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  1. JTippetts

    Fractals in games

    I know of a Project in development that uses a fractal to generate a voxel world. Other than that, noise functions of which Perlin noise are a type are commonly used in height map, voxel and texture generation.
  2. JTippetts

    jump algorithm

    C'mon, phil, how many times do people have to explain this stuff to you. Make a small movement, draw, make a small movement, draw. If you make all your movements at once in a single for loop it wont work.
  3. JTippetts

    jump algorithm

    No. It's the initial velocity, period. Velocity is always a vector, comprising direction and magnitude. Maybe it's only in the direction of x, but since you're trying to jump it will certainly have a vertical component as well.
  4. JTippetts

    jump algorithm

    Vo is just the velocity at time t=0. It should be a 2d vector. Po is position at t=0. It should also be a vector.
  5. JTippetts

    Roads rendering on large terrain

    I have always preferred to go with your #2 approach, of rendering separate road geometry on top of height-adjusted terrain as @Vilem Ottediscusses. A trick you can use for flattening/adjusting the road bed is to construct a set of splines with knots specified in your editor tool, then perform a pass across the terrain adjusting heights to the spline ribbon before constructing the road geometry: Image of spline on terrain Image of road generated from spline You can see that if you adjust the terrain heights, then you don't have troubles with terrain poking up through the road geometry. During the spline tessellation step, you can make adjustments to the knots of the spline to account for maximum slope, radius of turn, etc... as @Vilem Otte suggested should be done.
  6. JTippetts

    How to make a top down 2D ball rolling

    The scrolling should just happen inside the shader, by adding an offset based on time and speed to the UV coordinates. The offset is a vec2, and you would calculate it outside the shader based on the negative of the ball's movement direction. You could also specify a 'spin' speed as well, and apply a rotation of the UV coordinate in the vertex shader to simulate balls that are spinning around the vertical axis in addition to rolling.
  7. JTippetts

    How to make a top down 2D ball rolling

    Can you draw your sprites using a shader? There is a trick you can use to take a 2D image map and make it look like it's mapped on a sphere. It's detailed here as relating to drawing the resource bubble graphics in Diablo 3. (I have a demo of that in a github repo here). The gist of it is that you use a texture like this: Then use that to distort the UV coordinates mapped across the sprite, then use these distorted coordinates to sample the ball texture. So your ball texture then might look something like this: If the texture is seamless, then you can animate the UV coordinates linearly to make it appear the ball is rolling in a given direction; change the direction of the UV scroll to change the apparent direction of the roll.
  8. JTippetts

    sprite animation

    Phil, please confine your status updates to your blog, as you have repeatedly been instructed.
  9. JTippetts

    SOIL sprites

    Closing this one too, as too similar to many of your previous threads. Come back when you can ask something new.
  10. JTippetts

    sprite collision

  11. JTippetts

    "Blueprint" Serialization Format

    I wrote a node graph tool for visually assembling noise functions some time back, and the graphs are saved as Lua tables. The syntax of a table in Lua is quite easily editable by hand, can be neatly prettified, and you can even do trickery such as embedded executable code.
  12. JTippetts

    animating sprites

    Yes, you have been asked multiple times by various moderators to confine status updates to your blog. That is where they belong.
  13. JTippetts

    2d rendering?

    So, there has been a long-running debate in the gamedev world about making games vs making engines. I think that adding "making GPU drivers" might be taking it a little too far. You are certainly wasting your time with this if the goal is to make games.
  14. JTippetts

    2d rendering?

    This is some serious 90s thinking right here. If you insist on doing CPU rendering, just upload to a texture and render a full screen quad.
  15. JTippetts

    animating sprites

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