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    Anyone want a free website + hosting?

    Hi Just to let everyone who replied here (and anyone else who is interested), I have been extremly busy recently with other work commitments and I plan to start doing the websites soon. I will be contacting everyone within the next few weeks to discuss various aspects of the sites you want e.t.c. I will do sites for people in the order that you told me you are interested. Sorry for taking so long to get back to people, but I will be starting very soon. Thanks
  2. wilhil

    What partitions do you use?

    Hi I was just wondering what peoples prefrences are on this? I remember a few years ago, I partitioned EVERYTHING... 8gb main, 20gb games, 10gb apps.... and loads more (this was on a 60gb hard drive, many many years ago.) I then realised, you just can not plan in advance, and for the past 4-5 years, I have done 10-15GB for main, then rest for the other drive. I would install Windows on the 10-15gb drive, and install all apps on the other drive. What gets on my nerves is all programs defaulting to install to c:\program files, and I always do custom and install to d:\apps or d:\games e.t.c, d:\program files would be alright, but still annoying. Anyway, with Vista, I am now doing 35GB \ Rest, however it just seems more and more useless. I just installed Adobe web suite, and even though I installed it on the D drive, it still took over 500MB on the C drive.... there seems to be more and more of this with modern apps. The other thing is, what I have been thinking a lot of recently, if you actually partition a single physical disk, doesn't it actually make it slower? The thing is, unless you partition it by full platters, and you are accesing anything on the first partition and a lot of stuff on the second, (assuming the first would take up half of the first platter, and the second starts from where the first stops), wouldnt this make it slower? I have just been thinking a lot about this recently, and I would really like to know what other people do? Thanks
  3. wilhil

    New Look - Your thoughts

    Does the site need a change? Looks pretty good to me :S
  4. wilhil

    What hurts more?

    If I was you, I would do marshmellow gun, with a remote to fire... stand back and aim for your mouth.... mind you, if you want pain, that would hurt like hell with a ping pong ball!
  5. wilhil

    Setting up a development server

    Quite honestly, use Windows server 2003 Enterprise trial... (that way, if you ever want to mess around in the future with noding web sites you can). and just do not activate it, and reinstall it every 30 days* I have a MSDN copy, and do not activate it because I do not want it to count against my keys... infact, I use it on about 5 diffrent VM's for testing. Because I do not turn off, I have about 4 months on it, it says activate but does nothing as I do not turn it off! Anyway, the reason for enterprise over web is simply because if you are going to go down the trial route and reinstall, you may as well go for the best edition you can! (you can mess around with media streaming and other features as well this way) Hope that helps.
  6. wilhil

    Anyone want a free website + hosting?

    I hate doing all the manual quote bits and pieces, I have copied the question and answered underneath. Some more questions which may interest the readers: - do you handle the backup of site/database as well? Currently, there is 2 servers running SQL server, one is the main server on powerful hardware, the other is run as a array incase the first one is to busy or fails (can't remember the technical term :S), it is not load balancing as if it is ok, everything goes to the first. Currently, I am evaluating backup software... We will either be using Backupexec 11d or Windows DPM 2007 (just evaluating the beta) - what about handling credit cards for online store? I have built several websites around various online API's... I can easily build sites around Paypal, worldpay, protx (my favourite), and there are about 3 others I use. There is no "one fits all" solution, and this needs to be done on a individual basis. - forums? talkbacks? No problem! I can host any forum (or other community) script out there! However, I am also planning on launching my own companies solution for these. - can I put ads in the site? The whole point of this deal is to give people a site who currently do not already have one. I am offering free hosting and will not stop you, but I would not be that happy if you were to put adverts on the site... if you wanted to do some sort of split profit, or, pay for hosting, that is a diffrent matter. (however, I have no plans for paid hosting, just yet!) - have a "captcha" anti-bot control? I am unaware of this :S If you mean one of them little picture things to verify people... my own forum software and most other dynamic components all have this as a option (it is free, but is off by default on most things... just on by default for signup) - what about hosting hard porn? just kidding!!! Well, glad you are joking! I do not want to have that sort of reputation, I am not even aware of the legal standing for this :S - how involved am I in the site building? I assume most content (such as text, jpegs) is to be supplied by me, but do I get a saying in the design? do I get to pick colors or can I be specific to the pixel? Please see below. - if for some odd reason in the future I decide to leave your hosting, can I take a copy of the database? I hope you will not leave! honestly, I just do not know yet, I still want feedback if possible on what policies I should have. The thing is, for the normal (e.g. paying) clients, they will be paying me, and will own everything, I guess that I will offer the same service under this deal, but maybe a one off fee :S (I dont want to charge though) Quite honestly, I just dont know yet and want feedback. Anyway, back to what I need, please see below a message I sent to several other people. ------------------------------------------ I am happy to create a full site from scratch if that is what you require. All I ask for is that you give me a basic idea of what it is you want. The best way for this is to get a sheet of paper, roughly pretend that the page is the screen, and just draw squares / areas as place holders and write "image a" here, "image b" there e.t.c. Basically, just give me a rough idea. Please also send any assetts that you want on the site. I can really do absoloutly anything that you would want, it just takes time! Please be as clear as possible with your ideas, and hopefully I can come up with something good! Otherwise, feel free to give me a theme and I will take artistic licence to it... ... If you want a example of what I am looking for, tell me and I will send you a picture of what another client sent me. ---------------------------------------------
  7. wilhil

