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  1. Te?e i te?e, te?e jedan program; Što u njem zna?i moj mali kod? BSOD
  2. BREAKING NEWS: Higgs boson found, where can I click the 'Like' button now :/
  3. Toni Petrina

    First screenshots

    This is a first screenshot from our upcoming game for Windows Phone 7. It is based on the XNA framework (the only option really) and I will share more productions details soon.
  4. John Carter, film godine (do batmana)
  5. > 1000 points :P
  6. Toni Petrina

    Where's the ratings/submarine comic?

    Can't believe it has been 5 years since then! w00t
  7. I've recently got a job and started full time working. All is working well, I quickly caught up with the code that was there but I've noticed something: I can't write good code unless I manually test it via debugger. How the hell do people code without modern marvels of Visual Studio? I want to change my coding practices so that I write better code that is easier to debug and that requires less effort on correcting. How? Tell me how do you do your daily job? Do you write code that immediately works? Or do you fine tune it? This will help a lot since compiling takes few minutes every time. I was looking some video about coding back in 90s. Damn that was strange having no intellisense, no auto complete, no nothing. Tell me how ;(
  8. Toni Petrina

    Multiverse Theory

    Quote:Original post by Eleventy Quote:Original post by Oberon_Command So basically, you're rejecting something on grounds that its falsehood makes things nice for you. How logical and rational. Illogical on a universal scale, yes. Though if you think about it, the current configuration of my brain is leading me to reject determinism. Please clarify this, how is it illogical on a universal scale? I want proof.
  9. Fireworks did the trick. Thanks a lot ^^
  10. Thanks a lot! I will try it later.
  11. I've got this problem, I have theme for web but it is one large psd file. I'd like to precisely cut it into smaller images so I can actually create page layout from those smaller images. Is there any app that will do this easily? Like setting cut lines and save all smaller images into one?
  12. Toni Petrina

    Which language has the most consistent phonology?

    Croatian? Read as you write, write as you read. Never "guess" how to pronounce newly read word.
  13. Toni Petrina


    In my Nokia N97 it is not so bad but reformatting entire website would be great for easy mobile access. Excellent post btw.
  14. I compiled my project both in Visual Studio 2008 and in Dev Cpp ( version) with glut according to this link However, when I run my program in VS08 I get two windows, standard console windows and GLUT window. But when I create project in Dev (multimedia project -> GLUT)I only get GLUT window and cannot get console window. This poses as a problem since I need console window for stdio operations. How to get console window to appear in Dev?
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