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    I need Dev-Cpp Windows Programming Help

    Did you define ID_EXIT in the header file?
  2. JohnyB

    I need Dev-Cpp Windows Programming Help

    That's strange it should work, make sure you are including the resource header file in both your project and the resource(.rc) file. Also make sure that you are compiling the .rc file goto project->settings select your resource file from the list and make sure that "include in compilation" option is checked... EDIT: typo
  3. I use devil most of the time I'm using OpenGL it integrates very nicely with it. Something like: GLuint texid = ilutGLLoadImage("image.bmp"); glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D,texid);
  4. JohnyB

    What's wrong with my code?

    Just use the method that works for you there's no reason to do it that way. The errors you have are probably because you didn't cast some stuff there as mentioned by Atreides.
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