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  1. try looking at the socket.h file for networking in C\C++ in unix a link is below for the specifications http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007908799/xns/syssocket.h.html
  2. you can also use visual embedded c++ 4.0 which is found here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=1dacdb3d-50d1-41b2-a107-fa75ae960856&displaylang=en then you can get the pocket pc SDK which allows for production of c++ code in pocket pc, and cell phones and smartphones. Pocket PC SDK http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=9996B314-0364-4623-9EDE-0B5FBB133652&displaylang=en
  3. Yeah i am using PHP 5 but the problem is i am using a pre made XML file by my created application the RSS feeds won't work in parsing the XML file. I would like to manually parse the XML file using some PHP parsing functions similar to the XmlReader class in .NET.
  4. The problem is that the javascript code is firing on mouseover and mouseout on the actual text line not a div area around the link, create a div area around the link give around 5px of slack and then set it up for that div area and not the anchor tag link. This will solve the problem beacuse the individual pixels around the link will not trigger a mouseout for the div area like it is doing for the anchor tag link based on text.
  5. I have been working on updating my website and I want to have an XML blog writer, where i would write my blog entries into one application and it would spit out an xml file with the entry for that day then the website would read the XML file parse out the XML and format the entry onto the website. I have the application done in C#.NEt and was wondering about tutorials on or function references that are easier to understand that the PHP help manual. I have started working on parsing XML in PHP but found it not as intuitive as the C#.NET implementation.
  6. yeah it all depends on if you want to stay free or if you are commited to using java for the project, if it is for a school project or so, if it is and you are committed to using Java then your best bet would be Java applets another option if you want to experiments there are free PHP graphics tools that are there (libraries for doing graphics in PHP), the best optioin would be to create some C# code with OpenGL to allow the user to manipulate things as a web application that may cost more but it would be worth it to experiment with.
  7. well, i am having trouble actually starting a .NET Web application it needs a Web Server to run on i don't wan tto use IIS i have an APACHE web server running i have tried installing aspdotnet_mod which is a module for allowing apache to work with .NET Web solutions, but it did not work. I would really like to find a way to get this to work without any third party web services running in the background of the apache web server. Apache and .NET 1.1 are my setup parameters it is all running on Win XP Pro.
  8. I cannot run or start for that matter ASP.NET 1.1 or 1.0 applications using .NET 2003 with my apache web server i have even installed and what i thuink to be configured an aspdotnet module for the apache web server, if there are any suggestions thanks.
  9. Game Designers will never run out of ideas, it all about creativity and thinking about what can be made, there are tons of ideas that have not even been touched yet, I don't think it is possible, and if it were, porting successful games happens now, so yes it would be a good idea because it is a good idea now.
  10. Hey, I woul dreally like to see some sort of plug and play interface for attaching peripherals, for game development with a specific peripheral, also machine emulation tool kits woul dbe nice to emulate different machines for game testing. Also compilers and development tools are a necessary evil. Other than those reason i don't think there would be a way to pull windows developers to your OS.
  11. Just as coldacid said the first problem is the time zone issue and loack of communication. You should first setup a simple message board on geocities or something to post messages between the team members. Also as far as CVS, i would assume that you are working in a linux enviroment if you are talking CVS so the setup is simple it will be pre packaged and will be easy depending on your flavor of linux... most likely it will be % sudo apt-get install cvs to install if you are using an apt system which is the easiest for beginners to eliminate pre-compiling binaries the setup can easily be found on the net by just googling CVS server setup one thing to mention!!! If it is a linux box and you install cvs the CVSROOT environment variable must be set before you can do anything....
  12. I am looking for a function call in MFC to get the Computer name and IP address of the computer terminal i am in...i have tried gethostname(char *, int sizebuffer) but it gives me and external symbol and a linker error, is there any other way to do this or solve the linker error.
  13. Do not install the Beta version... unless you want to just fool around and help microsoft find problems. But if you are trying to do actual development do not use it until the actual release version comes out...there are many errors you will find within the IDE and it is just not worth it. It is however going to be a good compiler once it is worked out and all. The express package is getting better but i still would not recomend that either because of the amount of tools and plugins are not supported yet... sigh... no design implementation with IBM products yet real drag for Rational Rose... well all i have to say.
  14. Yes i agree chrono trigger and other SNE RPG's are what make the genre. Also I would suggest playing contra 3 and the castlevania series for mentions of side scrolling action games, and Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, as well as Duke Nukem 3D (which the source code for is readily available for online through current GPL licences "go figure").