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  1. Te?e i te?e, te?e jedan program; Što u njem zna?i moj mali kod? BSOD
  2. BREAKING NEWS: Higgs boson found, where can I click the 'Like' button now :/
  3. Toni Petrina

    First screenshots

    This is a first screenshot from our upcoming game for Windows Phone 7. It is based on the XNA framework (the only option really) and I will share more productions details soon.
  4. John Carter, film godine (do batmana)
  5. > 1000 points :P
  6. Toni Petrina


    In my Nokia N97 it is not so bad but reformatting entire website would be great for easy mobile access. Excellent post btw.
  7. Toni Petrina

    My Life in 30 Seconds

    Welcome back...
  8. Toni Petrina

    Is this thing on?

    Quote:Original post by Ainokea All the interesting people are crazy. Yep. That's why I like this Journal.
  9. Toni Petrina

    Hey... YOU'RE DUMB!

    Excellent post. I feel the same way sometimes, that despite my large knowledge I still manage to obfuscate the code to that point that I'm somewhat afraid that someone might see it. And only then I realize that it can be done much much simpler. Fact is that we are all stupid, some just accept as it is.
  10. Toni Petrina


    Still, you should have bitched about it[lol] The more you wait the better. Sometimes it is better to correct you teachers waay after they make a mistake
  11. Toni Petrina

    A good day

    Quote:Original post by baldurk it seems like you're mostly playing with semantics, you're using a very odd definition of 'distinct solutions'. Is 1 really different from 1.0, mathematically? is 1+0 different from 1? I'd say that two solutions are distinct if you cannot simplify one into the other (that might not be rigorous, I haven't thought it through much). edit: rereading your post I see you're talking about the process rather than the answer, which is different. It's confusing to say an infinite number of distinct solutions. Perhaps an infinite number of distinct methods? And even so, what about this counter example: How many apples are there here? As a mathematician, I would say that "There is at lease on apple!"[lol]
  12. Toni Petrina


    The final approach seems fine. Jut don't overdesign it[lol] One thought is why don't you use python scripts (well, not just python, I mean directly an scripting approach) directly instead of XML files when writing entities. My point is when you change the neccessary parameters for one entity class, can you automaticly refresh all entity files?
  13. Toni Petrina

    I cheated

    Quote:Memory virtualization for the win! Quote:Graphics cards with more VRAM for the win! Both?? DX10 is for the former, right?
  14. Toni Petrina

    Shadow mapping & misc. work

    Just a random thought. Is your station visitable, that is, can you board on it and walk around in RPG or FPS style?
  15. Toni Petrina

    Shadow mapping & misc. work

    Is this totaly new implementation or did you use one from Minas Tirith project, the one with caching?
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