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  1. Thank you aCiD2. Actually the Dispose method that I was talking about is a part of MDX. This is a excerpt of MDX Help: ------------------------------------------------- "Mesh.Dispose Method Immediately releases the unmanaged resources used by the Mesh object." ------------------------------------------------- You can find the very same definition for: VertexBuffer.Dispose Method Effect.Dispose Method ... Notice that it is about "unmanaged" resources. Which means GC (garbage collector) doesnt have anything to do with it. GC only releases the managed resources. So to rephrase my question more accurately: "Is there any Disposable (meaning unmanaged) resources in MDX that doesnt have anything to do with Device class (Device of Direct3D, DirectSound, ...)"
  2. Hi All of the disposable things that I have seen in Managed DirectX are related to the Device. (In Direct3D, DirectSound, ...) Is that correct to say: every disposable thing in MDX is related to one of the Devices. This is important for me because if this assumption is true then I can find all of the things that need to be disposed in my program simply by searching for Device in my code. Then I can check the things that I have created with respect to Device and dispose the ones that are disposable. On the other hand if this assumption is not true then I have no idea how to find disposable stuff within thousands of lines of code. So please help me! Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi In almost every DirectX sample code that I have seen, Dispose method of resources like Textures, Fonts, vertexbuffers, ... are called in eventhandlers of events like: DeviceLost, DeviceReset. For some algorithmic reason I need to dispose some of these kinds of resources at a time that device is not reset or lost or ... . Will this cause any porblem. Should I wait untill a DeviceReset or ... event to do that disposing. I have another question what is the equivalent of Managed DirectX's Dispose method in Native DirectX? Thanks in advance.
  4. Namethatnobodyelsetook, Thank you.
  5. Hi I have a question about MaxActiveLights: "Directx Caps Viewer" shows that MaxActiveLights = -1 !! Obviously its impossible to have -1 lights. So I was thinking what does this -1 indicate. And the only explanation that I came up with was this: DirectX Help : "For a given physical device, this capability (MaxActiveLights) might vary across Device objects, depending on the parameters supplied to the Device constructor." So we cant say what is the value of MaxActiveLights before we now how many devices we have and what parameters do they have? And therefore "Directx Caps Viewer" shows this -1 to indicate the ambiguity of the value? And I have another question with regard to this: when I use this code to ascertain the value of MaxActiveLights in my program: Direct3D.Caps cp = new Direct3D.Caps(); MessageBox.Show(cp.MaxActiveLights.ToString()); The value that I get is 0!! Why is that? (I have tested this practically and I have been able to create 3 or 4 lights, and maybe I could have made more lights (active lights) if I wanted to, so obviously MaxActiveLights = 0, doesnt make any sense.) Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Is there any place where I can find a list of all things that we should rebuild after Device gets reset? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks oliii. Your answer was "exactly" what i was looking for.
  8. Thank you guys. Maybe I have not been able to articulate my question accurately. (Typically i am not so pedantic but somehow i have become obssesed with this phrase "level editor"!) In the context of game develpment I can presume only two meanings for "level": 1-game level: In this sense level is a stage of game. Like when you face three enemy aircrafts in level1 and after finishing that level you will go to level2 where you will face 7 aircrafts and so on. 2-geometry level: In this sense level is a geometry inside some stage of the game. Like a terrain or a building floor or any sort of geometry that can be called level. If "level editor" is referring to the second sense, well that makes perfect sense. But sth like "3D Modeler" makes much more sense. If "level editor" is referring to the first sense, then it doesnt make any sense at all. Except if you interpret that as "a tool that creates every geometry in a level(stage) of a game." I know what you are thinking now: "What a pontificating freak!" :) Well i am always a freak but i am being pontificating only once. :)
  9. Hi I am a veteran in 3DSMax but newbie in game development. I had never heard before 3DSMax being referred to as "level editor". Is it true that 3DSMax, Maya, ... are called "level editor" in game industry? So what exactly does level mean here? Is that like a level of game or a level (floor) in a building or... And also is "map editor" sth like photoshop? Thanks in advance.
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