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  1. werekarg

    RPG/RTS icons

    here are a couple of artists with high-quality icon sets on da: cseec nangeyi zxoqwikl jimmy9494 avernal also, wayofthepixel is a good place to look if you need pixel artists or the concept art forums as a last resort for commission work.
  2. werekarg

    RPG/RTS icons

    some time ago, while looking exactly for the same thing, bumped into this set of rpg icons. according to the author, they are free to use. alternatively, try to find an artist for this task, it's not terribly expensive even for commercial quality. also, try to contact artists at pixeljoint or deviantart to get non-exclusive deals for their already made art. [Edited by - werekarg on May 27, 2010 6:31:25 AM]
  3. use a database, if you have one on your server(mysql or other). from the client (flash/java), "call" up a php with parameters, that php will handle the database connection, setting the data and whatever else you want to do.
  4. d000hg, i dislike actionscript for a couple of reasons: the loose-type Array, lack of templates (they can be replaced with dynamic, but...) and various other small things like awkward conditional compilation support or metadata tags. i'm a haxe "fanboy" though, it's just my personal-totally-biased preference, don't intend to start another language holy war...or maybe i'm just like this :) anyway, for the OP, there's another free option aside java and flash: processing
  5. for Flash, there are multiple free options available. you might want to get the free flex compiler/SDK and an IDE like flashdevelop. if you want 3d, there are a bunch of actionscript 2/3 (mostly 3) engines, like away3d or papervision. if you feel actionscript is sloppy and want something more java-like, you have haxe. there is even a 3d engine that supports haxe called sandy3d. haxe doesn't have debugging, but it's fairly easy to overcome this minor aspect with "console" debugging using a nifty mozilla plugin called firebug.
  6. werekarg

    Compiler for linux?

    source navigator is another option. there's also slickedit if you're willing to spend some cash.
  7. i think win32.mak was used on older vc versions. anyway... first, it is advised to run Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat then, must be modified a little bit, i think, again, it hasnt been updated for newer vc version. do this: - comment !include <win32.mak> - add after the newly commented line these lines: cc=cl.exe link=link.exe cflags=-c then nmake -f libjpeg.lib and watch the marvel unfolding [wink]
  8. werekarg

    How do I get missiles to follow a curve?

    yehdev_cc, your code has a little flaw. it might be possible for the missile to rotate around the target (== never reach the destination) if its velocity is high and the steering speed is low. this would require manual tweaking of the velocity/steering speed and even so you're not entirely free of the error ever occuring. rant: of course, you may hook up variable missile velocity and variable missile steering speed in those equations if you want realism, but i guess it will take you quickly to rocket science [wink] in reality, SAM and other explosive devices are equipped with proximity fuzes, so trajectory errors are somehow compensated but i dont know how this will fit into the op game design. there would be another solution which involves curves. i'm thinking of a quadratic bezier curve, for example here. at each step, you compute the curve parameters, choosing P0 as the missile coordinate, P1 in the current direction (orientation) of the missile (at a distance of current missile velocity * several time delta) and P2 as the target point; then advance the missile to the next position and make sure to also compute its direction as tangent. and maybe opensteer might help you.
  9. if you look for out-of-the-box rts engine, try TASpring or ORTS
  10. werekarg

    2D Map Editor

    the best thing to do is to have your engine being able to work independently, like in the game and dependently, like in the map editor or other tools. this way it's true WYSIWYG there are a lot of other possibilities, like: 5) search an already made map editor and write code to import the map format from it; there are several, i belive the game maker thing had a tool like this 6) if you want to stick with c++ and want to use a RAD tool and still want to roll your own editor switch to borland formerly inprise formerly borland C++Builder. it's far more better and intuitive than several msvc forms designers i've tried in the past. if you choose this way, then your main window canvas will "host" the engine rendering + the main menu + status bar, the rest of the "tools" will be in different "forms" - think the way photoshop works; i have working tools using this "technology", check pptactical in my sig, it was done, it's not big deal [wink] 7) switch to SDL; you get portability along the way; combine it with QT and you'll get the ultimate portability [wink] 8) design your engine to work with different graphics API like SDL, DirectX, OpenGL and, to be able to integrate with any windows thing, Win32 GDI or a more generic, a pure software "renderer"; this way you'll easily integrate your engine into just any windowing toolkit.
  11. werekarg

