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    Someone should make an MMO where you get to post on a game development forum. The goal is to be the biggest troll. You can either play Player vs Everyone or PvP (though PvE almost always ends up becoming PvP).
  2. yumi_cheeseman

    is there something like

    Quote:Original post by krez I like jetpacks better than hookers, so I'm in yumi_cheeseman... Don't worry I don't want any of your billion dollars, I just want to put it on my resume. Great, it should take you 3 days to make the prototype, cause I don't know anything about games, game design or development. I don't even like games. I do like jetpacks though! :D
  3. yumi_cheeseman

    is there something like

    Quote:Original post by Iron Chef Carnage just another big-talking poser with a plan to make a game that's just like playing Tetris in the Matrix, but with hookers and blackjack, would go a long way. Holy crap Carnage, this is an awesome game idea! Let's prototype it, send it to my friends at Konami - Las Vegas, and we'll sell over 400,000,000 units! Even if we only sold it for 5 dollars, and konami took half, we'd get a billion dollars to share! hahaha Though, I'd like to make one change to that design, it must have jetpacks.
  4. yumi_cheeseman

    Western Script in Need of Criticism

    Quote:Original post by MSW ROLIN - (quietly with knowing irony)"...Well...This might be a good day to die." CROWD is unmoved. SHERIFF steps from the FOOTSTOOL. I like what you did MSW injecting Character in Zac's story, but here, I think it'd be much more endearing to the audience if this is changed into a one liner. Something like: "...Well...This might be a good day to die." -PAUSE- "But not for me!" *kick horse* :D
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