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  1. Not a game per say, kind of a game platform

    And, yes, it still has some rough edges.. And the video above WAS indeed filmed off of a television screen.. And no, I'm not a very good speaker. As other forums have let me know.
  2. Hey all, I'm trying to drum up some interest in a little thing I wrote. Its a bookmarklet that turns websites into locales where users can meet and interact. If anyone is so inclined, please give it a look at [url=""][/url] There's also a plugin system for developers to build on top of. The first (example) plugin was a semi game called Petfighter that you can see showcased in the video below. [media][/media] Please let me know if anyone has thoughts. Thanks!
  3. watch the youtube video. It's nifty. email for an invite. Thanks.
  4. @BeanDog You make an interesting point and I know this is a public relations battle I'm going to have to fight. Trek is, in my mind, more akin to IRC than it is a browser. The browsing element is just a conduit to finding people with similar interests. Its not, and was never meant to be, a fully fledged browser. Its meant to be a social tool. At any rate, I'm pretty sure the stuff I'm doing with Trek are well beyond the capabilities of a browser plugin; certainly the experience would be diminished. (edit: awkward wording)
  5. Its not a game (this time). Although the last time I put a piece of code on the net, it was my magnum opus Tempest in a Teapot , so I did cut my coding teeth on game programing and I've always been a silent patron of the forums. Let me expound for a moment on what I've written. Its a web browser that allows you to see and interact with the other users on a web site. You're represented by a small avatar overlaid onto the site. All the other users also have avatars. When you click about the page, to indicate what you're reading or interested in, your avatar will move there. In this way, users can arrange themselves spatially and much like in a real world gathering, break off into smaller conversations within a larger context. I really need to see if this is working on other people's machines -particularly how the server behaves under load - so I'm trying to drum up a small user base. Please, if you'd be so kind, download and give it a try. I've got Windows, Mac, and Linux binaries available. A note: you do have to sign up. I know some people have an aversion to that. Feel free to type rubbish for now, I don't care. Just remember the email address and password you enter so that you can sign in. Get it here:
  6. Hey, I've been racking my brain for the past few days trying to figure out how the XFile set of classes work in the latest Managed DirectX release. So far I've created an XFileManager and used the .FromFile(String) method to instantiate an actual XFile. What I can't figure out how to do is how to get an XFileData out of the XFile. I'm assuming I need to use GetDataObject() in XFile but I can't figure out how exactly it works. The docs, IMHO are rubbish, someone really needs to get working on these things. Anyway, can someone please help me extract the data from an XFile.
  7. [.net] Tokamak .Net Wrapper

    kudos to _sho on a great wrapper, Question though: Anyway to use the SDK with a triangle mesh?