be nice. I think you could make much more gripping material if you tried to keep it short(er). power kiters: photos again, and WHAT is the timecode doing there? after the first few minutes or so it gets a bit boring to watch people jump over and over again. again, no closeups. last part: the zooming and the transitions are a bit hard on the eyes, especially with the extremely wobbly camera. also I´m guessing you don´t actually have any rights to the music you used...
  10. Hase

    My Game is Released!

    congrats! i guess you´re taking a vacation now? ;)
  11. Hase

    Ingame advertising

    I realise that gdnet is more gamer-centered, but what of the guys who are developers? Placing ads within your game will allow you to create an additional revenue stream, and game development IS a costly business. Personally I think the way IGA is doing it is pretty interesting for all parties involved (IGA doesn´t place individual ads in individual games, but rather sells demographic vectors to advertisers, which means that an ad is placed in whatever game / context it fits in the entire package of games under contract).
  12. Hase

    Ingame advertising

    so it seems a lot of companies are hopping onto the ingame advertising trend, with increasing numbers of smart-advertising mechanisms in place - such as Battlefield2142 or Swat4. For developers it´s obviously a cool thing because you can make more money off it, but as a consumer I´m not sure I´m happy with a game sending back not only my game session data, but also what ads I view ingame and how long (Swat4, patch 1.1), details here: http://nationalcheeseemporium.org/. so what´s your take on this? would you, as a developer buy into it? edit: link broken. removed. [Edited by - Hase on October 19, 2006 4:40:04 AM]
  13. me too please! sent you an email.
  14. Hase

    What music do you design to?

    silence is best for work.
  15. for a second I thought you were referring to Accelerando.
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