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    Does this also work with STL? I remember using MMGR by Paul Nettle. ( And that couldn't be used with STL. [EDIT] Never mind... Should have read the post first. ^_^'
  2. mldaalder


    But shouldn't the int i in the for-loop be the nearest lexical scope? So like this: int i = 42; // i = 42 for(int i=0;....;...) { // i starts from 0 and changes } // i = 42 again because of scopes If I word it differently, isn't the i in the for-loop not a different i than outside the for-loop? Or are we talking about (ANSI) C here? In which case it should say something about not allowing variable declarations there.
  3. mldaalder

    Is this thing on?

    Well, you aren't the only one in the world who has bipolar disorder (not sure about the type), Robi Williams has it, and so has Carrie Fisher and most importantly (well to me anyway), Stephen Fry. So you are in good company (in 2 out of 3 anyway :P).
  4. mldaalder


    Quote:Original post by Prinz Eugn Yeah, we invented the internet. But Dijkstra, someone important to the internet (Dijkstra's Algorithm, for finding the shortest path) was born in the Netherlands, and merely a mile away from my home. ;)
  5. mldaalder

    More Progress!

    That's odd, I never had any problem with compiling Boost. For example, their latest release, I put the boost_1_34_0 and the boost-jam-3.1.14-1-ntx86 directories in the same directory (in my case E:\) Then I went through the command line to boost_1_34_0 and typed: ..\boost-j <tab> \bjam --toolset=msvc stage I know that isn't the proper thing to do, I think. But it works. Btw, the <tab> means that I pressed "Tab" there. It does autocomplete for you (tab again to see more results, but in my case one was enough). This way, the starting directory is the boost dir, and bjam will see the boost bjam file(s). The only thing I haven't managed to get to work is the Serialization library. Not even the examples compile. Also, I never had to do anything with the lib files, I didn't even have to #pragma lib them (or add them to the linker arguments). Boost does that all for me. ^_^ I wish Loki would do that...
  6. mldaalder

    A short one...

    About the "hoping for random level to appear in a workable state" thing, wouldn't it not be easier to temporarly swap out the Random Number Generator for a Pseudo Random Number Generator and simply test a couple of seeds and if you get it right store the seed. And when you want to test it again, simply re-enter the seed? It may even be that you are already using a PRNG (such as the standard rand).
  7. mldaalder day is it again?

    While not having programmed in either XNA or C# (well, that that much anyway) and I seriously want to keep away from VB (I don't know, it isn't that it's an "easy" language, it's just incompatible with me :P). I would suggest looking into the "package" System.IO
  8. mldaalder

    Nearly done...

    What about combos? A more or less recent tower defense game called Onslaught had these. For example, 2 machine gun like turrets with their damage maxed out would lay mines. Add a missile turret (also with damage maxed out, if I remember correctly, maxing out damage sets them in "combo" mode) to them and they will lay even bigger mines. Then you had laser turrets, your best bet with them was to put them in a serie, so they can shoot at eachother transfering their power to the first turrent shooting at the monster. I'm going to keep an eye on this one. ;) I just hope it will also run on my 9200SE... :(
  9. mldaalder

    Primary OS

    Since everybody says (I can't run Vista, yet, still atleast 3 more years before I can migrate out my current comp) that they can't stand XP anymore after using Vista, and that your PC at work uses XP. I'd say, keep the XP. You will only be bothered by it at work if you do change over.
  10. mldaalder

    Scotty, we need more power!

    Be sure to check this out: Though I'm fairly sure you already know it.
  11. mldaalder

    Frontpage update

    Never underestimate a good CMS! :P Any chance for a rss feed for articles/featured content? *ducks*
  12. mldaalder


    Download proces explorer from Sysinternals and you can. I believe it may also be possible in TaskManager, but I haven't used that in ages.
  13. mldaalder

    Note to Self....

    I admit I don't know any TorqueScript, but isn't the following not more "correct"? %newReaction = new ScriptObject() { id = %this.chainReactionId++; effectsNum = 1; %this.effect0 = new t2dParticleEffect() { config = "chainReactionLink"; }; }; I've replaced the %newReaction.effect0 with %this.effect0, since %newReaction won't exist until the first new is finnished. Or possibly this is even more correct: %newReaction = new ScriptObject() { id = %this.chainReactionId++; effectsNum = 1; effect0 = new t2dParticleEffect() { config = "chainReactionLink"; }; }; But as I said, I don't know any TorqueScript.
  14. mldaalder


    YAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! Thank you for this belated birthday gift (was yesterday)!
  15. mldaalder

    Graphic Violence

    Guess we got ourselfs an enigma... Yeah, pun intended. [grin] Bit more serious, you'd say a rebuild would do the trick to fix it.
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