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  1. swiftcoder

    Planet Generation Plans

    That odd sort of space in the centre is an octahedron. Decomposing the octahedorn is tricky, but not impossible.
  2. swiftcoder

    can 32bit games able to run in 64bit os?

    Current x86-64 CPUs can mostly all still execute 32-bit code, so it's a question of whether the OS provides the necessary 32-bit versions of system libraries. Microsoft is in the backwards-compatibility game. Most software from the DOS era will still run on Windows 10 (at least to some degree), and I expect them to keep 32-bit compatibility basically forever. Other OS vendors are not in that same game. Specifically Apple, who recently announced that the upcoming OS version will be the last to contain 32-bit compatibility, and sunset 32-bit support on iOS a while back. Linux variants still tend to support 32-bit, but not necessarily out of the box. For example, on Ubuntu you have to manually install a bunch of packages (and there is often confusion about which packages are actually essential to the process),
  3. swiftcoder

    Marching Cubes and Dual Contouring Tutorial

    They aren't altering the mesh, they are adding/subtracting from the signed distance field, and then re-running dual contouring. One of the nice benefits of signed distance fields is that CSG operations can be implemented very simply.
  4. swiftcoder

    Planet Generation Plans

    I've had some success applying the usual cube-> sphere transformations to a cube where each face is a voxel shell with some pre-determined thickness. It's not terribly elegant, but it's easy to get up and running. Your tetrahedral approach might avoid some of the distortion and apparent grid - interested to see how it turns out.
  5. swiftcoder

    Euclideon does it again...

    No, they are just frequency-separation glasses. Basically the same idea as the polarised glasses you'd wear to a 3D cinema, except that they've used a different frequency spectrum for each of the pairs of glasses. They use a set of cameras tracking the position of the glasses, and then they render the scene from 8 different perspectives (4 pairs of glasses * 2 eyes each) and overlay them together each in their own frequency band. Then glasses will un-jumble the frequency and show each eye the correct image. The video is super misleading in that it shows StarWars-style holograms with objects projected above the table - whereas it's actually just like any 3D TV, and anything that appears above the surface of the table will be cropped by the edges of the screen.
  6. swiftcoder

    Euclideon does it again...

    It’s the presentation that gets me. Every video they make is pitched as a world-changing...
  7. swiftcoder

    Euclideon does it again...

    From the purveyors of everyone's favourite "unlimited detail" voxel engine... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV2vpnb2adw I don't even.
  8. TLS (the encryption used in HTTPS) is basically free on modern CPUs. There is native hardware support for the most popular cyphers. Netflix does rely on the DRM provided by various platform vendors (WideVine on Google platforms, FairPlay on Apple). But those add very little overhead to streaming playback - most of the work is done at the beginning of the stream, when keys need to be exchanged.
  9. swiftcoder

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    On the off-chance that you aren't deploying this strawman intentionally... The OP specifically stated concern about the acceptability of the topic (it's in the thread title), and noted that many folks consider it a "sensitive topic" (in the original post). Both of these indicate that the question is specifically in regards to how people other than the OP feel about the topic. Your continued insistence that other people's opinions are irrelevant to you personally, is at best orthogonal to that.
  10. swiftcoder

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    One can declare that one meant a particular thing until one is blue in the face, but if the majority takes exception to what was actually said/done, one can still be run out of town (figuratively, one hopes). All of us exist within some sort cultural context, and the decisions we make are made within that context, whether or not one likes that fact.
  11. swiftcoder

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    No one is disputing that there is a difference between intentionally provoking controversy, versus creating one accidentally. But that doesn't mean the outcome will be substantially different for the artist. To use your example of homophobic slurs, one might use such intentionally, or one might use such because they are unaware such slurs are offensive. Is the latter (ignorance) better than the former (intent)? Maybe a little. But you only get to use the ignorance defence once. And in either case, once one has debated the possibility on a public internet forum, one lacks plausible deniability that the subject might cause controversy...
  12. swiftcoder

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    We appear to disagree on the definition of the word "controversial". I quote the dictionary: "giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement" Controversy is purely subjective. It only exists when multiple people disagree about an issue. Your actions in isolation cannot be either controversial or noncontroversial - they become such only in the court of public opinion. And once you are in the court of public opinion, your intent (or lack thereof) is irrelevant to any controversy that arises. Lack of intent at best might help dodge some of the fallout.
  13. swiftcoder

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    Choosing to engage with a controversial topic is itself a statement thereon, whether or not you intend it to be one. Not condemning a controversial topic that you have explicitly chosen to engage with, can (and often will) be interpreted as implicitly condoning it.
  14. swiftcoder

    Winning Against Piracy

    Let alone the even more obnoxious technique of putting your game in an iframe, and selling ads around it. You still get charged for the bandwidth, and someone else makes all the revenue.
  15. I feel like there has to be a simpler way to accomplish this. Can you make the corners have non-zero radius during string pulling? Or treat the corners as circles, and move the string-pulled lines to be tangent to the circles (plus an additional connecting chamfer)?
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