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  1. athena

    fetching serial number

    interesting, thanks. I will then add several controls for the same serial subpart. anything else?
  2. athena

    Starting with Delphi ...

    Delphi is a very good and powerful language, for me it combines the power of C++ with a high level syntax (which is not weird at all, you just have to practice a bit with it) and a fast development process. I'm making a real time, direct X app with it. No problems so far. For a pointer about commercial games developped in Delphi, check triumph studios, they made age of wonders I and II, the second one being rather pretty. From what I learned from them, they never regretted going with Delphi.
  3. Hi, I'm implementing the test-the-serial code in my app. I know some of the basics, like only inline call, embedded checks in various places and in code needed by the game engine, etc. But I have a problem. When I fetch the serial number, I store it in a variable. So the common thing each time I work on serial validation, is that I have to use this variable... and so I suppose an hacker has just to check where the variable is called, to know where I test the serial.
  4. Hi, I seek articles describing the in and out of how to protect ** efficiently ** a software using a serial key. Any headers, gentlemen? Thanks in advances.
  5. athena

    thick smooth line

    bezier line you mean?
  6. athena

    thick smooth line

    gah, I'm not that good with that, but... RoN was published before Dx9 anyway, so I suppose the guys did not use primitives too.
  7. I would like to draw thick smooth lines like for example the borders of Rise of Nations or Rome Total War... Any idea for doing that? I'm still in directX 8 by the way (so I fear I'm stuck in using deformed textures, not advanced primitives options?) Thanks in advances here is an exemple of such line: http://www.gamekult.com/tout/jeux/images/ME0000325614
  8. athena

    localization questions?

    well I'm reluctant because if I understand well all classes used must use unicode-aware strings, which is not the case as of now in my app, so I suppose it would ask to rewrite quite a thing, which are whats more low level helper classes. a question, when a russian type in cyrillic (which is the sole purpose of unicode in my app), the text file he saves is saved in unicode? I was thinking of this work around in fact: have a utility that let the localizer translate the english version to a cyrillic one, thank to a bitmapfont . The trick would be that the utility still save in ansi format. Then the app when needing to show cyrillic characters, would read the translated file (which would be made of latin characthers whose ascii codes map to the cyrillic letters of the bitmap font). I'm perhaps not that clear i know :)
  9. athena

    localization questions?

    but is unicode mandatory?
  10. Hi, Has anybody done a game localizable in Russian? Does it means that the code must support unicode, or are workaround availables ... especially considering the fact that a game like mine use bitmap fonts?
  11. athena

    A* heuristic

    quick and precise answer, I thank you much.
  12. athena

    A* heuristic

    these questions are rather newbish I fear... sorry for that! If time is not a constraining factor, can I drop the heuristic part when calculating the lowest cost for a given node? is no heuristic better than a bad heuristic? I read that its better to have the heuristic underestimate the distance compared to one that overestimate it, is it true? Thanks in advances
  13. athena

    windowed vs fullscreen

    thanks... I was indeed thinking of windowed mode, but with maximized and bordeless window, for ease of ALT-TAB, and for the issues regarding loosing device. I didnt knew you could loose the device in windowed mode BTW... on my puter, I can do whatever I want (ctrl alt sup included) without loosing anything, so I found this mode rather convenient. Also when I goes fullscreen I dont have significant performance upgrade...
  14. a simple question... What could be the interest for an app to be fullscreen, IF in windowed mode the FPS is high enough?
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