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  1. Q-Parser

    Can gzip open Windows .zip files?

    Simple answer: Yes. I used it several times. 'gunzip -S zip' should do the trick.
  2. Q-Parser

    Very newbie question

    First of all, you should use comparison operator (==) in your if statements instead of assignment operator (=). It just messes your code up and it's incorrect. As for the error, I think it's self-explanatory. You're trying to assign an integer to an array of integers.
  3. Q-Parser

    CString to char*

    Thanks a lot!
  4. Q-Parser

    CString to char*

    Hi, sorry for that lame question, but is there any way how to convert CString to char* in VC++, except for copying characters from one string to another. Thanks
  5. Q-Parser

    C++ threading

    Quote:Original post by mattnewport There's no support for threads in standard C++. If you want cross platform threading you could try boost threads. I was always thinking that pthreads were cross platform, too. But these boost ones looks good.
  6. Q-Parser

    I'm getting EAccessViolation...

    Ok, I've got another one. But I can't understand this: FILE *f; AnsiString temp; fopen("file.db","r"); fscanf(f, "%s",&temp); fclose(f); The content of file.db is just "string", nothing more.
  7. Q-Parser

    I'm getting EAccessViolation...

    More likely the first one but I have no clue how to solve it. I don't understand why I can interact with Form2 objects from within Form1 and not vice versa :(
  8. Hi! I'm coding a school project and I've stuck with this error. I'm getting EAccessViolation when I'm trying to access Caption property of ListView in Form1 from within Form2. I don't just get it as Unit2 can "see" Form1, I mean I have the Unit1 header included in Unit2. Just a sample for illustration: Form1->ListView1->Items->Item[0]->Caption=Form2->Edit3->Text; I looked in the help what this error message means but it didn't provide me with a single clue what I have done wrong. Thanks for your help. PS: I'm using C++ Builder, if it is any help.
  9. Q-Parser

    Variable number of function args in C

    Oh yeah. Now I get it. Thanks a lot guys, you were a great help! Edit: One more thing: C doesn't support fucntion overriding???
  10. Q-Parser

    Variable number of function args in C

    Ok, I found some documetation using linux man and found this piece of code: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdarg.h> void foo(char *fmt, ...) { va_list ap; int d; char c, *s; va_start(ap, fmt); while (*fmt) switch(*fmt++) { case 's': /* string */ s = va_arg(ap, char *); printf("string %s\n", s); break; case 'd': /* int */ d = va_arg(ap, int); printf("int %d\n", d); break; case 'c': /* char */ /* need a cast here since va_arg only takes fully promoted types */ c = (char) va_arg(ap, int); printf("char %c\n", c); break; } va_end(ap); } int main() { foo("ce", "sls", "d32"); return 0; } But I don't have a clue if I use the function correctly. Is there sth wrong? Because this only prints out "char" and that's all.
  11. Q-Parser

    Variable number of function args in C

    Ok, thanks. I'm going to have a look at it.
  12. Hi! Does any of you know how to make a fuction in C that accepts variable number of argumets? I googled a bit but haven't found anything interesting. Or do I have solve this using overriding the function, like void func(arg1); void func(arg1, arg2); etc.? Thanks.
  13. Q-Parser

    Can I save class to binary?

    Cool! I know about the pointer issue. But what would happen if I wanted to save a class that consists of methods, not only attributes? Methods are ingnored or not?
  14. Q-Parser

    Virtualdub for linux?

    Maybe you should try "cinelerra". I still don't know if if does what you want.
  15. I wondered If I could save class to a binary file just like a struct. I had a project which used structs and now I want to switch to classes. Thanks
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