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  1. Maybe you can try to use the accelerometer in the phones to move the pointer with the phone instead of the hand.    Also, a small tone of the background color could represent the current dots color that you are matching could be nice.
  2. Did you check Destiny mechanics? There are no perfect but I think "solves" this issues in a different way. Mostly the PVP part, where players in the arena get rid of their levels and they have basically the same stats.   Also the level cap is based on armour not XP. But XP still is important to improve your factions levels, and then get new and better equipment. I mean, is not the perfect game but has some "new" interesting approaches to the matter.
  3. really good resource
  4. Hey! 1- First read the docs and see if you still needs more info 2- You can make it on the activity or a layout, depends on how are you organizing your layout. 3- Yep, but try to find a framework that solves much of the graphic stuff. Just find the one that suits your need and you feel confortable with.
  5. Setrio

    "Quests" vs "Favors"

    If you have locations on your game, a favor could be a small-mid quest that take place on that location ONLY. A quest itself could involve going to other locations or take place in the current location but is bigger than favors.
  6. Make the path using your finger, as [color="#1c2837"]Orymus say. Another option is that the character is in the center of the screen and you "move" the camera with your finger in the direction where you want to go and the character moves with the camera. Whit this option you get a feeling of freedom for the player, is better that just add "buttons" to set the direction where the player should go.
  7. Setrio

    time slowdown

    First come in mind is trying to reduce the amount of times that you can use that power and make some combos that work ONLY on that mode. For example, a player could choose to try to focus on SLOW MODE character (with combos and attributes that make the player could trigger that power more often or deadly) or a NORMAL character or even a mix of both. Attach that power to attributes or even potions, where you can buy a special potion that trigger the slow mode in a battle (within X time). Also maybe you can limit the slow not by time instead the player could make X combos in SLOW mode, so with higher level more combos available. Don't know, plenty of options/ideas could come.
  8. Try to think in the game besides specific elements, think about what you want to achieve with the game and to the player, i mean, what do you want the player feel when is playing your game? Maybe thinking in that way makes the answer more clear. In my opinion there are no right answer, it all depends on the game.
  9. Try to make some research and frameworks for Android that resolve this. Make some research in the different options that you have to connect devices and make your choice.
  10. Setrio


    That could be an option yes. Also you can use: or
  11. Setrio

    Andoid heap debugging

    Good to know. Anyway, check your bitmapfactory usage, this class has lot of problems when you are using bitmaps.
  12. Setrio

    Andoid heap debugging

    Check this link Question, you are using imageviews or something like that? Bitmapfactory or something like that?
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