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  1. Good, I was thinking glu was something else, didn't know it was glaux replacement too. OK: removed glaux from list of include files, added to global variables: GLUquadric *quad; added to Render(): quad = gluNewQuadric(); in place of glAuxSphere(1.0), used: gluSphere(quad, 1.0, 20, 20); I have a sphere. :D Thank you for your help! SigSeg
  2. Raging through the tutorial using Borland's free compiler for windows until one day I came across page 180 in Kevin Astle's book: OpenGL Game Programming. It was a lingering twilight, my desk covered in notes and papers, occasionally being upset by the slight breeze blowing in from the cracked window in my apartment. My fingers moving slowly as I was ready to call it a night, I sipped out of my tea cup and began to type: "bcc32 -tW ch6sphere.cpp" and lo! Error. Appears glaux.lib/glaux.h are required to create spheres. I looked in \bcc55\lib\* and saw that glaux had called in sick. After scowering the internet for the necessary file, I found it but wait.. it was not compatible with Borland's compiler. So I found the glaux source and compiled it, and lo! Many many errors that are out of my skill to heal. I got the error count down from 40 to 10 but After spending several hours going through the headers and tinkering I found that it was beyond my meak aid and needed the skill of a professional. OK OK... basically, I've spent another hour messing with this trying to get the glaux library compiled so I can compile the tutorial code. As I am still an amateur with OpenGL, writing my own sphere code and what not is out of the question right now. I've read that glaux is deprecated, like so many things, however, I must have it! Buying VCC++ is out of the question right now despite it being the recommended compiler for this book, please, borland fans abroad, I know you might be able to help. I've searched for related articles in this forum as it's improbable that I am the first of my kind with this issue and did find another one with the issue, someone aided him but like glaux, his link is deprecated and can no longer help me. SO that having been said, I do not speak russian and 9/10 the links on google are russian... I will continue doing what I can do while I await aid, but if someone is able to help, let me know. SigSeg
  3. SigSeg

    Website Content

    OK someone aid me, I'd like to order the latest web content disk from nehe and I don't see the store anywhere, did he stop selling it? SigSeg
  4. SigSeg

    Come on guys! Let's rally for NeHe!

    Actually, I never read his blog, I don't know much of his personal issues but back in June of 2003 I did buy a CD from him containing all the content on this site plus additional content he included, the CD was $25, assuming $5 for the cost of the CD, the jewel case and shipping, that's a $20.00 profit per CD correct? $20 profit x 700 CDs = $14,000 That's 58 CDs a month to reach that goal in 1 year. Judging by the shear number of people that hit this site, if everyone bought one and referred 1 other person to buy one, he'd hit his goal, or at least close to it. Buy 5 of them and sell 4 of them or give them to your co-geeks for christmas presents. Maybe he should take advantage of his homepage and advirtise the CD more, 1 for $25, 2 for $45, marketeer. BTW - Depression is contageous and has a tendancy to deter than to attract. Aside from that, the best advice I can give is to get rid of the extrenuous spending, if he smokes, quit, if he eats out, start eating at home & packing lunches, do what everyone does in financial strap, debt is what keeps us working, there's no escape from debt, just times debt is greater than others. People that abandon their hobbies as a result of depression will usually return to them when they are no longer depressed, selling NeHe is a bad idea, he will wish he hadn't later. All to commonly people attatch insentive to someone or something, motivated by some other influence in their life than themselves, the problem with that is that influences can leave while one remains. Best bet is to not be motivated by other people and motivate ones self, than your drive remains with or without external influences.
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