    Anyone want a free website + hosting?

    @iftah I can promise you, no scam or anything! I know the saying, if it is to good to be true..... But, I promise, everything I have said is genuine. I answered your question earlier, and I will say a bit more... This is what I have been sending to people via PM who have said that they want hosting... ----------------------------------------- Hi Basically put, I do not yet have the facilties to offer normal hosting as in FTP / Automation of provisioning e.t.c. I am looking to put a system in place, but this will not be for 6-12 months+, I suppose I could offer plain hosting, if I set it up by hand, however there would be no benefit to me as I will not be promoting the hosting side of the business just yet... ... However, I am really trying to push website creation / hosting of the created site as a managed service, This is why I am offering what I am offering. -------------------------------------------------------------- Read what _Sigma wrote, that is really what I am trying. I can easily(ish!) get small work (~£100-£250) a site for small static websites, however I am interested in getting the £500+ a day, large enterprise work.... For this, I need to have the portfolio, history... e.t.c, The only way I can really get this quickly, is to offer site creation for free. This is the reason I am doing what I am doing, I do not really understand what you mean where you say about working for other people, and showcasing... the whole point of this is that I am trying to build a showcase/portfolio. As for working for other people.... that is what the nature of the business is! Again, going back to what _Sigma wrote, I am not doing this entirly out of the kindness of my heart for nothing.... I am doing this so hopefully, a few people (10-20... maybe slightly more, depending on time), will benefit a lot, and it will get me a lot of work in the future. As for actual time... I am a very quick worker and have been doing this as a sideline to my main business for around 5 years, I have ready made (home made) components, for most dynamic content that anyone would want. It is really just assembling it together and skinning. It takes on average, around 3-5 days in order to complete a website from start to finish, if I get everything sent to me that I ask for. As for number 2... I am no way a billionair where money is no object, however from running several companies, my balances are healthy, I am trying to launch this new company, and you have to make sacrifices... a few free websites now, hopefully a few paid for, long term maintainence contracts later!
  8. wilhil

    Anyone want a free website + hosting?

    UPDATE - had a few PM's, I am trying to reply to all of them, but have a busy schedule... if you sent me a message, I promise to respond. Quote:Original post by _Sigma PM'd //edit. Forgot to ask: If we want to keep the site, but move the hosting, is that acceptable? Will we be able to modify the site? This is one very important issue which I have honestly not decided on and would like some feedback on. As I said, I have only ever worked on bigger projects and this sort of thing was left up to others, whilst I am offering a service here, it is still in the very early stages and I would appreciate feedback. If the site is static (HTML / similar), I see no problem in giving the content away, as long as it says site designed by x at the bottom, for as long as the site contains any of my work. If the site is dynamic, (If I created it, it will most likly be ASP/ASP.NET/MS SQL or MDB, it will contain my code and quite possibly, home made components, I would be very uncomfortable in giving them out. Howevever, again, this deal was originally set up on the idea that people I create sites for will not be technical, and would want a all in one managed solution.... so any sort of editing / updating, will be managed by me, or the site will have a admin section* so you can edit them yourselves. The cost of hosting is meant to be both competitive, and high quality, so basically, if you are using the service, I hope you would not want to go anywhere else! *Earlier, I said no control panel.... There will be no actual hosting control panel, as in file manager, and editing of website properties, however depending on what components your site will have, there will most likly be a administrator page where you can make page edits (on editable regions), add pictures (if you have a gallery), make entrys (blog style) e.t.c. Anyway, if there are any more questions, or you have any feedback, keep it coming!
  9. wilhil

    Anyone want a free website + hosting?

