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  1. werekarg

    Dodge This

    Dodge This is a minimalist puzzle where you have to eliminate all the enemies with a single shot. Try to beat all 30 levels and make the par on all of them! Show them they can't dodge it and play it in your browser: http://www.pirongames.com/dodge-this/
  2. werekarg

    Purrtastic Four

    Purrtastic Four is a HTML5 physics puzzle with cats and a minimalistic art style. Place all the cats on screen in perfect balance...OR..toss them so they end up in perfect balance! There are currently 30 levels to beat and hopefully, more will follow (if enough interest is expressed ) It was developed in Cocos Creator and Typescript. Art was done using Inkscape. The whole thing took ~60 hours (programming + art + game design). Play it any browser!
  3. werekarg

    Purrtastic Four

    Album for Purrtastic Four
  4. werekarg

    Dodge This

    Album for Dodge This
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