    Poor Noob Wants To Make Flash Games

    try haxe . they have a few examples of games for flash 8, if you want flash 9 you have to do a little bit of research, ask on the haxe mailing list, google and be prepared to waste a lot of sweat :)
  12. werekarg

    Compiling Errors[Quit]

    what compiler are you using? i've tried reproducing your errors using g++ and .net 2003 and it compiles ok (of course, replacing the missing classes with dummy ones and so on). the only method of reproducing those errors is by mixing the order or DLLIMPORT and function return type so that it reads: bool DLLIMPORT UseClass()/////XXXXX { return 1; }
  13. werekarg

    criticize my UTF8 code

    Quote:C++ has the bool type. i believe that making a method return bool instead of int (like the encode method) is much more readable and in the spirit of cplusplus; of course, not a flaw of utf8 implementation, just an issue of style. i dont think ebcdic has anything to do with this code. eventually, provide some encodefromEBCDIC and decodetoEBCDIC to please the gods. sorry, meant programmers of the ancient times [wink] Quote: Your code assumes char is signed and 8 bits; char is not guaranteed to be either. Your kidding me? how do i declare 8bit variable in those cases? it's an issue of portability. on a certain platform and a certain compiler, you know that there's a certain data type (like char or __int8 or UINT8 or whatever) that will fulfill your wish. a solution would be: #ifdef __GNUC__ #if defined(__WIN32__) || defined(__CYGWIN32__) #define MYUNSIGNEDCHAR __int8 #endif #if defined(__linux__) #endif #endif #ifdef _MSC_VER // etc #endif #ifdef __BORLANDC__ // etc #endif and so on. also, i believe that there's something conceptually wrong. for example, the len method: inline size_t len () const { return strlen(c); } actually, the length of a utf8 encoded string is different than the one returned by strlen. it's actually lesser or equal. then, for the tok method: inline char * tok (const char * delimiters ) { return strtok(c, delimiters); } the delimiters shouldnt be characters in this context, but a int* of unicode codepoints (for example, you pass as delimiter 0xC2 - you will get anything but valid utf8 sequences after applying tok() ). needless to say, you must not rely on strtok in this case, but roll your own code.
  14. werekarg

    RTS AI help

    Quote:I wouldnt encourage anyone to do a learning AI for an RTS largely depends on what development phase you use the learning AI. the learning process involves thousands of games (or strategical/tactical situations, if you like), at the end of this process the AI is tuned up for efficiency in certain aspects of the game (minimize losses, maximize unit loss/kill factor, efficient resource gathering, economic efficiency, whatever other targets you have in mind). in real life, how many rts matches (skirmish, single player campaign) has anyone played against AI in a game? 15 in campaign mode and some other 50-100 skirmishes? (i'm not a maniac, i've played starcraft and warcraft 2/3, but i dont remember playing 100 matches solely against AI). anyway, even 100 matches is nothing (i'm talking about adapting to the player style) - it wont affect the learning process anymore, since it was tuned to be efficient as said before, all mistakes have been already sorted out and the AI is ready to be a challenge to all but the hardcore players. if you want to do it and go with a bang (and make happy the marketing people who'll have more words to write on the box) [wink], try emergent behaviour/complex system dynamics theory combined maybe with genetic algoritms or neural networks to check against your goal. this will make your AI develop in a natural way (that is, in the rules of your game), without hardcoding a global finite state machine. besides, as stated above, a (rts) game should be fun and challenging, not realistic. leave realism in the academic world, where the eggheads will surely deal with it in the next century [wink]
  15. werekarg

    J2ME - Basketball Game HELP

    if your game is 2D, you should have in the player sprite animation frames for the player bouncing the ball while moving and idling. the ball object should only be active when passing and shooting. it'll save you from weird bugs.
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