    Just want to bump this once as it went to second page. Is there really no one interested?
  10. wilhil

    Anyone want a free website + hosting?

    To answer both of you... @Toolmaker I have done quite a few small websites, and have created several extremly large and complex websites (not solo, but my company has been sub contracted), NDA prevents me of showing actual work. The sort of contracts I have done pay very well, apart from there is usually only a couple of jobs going a month, I did this as a sub contractor from my main company (which mainly deals in building computers), however because I was sub contracted, I got a fraction of the pay compared to the whole projects and my name never went on any of them. I am trying to start a subsidiary company that just specialises in quality website construction. This is why I am offering this for free, I have no portfolio, and am unable to get the "big work" on my own, I want to create a few websites for people (around 10-30... maybe more, depending on time), and create a portfolio, there is no pressure, and if people do not like the work I do, you can just scrap it and forget about me! So, there is nothing to loose! @Iftah, Yes and No!..... My network has the capability of ASP/ASP.NET/MS SQL... I do not currently do PHP/MY SQL, however this can easily be provisioned if it is needed, however sites I create are usually either ASP.NET or static HTML. The £1 hosting after the 1 year is up is just a maybe, it may be free.... however this is just for people who I create sites for. I do not offer standard hosting packages for public use. I will be doing this later, however it is far to early to give any details... and the price is unlikly to be £1 a month... however I hope to have it competitive.
  11. Hi Basically, through one of my companies, I have been doing website coding for the past 4-5 years, mainly as a sub contractor for other companies. I have never marketed myself to consumers / businesses directly, and am trying to start now. To get the "serious" work, I need to have a portfolio, and I am willing to do this completly free for people! Anyway, the only rules are: 1 or 2 line, small font link saying something along the lines of "this page created by my company" at the bottom. a link from my portfolio. If possible, but not needed, if you could write a honest ~2 paragraph review. It is not decided yet how much I will be charging for hosting, I promise you that if you take this up, I will do one full free year of hosting, and in the second year, if you want to go on, hosting will most likly be <£1/$2 a month The site will be hosted on a enterprise grade network with good peering arangements, typical page serves are almost instant world wide, for this reason, downloads are kept to a minimum and images/multimedia is optimise. If you want to have downloads, I can accomodate, but that is not what this deal is about. You will get, for free, 2 subdomains... (one being and the other being (as some people usually try this on subdomains!)) However, what I advise you get is a .com name, which if you already own, you can foward to my nameservers, or what I would prefer, I can buy you .com names for £5 a year, and very good rates on other domain names. Anyway, as I said, it is free, and no commitment.... if you do not like the work I do, feel free to just not use my work but please tell me where I went wrong. Please leave comments below!
  12. wilhil

    Flying & Laptops

    I would like to say that this is based on personal experience and not scientific proof. My dad works abroad, and his laptop worked fine.... he travels back to the UK every 2-3 weekends, and after the 4th weekend visit, it seems to have got a few errors out of nowhere.... The laptop was built by me using the best parts money can buy, everything benchmarked, and the laptop is used all the time. It worked for over a year without problems, but only after the "frequent" flying, it started getting errors. I really think those x-rays do something. On another note, from building and repairing laptops.... in some of the pricier models, there is so much room if you do not take a optional optical/hard drive, that many would have room for something that shouldnt be there... I am suprised no one has done this.
  13. wilhil

    create a solver, get $2,000,000

    did not mean 4 tiles, I mean each piece can only have 4 rotations... on the original, the pieces could go absoloutly anywhere, on this one, at least you know where they can go, so rather than guessing everything, you are just guessing the rotation and place. I never anywhere said this would be easy, but I think that with modern computers, it would be solved quicker than the original eternity.
  14. wilhil

    create a solver, get $2,000,000

    I just do not see why this will be so hard. If you look at the original puzzle, it had many many shapes... This time, it is just 4 tiles, we know the shapes, it is just getting the order right. Personally, I think the way they have done it is to make it impossible to actually complete (hence why they say that the prize will go to the person with the most connections, not the person who completes it). If on modern computers, a distributed project, all be it a few months, I think that we could do this... and for 2 million, I really think that we should.
  15. wilhil

    create a solver, get $2,000,000

    The puzzle is launched on the same day throughout the world to give people a equal chance. For 2 million, I am supprised people are not getting together to do this. Why not create a GD solving group, we can group together and try to do this... and each take a equal share? I am sure that combined we can find a solution!
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