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    How about a Renault? a Clío or Megane, those a pretty, not so expensive, fuel efficient, and very well equipped. You get no better thing for the same price, period
  2. J_Vitel

    extreme girl troubles

    Well I guess everybody had passed trough a similar situation at least once, and if someone hasn't, I feel sorry for them. Yes, it feels terrible and you get depressed, etc; but let me tell you something, this are the moments where you have to take out your caracter and grow up. Don't come with the "I'm so shy" excuse man, ok, you are shy so? this is the moment to change that. Now, first of all, forget about her, SHE'S NOT COMMING BACK and probably she dumped you for someone else.Second, YOU WILL MET NEW GIRLS that I can ashure you, and you'll find someone even better, believe me, the really important thing is that you try to open up to the world, if you are not goot at making new friends, it is a good idea to join a club, a gym, if you like to paint take painting clases, learn a new language, some music, whatever, just learn something (something not related to computers), read books, try to keep busy doing something actually productive The speeddating service also sounds like a not-so-bad-idea, in my country there are not such things, but it sounds fine. I guess that's all I can say.
  3. Hi everybody as a homework one of my crazy teachers asked us to search over the net how many servers or PCs does Google use for its searchs, I've only found articles about their technology (pageRank), but they do not mention the number of computers involved, I wonder if any of you could help me...
  4. J_Vitel

    c++ tutorials

    I don't know about any good tutorial on the net, however I can recommend a good book for your friend, this one in special is good for both, learning and reference: "C++ How to Program" by Deitel & Deitel, editorial Prentice Hall here is a link:
  5. Hi, a long time ago I saw a puzzle game in a friend's cell phone, I was very interested in making a clone of this game, however I would like to check it out properly, but I don´t know its name. The game was basically like this, in the center of the screen there was a circle and balls where coming from outside the screen in direction of the circle in the center, when a ball touches the cirlce it stayed sticked to the circle. The user rotates the circle in order to try to stick three or more balls of the same color together and make them go away, its an interesting tetris variation in my opinion, so if you know the game I'm talking about, please let me know.
  6. No, it's just an interface for a security suite wich contains an antivirus, the configuration interface is made on webpages (using something like jsp) so, the antivirus executes locally, I just need to get the user's input, in this case the folder's path to be scanned and store it into a config file wich the antivirus will read. I was thinking maybe a java applet could display a Directory Dialog, but I don't know if that's posible or how to do it.
  7. Thanks for the replies, I didn't mention the fact that I don't want to upload the entire directory, just want the user to select a path, wich I'll use to scan for viruses, so all I need is a directory dialog and a path, a string like "C:\My documents" as return. Thanks.
  8. OK, here is the question, I have a page and I need to show the visitor a window where he can select a device or a folder located in his computer and retrieve the selected path, I tried with <input type="file"> but it only allows me to select files, I need to select folders or drives (C:\,A:\,D:\, etc;) Hope someone can help me
  9. I won't forget, thanks!!!
  10. Hi, i'm currently doing some programming in pascal, and I wonder if there is an equivalent for the statement return of c++ to terminate a Function or a procedure in pascal, for example: Function SomeFunction( param1 : type1, param2 : type2 ) : returnType Begin { some code here } If something Then {return from function }; { some other code } End; thanks in advance.
  11. Ok! got it, thanks for all your replies :-D I'll try to use smartpointers instead.
  12. I wonder, is there a way to test if a pointer is still pointing to a valid adress in memory, something like: int* ptr1 = NULL; int* ptr2 = NULL; ptr1 = new int(5); ptr2 = ptr1; // both pointer points to the same memory location delete ptr2; // delete // is there any function like this one??? if( test_pointer( ptr1 ) { *ptr1 = 6; } Thanks in advance
  13. J_Vitel

    time difference

    Asuming you're using GetTickCount() wich retrieves the number of milliseconds since the computer was started, you can do the following: double start = GetTickCount(); double end=0; double elapsedTime = 0; while( something ) { doSomething(); // count time elapsed end = GetTickCount(); elapsedTime = (end-start)* 0.001; // convert to seconds // restart counter start = end; end = 0; showElapsedTime( elapsedTime ); } hope that helps
  14. J_Vitel

    #define in Java?

    mmm, if you are using your #define as constants you can make a constant variable in java using the word final: C++ #define MAX 100 Java final int MAX = 100; something similar for enums, just that in Java you have to make a new class with a bunch of static constant variables: C++ enum Colors { BLUE=0, YELLOW, RED, GREEN, WHITE, BLACK }; Java public class Colors { public static final int BLUE = 0; public static final int YELLOW = 1; public static final int RED = 2; public static final int GREEN = 3; public static final int WHITE = 4; public static final int BLACK = 5; }; and you access the values just typing Colors.BLUE for example.
  15. Well you can use ifstream and ofstream to handle files, here you can find a nice tutorial. And why do you want to save the history of each particle? If you just want to be able to save your particle system configuration, why not just save the system settings? I guess that if you explain what do you intend to achieve we can help you out in a better way.
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